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CBC Capsule and Tablet Blister Cartoning Line

SaintyCo CBC Capsule and Tablet Blister Cartoning Line is a new generation of blister packaging equipment with flexible and modular design. Whether in Alu/PVC or Alu/Alu blister packaging, it allows for easy integration of strapping, weighing and carton packer machines.

With a robust and sturdy structure, SaintyCo capsule and tablet blister cartoning line comes with a PLC control system alongside a touchscreen HMI.

For accuracy and consistency, SaintyCo CBC Capsule and Tablet Blister Cartoning Line has camera detection with safety cover for moving parts. It has lack of material detection system with an optional HAPA aluminum foil printer.

This is a blister packaging product line that meets the dynamic needs in pharmaceutical and consumer products blister packing processes.

  • Production: Up to 100cartons/min
  • Carton size: 60-230*20-140*18-80 mm
  • Weight: 5000kg
 Technical DataCBC-100
Max output≤100 cartons/min
Max Forming area and depth245*100*12mm
Leaflet Size(100-260)*(100-170)mm
Carton material250-350g/m2
Carton size(60-230)*(20-140)*(14-80)mm
Air compressor0.6-0.8Mpa ≥0.8m3/min
Leaflet material50-70g/m2
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