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SaintyCo semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a portable small batch production equipment with a production capacity of 25,000 to 35,000 capsules per hour. The production output depends on types of filling material and capsule size.

This semi-automatic capsule filling machine guarantees an ultra-quiet operation with a noise level varying from <63 to <70dB. The entire structure, capsule dosing and powder filling systems are made from stainless steel thus conforming to the cGMP requirements.

Depending on the production requirements, be it for a start-up or a pharmaceutical R&D company, they can choose either SF-II or VSF-V SaintyCo semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

By changing the semi-automatic capsule filling machine mold, it can fill capsules of different sizes ranging from 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 to 4. Its design allows for easy part change.

SaintyCo semi-automatic capsule filling machine has an auger that regulates the powder filling process, with a precise speed adjustment mechanism using the dosing disc. Its infinite variable speed ensures dosing accuracy.

Key Features

  • Ensures fast and safe capsule closing and filling
  • Varying auger speeds that handle a variety of powders
  • Hopper in-feed reduces variations
  • Highly precise and accurate
  • Conforms to cGMP and CE standards
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wheels for moving the machine

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to boom your small scale capsule filling business, then:

  1. Stop using the manual capsule filling machine, and,
  2. Upgrade to semi-automatic capsule filler equipment

Guess what – it is efficient, eliminates common capsule filling defect and its relatively fast

Let me show you how to choose semi-automatic capsule filler:

What is a Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine


 Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

It is a device used in filling empty capsules with various substances.

These substances include medicine and nutrients.

In some instances, they are used in home setups.

Unlike fully-automated capsule filler equipment, semi-automatic capsule filling equipment require human labour during production.

However, they cut and edge above the manual capsule filling machines that entirely depend on human labour.

This means that in terms of performance, they are in between manual and automatic capsule filling machines.

How does Semi-automatic Capsule Filler compare to Fully Automatic Capsule Filler?

Video of Semi-automatic capsule filler:

Video of fully automatic capsule filler machine:

Both semi-automatic and fully-automatic capsule filling machines are used in filling empty capsules with medicine and nutrients.

However, fully-automatic capsule filling does not need any form of human assistance to fill an empty capsule.

This is contrary to semi-automatic capsules that require some sort of human labour to help perform some duties.

Semi-automatic capsule fillers are also slower compared to automatic capsule filling machines.

This impacts on output as you can produce more using the fully-automated capsule filling machines.

What is the difference between Manual Capsule Filler and Semi-automatic Capsule Filler?

SF-V25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

Semi-automatic capsule filler

Manual capsule filler machine

 Manual capsule filler machine

Manual capsule fillers pose a higher physical risk to users compared to semi-automatic capsule fillers.

This is because they are hand-operated.

Manual capsule fillers also demand an increase in labour.

There is a need for more people to operate the manual machine, which is not the case when working with a semi-automated capsule filler.

This impacts on production negatively.

Further, being hand-operated machines, capsule filling machines are predisposed to human error compared to semi-automatic capsule filling machines.

Lastly, manual capsule filler machines are tedious and time consuming compared to semi-automatic capsule filler machines.

Why use in Semi-automatic Capsule Filler?

Semi-automatic capsule filling machines come with several advantages.

The following benefits are in the offing when you use this machine in production.

1. Cost-effectiveness

With this capsule filling equipment, you will be cutting on production costs.

For instance, when you opt for the manual capsule filling machine, you will need more labour which is expensive.

However, for semi-automatic bag filling machine, you will only need one operator.

It also saves you the high costs associated with purchasing and operating a fully-automated capsule filling machine.

2. Operational Ease and Low Maintenance Costs

Semi-automatic machines have elementary operating principles.

As such, they can be operated with little or no expertise.

All one needs is the user manual.

The maintenance costs are also affordable, and the user interface brings to your attention to any maintenance issue.

3. Exceptional Capsules

With this capsule filler, you are in a position to make capsules with different shapes and ingredients depending on your specifications.



