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Sandwiching Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before investing in your next sandwiching machine, let look at some of the critical aspects you need to know.

From parts, working principle, features to benefits – this guide covers everything you should know about sandwiching equipment.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Sandwiching Machine?

sandwich machine

sandwich machine

This is a machine that you will use to automatically sandwich products like biscuits with cream or any other kind of filling.

The machine will function by applying a filling substance to one side of a product and covering it.

For instance, the machine applies cream on one side of a biscuit then places another biscuit to cover it.

Also, as it caps the products, a pressing module will ensure the final products have the right combination and thickness.

How Does Biscuit Sandwiching Machine And Cookie Capper Machine Compare?


cookie capper machine

cookie capper machine

cookie capper machine will feature a full-width unit in which the products move into it from the exit of the cooling conveyor.

It aligns the row of cookies then flips over the alternate rows.

After this, it finally aligns and deposits the filling on the alternate rows.

The systems of cookie capper machines are adaptable and you can find them having varying depositing units.

These depositing units can handle a wide array of ingredients.

Besides, you can apply different fillings by use of the many depositors.

Also, you can organize a cookie capper machine to feed the cookies into an ingredient enrobing system.

Biscuit sandwiching machines will automatically sandwich up to 800 sandwiches per unit time.

Besides, a biscuit sandwiching machine also has several lanes, of two and six.

Biscuit sandwiching machines will automatically sandwich the products with various single or a combination of fillings.

In this system, you will manually feed the products on vibratory conveyor systems.

A biscuit sandwiching machine also has vibratory conveyors that enable pressure-less feeding to the machine.

This will inhibit the biscuits from breaking during the production process.

Lane multipliers in this system increase the number of lanes you will feed sandwiches to a cooling system.

What Are The Benefits Of Sandwiching Machine For Your Confectionery Business?

These machines will provide better performance, versatility, and reliability in high-output operations.

It combines unique features, productive combinations, add-on systems, and flexibility to optimize your needs.

There are several benefits to using this machine in your business, and they include:

An Increase In Production

This machine is among the most profitable and cost-effective production equipment.

It will increase your production capacity depending on their capability.

They can produce up to 800 sandwiches per unit time on every lane, thus offering the best operational output.

Product Expansion

When you have new ideas for your biscuits or crackers, it allows you to grow your business.

For instance, adding cream, aeration, or other fillings to the product can increase the margins.

It may also increase the shelf space available at retail outlets.

This will enable you to increase sales and extend your brand identity to many areas.

Versatile Performance

The products you are sandwiching come in various shapes and sizes.

This means that you can fill them with peanut butter, jam, cream, or cheese.

Flexible Packaging Output

You can add your packaging choice to these machines as dedicated or even flexible manual units.

Different formats you can add include vertical bags, on-edge slugs, vend packs, horizontal fin-seal packages, or plastic trays.

Ease Of Use

The machine comes with a touchscreen with HMI control systems.

This means you can operate the entire system from one single location.

Besides, the clear and intuitive interface of the touchscreen allows you to maximize efficiency.

Easy To Maintain

The machine comes with air blast cleaners and rotary brushes which will keep the pin chain clean across the entire operation.

Also, it has covers that provide a wide opening which makes it easy to access during a routine cleaning process.

There are also full wash down capabilities within the product area.

Besides, the ease of maintenance and sanitation will lower the downtime as you can quickly conduct changeovers.

Consistent Production

The machine will produce products consistently and at high quality without compromising the production rate.

Efficient Production

The machine operates continually with the assistance of rigid pin chain configurations with stable product support.

Also, it has a gentle start and stop capability.

This will facilitate the reduction of waste as it keeps the products in place and under control.

The presence of product sensors will enable you to sort out magazine jams more promptly.

Also, the giveaway is minimal as there is control of the feed on each stencil outlet.

This happens with the assistance of single variable speed pumps.

Flexible Specifications

A sandwiching machine can have 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 lanes for you to choose from.

Also, the pitches of the pin chain vary between 50mm and 100mm.

This variation enables you to match the size of the product and other upstream equipment.

This combination will minimize the time you need for product handling, thereby lowering capital cost and breakage of the product.

Besides, you can feed the system manually or automatically, or have the discharge on the left or right.

The available output options include:

  1. A direct link to the lane multiplier
  2. Flat and stacked exit
  3. Tray loader
  4. Count feeder

Can Sandwiching Machine Produce All Biscuit Shapes?

biscuit sandwiching machine

biscuits sandwiching machine

This machine can produce and fill many kinds of biscuit shapes such as:

  • Square shapes
  • Rectangular shapes
  • Circular shapes
  • Custom shapes

What Are The Salient Features Of The Best Sandwiching Machine?

