Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine-SF-V25

Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine-SF-V25

SaintyCo SF-V25 semi-auto capsule filling machine guarantees a quiet operation with a low noise level of 63dBA. It has replaced the noisy encapsulating machines that use portable air compressors.

Every SaintyCo SF-V25 semi-automatic capsule filler has a dosing disk that maybe varied depending on production requirements.

To improve accuracy and precision of semi-automatic encapsulator, their filling table has an infinite variable speed, alongside an independent powder and fixed point filling.

Moreover, an auger in the powder feeder helps to regulate the filling process for consistent and accurate production process.

The encapsulator has a simple design with no complex installation procedures. Its simplicity makes it easy to assemble and disassemble.

This process should take only 30 minutes with only one technician to operate the semi-automatic capsule filler.