In the pharmaceutical business, this is an added advantage as capsules come in similar shapes and components.

4. An Increase in Output

When using this equipment, you rest assured of higher productivity.

Compared to the manual-filling machine, this machine is faster, leading to higher production within a short time to your advantage.

5. Uniformity of Ingredients

When you use semi-automatic capsule filler, you can be assured of consistency when the ingredients are mixed.

This makes your capsules effective, especially when they are manufactured for medical purposes.

6. Accuracy

You can be assured of precision when you use a capsule filling machine in your production.

What are the Disadvantages of Semi-automatic Capsule Filler?

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling station

Just like any other machine, semi-automatic capsule filling machines have disadvantages.

These are some of the challenges you are likely to experience when working with semi-automatic capsule filling equipment.

i. High Initial Costs

Semi-automatic bag filling machines are expensive to purchase.

This is further aggravated by the installation costs and the need to train an operator.

ii. Limited Production

Compared to an automatic capsule, filling machines have limited production capacity.

This deems growth prospects, especially when using such a machine for commercial purposes.

iii. Need for Labour

In comparison to fully-automated capsule filling machines, semi-automatic capsule filling machine usually need an operator.

What are the Parts of Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

Some of the main parts and components of semi-automatic capsule filler machine include:

Parts of semi-automatic capsule filler

Parts of semi-automatic capsule filler

a) Material Hopper

It holds the power you want to fill in the hard gelatin capsules.

The material hopper is made from stainless steel.

The design is slightly slanting to allow for seamless movement of powder to the capsule filling section.

Also, the size of the material hopper will depend on the capacity of the machine.

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine-Simple Design

 Product hopper

b) Machine Body

This is an essential component of the capsule filling equipment.

It is manufactured using stainless steel and holds all the other components of the device together.

It is the overall structure that houses all the structural components of the machine.

Capsule filler machine body must be strong and reliable.

It should withstand the vibratory forces that occur during the capsule filling process.

c) PLC/HMI Interface

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine-Easy to control panel


In this capsule filler, there are two aspects – the automated bit and manual process.

Therefore, every semi-automatic capsule filler has a PLC section with touchscreen HMI.

This allows users to key in various parameters for filling capsules.

The design and configuration of this unit will depend on the type of semi-automatic capsule filler.

d) Powder Filling Auger System

It is this section that fills pellets or powder in the empty capsules.

Normally, it controls the capsule filling capability of the machine.

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

 Powder auger

e) Loading System of Semi-automatic Capsule Filler

The loading system is an integrated system that initiates the loading process of capsules.

It ensures the capsules are properly positioned and powder fills appropriately.

f) Pneumatic Systems

Through an air compressed system, it provides a mechanism that helps to push filler material in the empty capsules.

g) Electrical Unit

It supplies power to the entire machine making capsule filling process easy and efficient.

h) Capsules Filling Table

It is where the dosing takes place.

In most cases, the speed varies infinitely depending on the configuration of the machine.

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

 Filling capsules

i) Capsules Body Tray

The tray comes in two parts that make it easier to separate two capsules ready for the filling process.

j) Rectifier

It positions capsules ready for the filling process.

SF-25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

 Rectifier system

k) Capsule Opening and Closing System

It is a section that forms the peg ring and joiner chute.

Through this section, you can open and close the capsules faster and efficiently.

Note: These are some of the main parts and components of semi-automatic capsule filler machine.

Depending on the designs of these capsule fillers, they may have more parts and components.

What is Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Working Principle?

The working principle of semi-automatic capsule filler machine is simple and straight forward.

Like the name suggests, it involves both automated and manual process.

Some of the main stages in the semi-automatic capsule filling process include:

1. Loading Capsule and Material you Intend to Fill

With the semi-automatic machine fully set and configured, run random tests to ensure the machine conforms to the stated performance specifications.