Depending on the capability of the machine, the features may vary vastly.

Some of the salient features include:

  • A modular cantilevered structure.
  • It can come with one or more pumps.
  • Mono or multi-colored cream filling capability.
  • The machine can individually provide the tension of the product feeding chains.
  • A PLC with an HMI interface for ease of control and monitoring.
  • Automatic rejection system that ensures quality control.
  • Diagnostic and alarm display systems.
  • “No biscuit, no cream” capability.
  • Product thickness calibration unit.
  • Hot air jet and brushes that automatically clean the chain pushers during operation.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • High-speed operation.
  • An easy changeover to various varieties of products.
  • High-quality stainless steel parts that contact the products.
  • Automatic blocking of stencil heads that prevent the cream from leaking.

How Does A High-Speed Cream Sandwiching Machine And Pile Pack Cream Sandwiching Machine Compare?

Here is how these two compare:

High-speed Cream Sandwiching Machine

This machine will produce rectangular or round sandwich biscuits.

It also uses a co-deposited or a single filling system and may come with two to six lanes for sandwiching.

Also, they make use of high-speed output, low production costs, and high efficiency.

Pile Pack Cream Sandwiching Machine

This is a machine that will produce piles with each pile having two biscuits that have cream sandwiches.

They also handle round or rectangular biscuits with a co-deposited or a single filling.

The length of the collated piles is in packs whose length is between 1 and 6 piles.

They are suitable for vending machines and you can find retail packs that have a card insert.

What Are The Main Parts Of A Sandwiching Machine?

There are several parts available in a sandwiching machine.

These include:

Cake Wire Adjusting Unit

It is a system that you to easily adjust the tension of wires thereby lowering time wastage.

Automatic cleaning systems will clean debris from carrier chains and pins using high flow or air through nozzles.

Automatic Rejection Sensor

This is an automatic height-detection system that controls the height of the sandwiches.

It will detect any missing cakes or cream on the products thereby rejecting them.

Air Knife Assembly

This part will enhance the quality of the product by use of compressed air.

It may reject the product in single lanes or pairs.

Magazine Assembly

This part holds the products before filling and sealing.

It also has cutouts to allow crumbs to exit the system easily.


This part is responsible for depositing the filling on the product.

It may have different configurations like single, double, or split.

This allows it to accommodate different flavor and color combinations, in a range of patterns.

Aeration will lessen the density of the cream.

Guard Clamps

These components prevent damage to the machine as they join and hold various components.

Laser Sensors

They enable you to tighten setting parameters and stopping the sandwiching machine once it misses a single biscuit.

It thereby minimizes product waste and helps in keeping the machine clean.

Control Panel

It has a PLC with HMI in which you will input all the production parameters.

Besides, it is easy to control as it has touchscreen capabilities.


Cream hoppers will supply adequate feed with less loading of the cream.

It also has an aeration system that lowers cream density, produces more cream for every batch, and lower production cost.

Row Stacker

It will contain all the products regardless of their shapes and sizes.

Besides, it automatically stacks the sandwiches.

Electrical Cabinet

It houses all the electrical units that provide power to the machine.


They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to move the parts in the machine.

Conveyor System

It is a system that will transport the products from one part of the machine to the next.

Tray Loader

This component will automatically load the product into pre-formed trays in a single continuous motion.

It also counts the sandwiches into groups and automatically loads the slugs inside trays.


This part will divert the final sandwich product or additional processing or packaging.

How Does A Sandwiching Machine Work?

biscuite sandwiching process

biscuit sandwiching process

Here is how the machine operates:

Preparation Stage

Here, you will make sure all raw materials are in sufficient amount.

Also, make sure all parts are in good working condition to ensure safety and reliability.

Aligning Stage

The products will enter the machine with the help of vibratory systems.

Also, it ensures the products are in the correct position before the machine fills them with cream.

Besides, it uses a “pressure less” feeding system thereby eliminating chances of the product breaking.

Magazine Feeds

The shells of the product leave the feed chute by the use of pegs on the conveyor chain.

Conveyor systems transport the bottom part of the product to the stencils.

Filling Stage

Once the product reaches here, the stencils will place the filling on the upper side of the product.

This process is accurate and the filling is at the center of the product to ensure no spillage happens once you cover it.

Also, the stencils can fill the product with various fillings and in different patterns depending on your production needs.

