Semi-Auto Capsule Filler(SF-25)

Semi-Auto Capsule Filler

SaintyCo SF-25 semi-auto capsule filler is a modern equipment that guarantees an ultra-quiet operation with a noise level of 70dBA. It can be customized depending on capsule sizes by adjusting the rotation of the dosing disc.

To achieve accurate filling process, SaintyCo SF-25 semi-automatic capsule filler uses an agitator in the powder feeder to regulate the filling process. Furthermore, it has a fixed filling point and independent power.

The design of SF-25 semi-automatic encapsulating machine conforms to the cGMP requirements, with a high production capacity and low maintenance.

The SaintyCo SF-25 semi-automatic capsule filler design ensures safe operation and easy maintenance.   Moreover, the simple design makes it easy to train semi-automatic capsule filler operators.

Users can change the encapsulating machine’s mold to suit different capsule sizes within 30 minutes. This reduces downtime and optimizes productivity.