Load both the capsules and powder/pellets in the respective hoppers.

The number of capsules and amount of powder/pellets will depend on the capacity of the semi-automatic capsule filler machine.

At this stage, you will also program the machine via the HMI system depending on the working requirements.

2. Separating Capsules

The empty capsules will move from the hopper to the round capsules tray.

The capsule tray has two distinct parts.

Here, one side will hold the body while the second section holds the caps.

You will manually separate the capsules.

That is, you will separate the caps from the body.

Consequently, this will leave the body of the empty capsules exposed ready for the filling process.

Remember, during the filling process, the conveyor system, with move the capsules in a circular motion.

Basically, this will make the filling process efficient and minimize material wastage.

3. Loading and Filling Empty Capsules

The machine will configure the body of capsules in the right position for filling.

As the tray rotates in a circular motion, the machine will begin the filling process.

The dosing disc of the machine will accurately control both the speed of rotation and the filling process.

Once the machine fills all capsules, it will go back to the original position.

4. Replacing the Capsules to the Body

Take the caps tray and insert over the body tray.

Once the two trays are in position, carefully press to lock the capsules.

With the help of a compression zone, it will lock the capsules.

Thereafter, it will release the filled capsules.

You can then subject the capsules to quality inspection, counting, marking and packaging.

Which Industries use Semi-automatic Capsule Filler?

There are various uses of semi-automatic capsule filler machines.

However, the following are the most common uses:

Pharmaceutical companies use semi-automatic capsule filler machines in encapsulating medicinal ingredients into capsules.

This is also commonly done by the local drug stores.

Herbal medicine and nutritional supplement manufacturers also rely on semi-automatic capsule filler machines.

The machine helps such industries in ensuring that different types of supplements and medicines are encapsulated in different kinds of capsules.

Domestically, the semi-automatic capsule filler machine is used in filling one’s capsules.

This can, however, is in small quantities as opposed to large quantities associated with industrial production.

What should you look for when buying a Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

When buying these capsule filler equipment, you should pay attention to the following:

SF-V25 Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filler machine

· Brand and Model of Capsule Filling Machine

You most definitely need a machine that will serve you effectively.

As such, you will have to go for a reputable brand of capsule filling machine.

This is likely to serve you for a more extended period.

Although this implies a higher initial cost, it will save you the stress of constant breakdowns and repairs, which can be very expensive.

· Production Capacity of Capsule Filling Machine

When you are purchasing a capsule filling machine, you most definitely have in mind the production capacity you are looking forward to attaining.

This should shape your decision on the machine to purchase.

For medium production, semi-automatic capsule filling machine is the most reliable.

· Quality Compliance of Capsule Filling Machine

Quality standards are essential as they help you gauge the quality of the machine you are purchasing.

They are also indicators of safety reliability.

There are several quality compliance standards you can look out for depending on the region and the machine’s manufacturer’s location.

Some of the standards to look out for include ISO, cGMP, RoHS, and C.E.

There are instances that customers request for customization.

When you go for this option, ensure that the machine is taken through the standardization processes once more.

Failure to conform to these standards in some instances result in fines which will affect your business negatively.

· Capsule Filling Machine User-friendly

You need a machine with a friendly user interface.

Operational ease is essential in ensuring the desired output.

This is because the semi-automated capsule filling machine needs a human operation.

You know how boring how fatigue resulting from an inconsistent user-interface can affect production.

· Technological Advancement of Capsule Filling Machine

In recent times, there have been remarkable technological innovations that have characterized the manufacture of semi-automatic capsule filler equipment.

The machine you purchase should be able to meet your production needs.

There are those moments that you would want to increase our production to a higher quantity and vice versa.

For this reason, check out the number of capsules that your machine can produce within an hour.

The levels of automation also dictate the machine that you will purchase.

Semi-automatic machines are effective for middle-level production.

There are semi-automatic machines that will produce 700 capsules per hour while others will produce up to 5,000 capsules at the same time.