Covering Stage

The product leaves the stencils then moves to the next phase where you will cover the product.

This is usually a similar product that has no filling, and the machine places it on top of the one with the filling.

After this, the product will exit to the next stage for further processing of packaging.

Which Are The Primary Techniques Of Mixing Cream In Sandwiching Machine?

These include:

Batch Mixing

This is the process where you will load all the ingredients as one batch; mix them, and then discharge.

After the discharge, you will introduce another batch and repeat the process.

Benefits of batch mixing include:

  1. It allows you to precisely control the quality of the mixture.
  2. Batch traceability
  3. Flexibility in the production process.
  4. It allows you to control the time of the mixture.
  5. Also, it has low installation and operating costs for small capacities than in continuous mixing.
  6. It allows you to easily accomplish pre-mixing minor ingredients.

Some limitations include:

  1. It is costly when you need to mix a large number of ingredients.
  2. Also, it is labor-intensive than continuous mixing.

Continuous Mixing

Here, you will continuously add ingredients in the mixing chamber and produce a continuous stream of the mixture.

The mixing may happen in stages to make sure all the ingredients mix properly.

Here are some benefits of continuous mixing over batch mixing:

  1. It allows for a lower mixing time than batch mixing.
  2. Consistent mixing performance.
  3. It is suitable for automatic control
  4. Also, it lowers and controls product segregation as products are close together.
  5. Minimal labor costs as the process are automatic.

Some limitations include:

  1. it is expensive to maintain
  2. They are not suitable in applications where formulations need to be exact
  3. Continuous calibration and monitoring of the feeding devices
  4. Lack of flexibility since the design is for particular applications

What Are The Key Specification Of Sandwiching Machine?

These include:

  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Power rating
  • Speed and throughput
  • Production capacity
  • Level of automation
  • Self-diagnostic capability
  • Size of the products you are sandwiching
  • Warranty
  • Quality standards
  • After-sales services

How Does The Sandwiching Machine Apply Cream To The Products?

It does this through the following methods:

Using Extruders And Wire Cutters

The hopper will deposit cream on the product through nozzles and wire cutters will cut it off from the nozzle.

Extrusion and cutting happens immediately to ensure a continuous working condition.

Another product will replace the one that fills up as they move in a rotation.

A pin will push another product on top of the cream and a roller presses them together to form a sandwich.

Stenciling Method

This process involves stenciling cream on the surface then covering it with a biscuit.

It uses a flat metal that has the thickness of the cream and it places the cream as soon as the biscuit reaches it.

After this stage, you will place another biscuit on top of it forming a sandwich.

Using Depositors Having Multiple Nozzles

This system makes use of a mobile and a permanent depositor and nozzle.

The mobile depositor follows the biscuit path since it can move horizontally and vertically.

It then moves towards the biscuit and depositing the cream on the surface of the biscuit.

The cream will separate from the nozzle as you raise it as the biscuit moves along.

Why Should You Choose Extruder And Wire Cutter Method Of Cream Application?

The benefits include:

  • It allows you to have high production capacities with minimal problems during cooling and packaging.
  • Besides, this technique will enable you to regulate the weight of the filling.
  • It allows you to widen the machine to have multiple rows.
  • Also, you can change the position of the conveyor chain so its position from the depositor is far.
  • It allows you to alternate the filling process where you can skip one biscuit after applying cream on another.

Which Are The Stencil Options For Sandwiching Machine?

These include:

Single Deposit Stencil

This allows you to apply a single filling to the biscuit.

Sequential Stencil

Here, you will use dual deposit mechanisms to place two different deposits on the shell of the product.

Co-deposit Stencil

This system allows you to deposit two fillings simultaneously and concentrically on a sandwich biscuit.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Co-Deposit Stenciling Method To Apply Cream During Sandwiching Machine Operation?

These include:

End Product Diversity

Accurate depositing makes it possible to develop new shapes of the deposits.

Besides, it can handle a wide array of fillings.

For instance, you can enrich a soft cream with solid cream.

It also allows you to vary the color and consistency of the filling.

Perfect Register

This is possible since a co-deposit stencil will simultaneously deposit two fillings using the same nozzle.

Also, it ensures the proper alignment of the biscuits during the process.

Cost-effective Investment

This system allows you to develop innovative end products with no modifications to the sandwiching machine.

Does Sandwiching Machine Allow Production Of Multicolor Biscuit Sandwiches?

Yes, it is possible to have sandwiches in different colors.

The number of colors you can use depends on the number of tiers that available for your sandwich.

Besides, it is considerably cheaper to make a sandwich with one filling.

Also, you can apply cream and jelly on the same sandwich without the need of using additives and have different colors.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Lanes In Sandwiching Machine?

4 lanes sandwiching machine

4 lanes sandwiching machine

Sandwiching machines come with a different number of lanes ranging between 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

These will offer the advantage of high operation speed, high production capacity, ease of maintenance, high efficiency, and low production costs.

How Many Sandwiches Can The Lanes Of The Sandwiching Machine Produce Per Minute?

The capacity of this machine depends on its characteristics and the product.

Several factors, such as the number of lanes, will influence the number of sandwiches it can produce per minute.

High speeds and lanes will increase the production capacity.

Considering these, a sandwiching machine can produce between 200 and 800 sandwiches per minute.

Do All Sandwiching Machines Come With Lane Multipliers?

Yes, these machines do come with multipliers.

This allows you to increase the number of lanes from 2 to 6 to fit your production needs.

How Do You Increase The Efficiency Of Sandwiching Machine?

This includes:

  • Ensuring all raw materials are in adequate amount before beginning the sandwiching process.
  • Making sure the power supply matches that of the machine.
  • Operating the machine 24/7 to increase productivity and throughput.
  • Reducing downtime by inspecting and repairing the machine before operation.

What Is The Function Of Top and Bottom Cake Sensor In Automatic Sandwiching Machine?

This sensor will enable you to tighten the entire parameter settings.

It will halt the sandwiching machine in situations it misses one biscuit.

This will therefore keep the machine clean while lowering wastage of the products.

Can You Produce Biscuit Sandwich With More Than Two Pieces Of Biscuit Using A Sandwiching Machine?

Yes, this is possible.

For instance, you can use three biscuits having two separate layers of fillings between them.

Here, you will deposit the filling between the first and second, and between the second and third biscuits.

What Are Some Of The Maintenance Guidelines For Sandwiching Machine?

Maintaining a sandwiching machine in a good condition will make sure it continues to operate for long periods.

Some of the maintenance practices include:

  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure all parts are in good working condition.
  • Repair all broken parts with genuine parts.
  • Make use of compressed air through blowers to get rid of debris like crumbs and dirt.
  • Use brushes to eliminate dirt that sticks on the surface and joints of the machine.
  • Lubricate all moving parts like chains and gears to minimize tear and wear from friction.
  • Make sure the belts and chains are tight to have an effective driving performance.
  • Fasten all screws, nuts, and bolts.
  • Make sure all electric systems are in good working condition to avoid changes of electrocution and fire hazards.
  • Repair faulty components immediately to avoid damages.

How Do Sandwiching Machine Ensure Production Of Quality Sandwich Products?

The machine makes use of an auto reject sensor.

This part will monitor and control the thickness of each sandwich.

By doing so, it will detect missing cream and cakes on the product thereby eliminating them from the production line.

Which Are The Auxiliary Confectionery Equipment You Can Integrate With Sandwiching Machine?

There are several machines you can use in conjunction with a sandwiching machine.

These include:

Oil Sprayer

This machine will spray oil on the dough that you will use to make biscuits.

It connects to an oil tank and sprays oil via nozzles.

Tunnel Baking Oven

Here, you will bake the biscuits continuously at a set temperature as the biscuits move via a conveyor.

Besides, you will also use varying heat sources and techniques to get a suitable bake.

Dough Mixer

This machine will knead the dough that you will use to make the biscuits.

It contains a central bar-like feature that will rotate to knead the dough.

Cream Mixer

This machine will assist you in preparing ingredients for the cream by whisking it into a homogeneous form.

Biscuit Forming Machine

This can either be a soft or a hard biscuit forming machine.

In making hard biscuits, you will harden the biscuit before baking using material recycling equipment.

For soft biscuits, you will use a forming device and monitor the baking process.

Also, you will not apply the hardening process here.

Packaging Machine

This machine will seal the final sandwiched product in secure packages.

Besides, this preserves freshness and eliminates contamination of the product.

Cooling Conveyor

This equipment will get rid of heat from baked products preparing them for sandwiching by using fans.

Which Factors Determine Sandwiching Machine Price?

Sandwishing machine

Sandwiching machine

Several factors influence the price of a sandwiching machine.

These include:

  • Country of origin
  • State of the machine
  • Discount and sales
  • Level of automation
  • Size and weight of the machine, etc.

Considering all these, the machine may cost you anywhere between 2000 US Dollars and 200000 US dollars.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range of sandwiching machines depending on your requirements.

Contact us for all your sandwiching machine needs.

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