The choice is yours.

· Capsule Filling Machine Technical Specification

Semi-automatic capsule filling machines differ in terms of quality.

This implies that they vary in performance and production speed.

It is important to look for technical advice before purchasing a capsule encapsulation machine.

This will help you identify the specific functions necessary for smooth production.

· Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer

When purchasing a semi-automatic capsule filling machine, it is also essential that you consider the manufacturer.

This entails analyzing factors such as the manufacturer’s experience with their filling machines it has developed.

It also entails the models of the machine that are offered by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer’s reputation is also a primary consideration that should not escape you during this process.

With these considerations, you can be assured of purchasing a will meet our expectations once installed.

· Integration with Support Equipment

For complete production, there is always a need for additional equipment.

The machine you are purchasing has to be compatible with these support equipment.

Some of these support equipment includes labeling and packaging devices.

If by any chance the semi-automatic capsule filling machines is not compatible with these devices, then it might not meet your production needs.

This also includes the types of capsules that the machine is capable of filling.

The primary examples of capsules include soft-gelatin capsules and hard gelatin capsules.

You will make up your mind on which of these capsules you intend to fill.

This will then dictate the most effective machine you should purchase.

With such a decision, you will be able to prevent unforeseen production challenges likely to arise in the future.

Semi-automatic Capsule Filler is made from which Material?

Semi-automatic capsule fillers are usually manufactured from stainless steel.

This material is preferred for its durability.

It is also resistant to corrosion that might be occasioned by the ingredients being encapsulated.

Compared to other materials, it is hardly contaminated.

This means that it is more hygienic.

Can Semi-automatic Capsule Filler Work with all Sizes of Capsules?

Capsule sizes

Capsules sizes

Semi-automatic capsule fillers are relied on in filling all capsule sizes virtually.

These capsule sizes range from 0 to 5.

It can also supply these capsules with different materials, including powder and granules.

It can also be used in filling capsules with pellets.

How does Semi-automatic Capsule Filler Reduce Powder Wastage?

It has a filling mechanism that fills the ingredients into the capsule.

This has a cover which ensures that all quantities are filled precisely in the filling funnels.

Powder wastage is also controlled by variable speed control.

What is the Benefits of Variable Speed Control in Semi-automatic Capsule Filler?

  • It results in operational ease
  • It is a reliable mechanism in feeding the powder material with precision.
  • It also helps in ensuring that the sanitary requirements are met
  • It is also a reliable mechanism in filling both powder and granular material

Can Semi-Automatic Capsule Equipment Fill Powder and Granules?


Semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a reliable mechanism for filling all sizes of capsules with both capsules and granules.

It can also be used in filling pellets.

How does Old and Modern Semi-automatic Capsule Filler Equipment compare?

Over the years, semi-automatic capsule filler machines have been evolving.

This evolution is attributed to technological inventions that keep arising in response to necessity.

The differences between the old and modern semi-automatic capsule filler equipment include:

1. Operational Ease and Maintenance

A comparison between old and modern semi-automatic capsule filler machines reveals a difference in terms of functionality easy.

Old semi-automatic capsule filler machines have complex user interfaces.

However, modern capsule filling machines have simpler user interfaces backed up with a PLC control interface.

The modern machines are also easier to maintain as they have self-diagnostic systems that alert the user in case of a problem.

This feature is absent in old semi-automatic capsule filler equipment.

2. Modern Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine makes a variety of Capsules

Modern semi-automatic capsules filling machines come with unique capabilities necessary for mixing various ingredients for encapsulation.

This is not the case with old designs.

You can also be sure of manufacturing different shapes of capsules with a modern semi-automatic capsule filler equipment.

Unlike the old capsule filler equipment, with modern machines, you will be able to tell the ingredients as you will be in better control of the production process.

3. Modern Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machines guarantees Mas Production

The old models are often blamed for their low production capabilities.

Modern machines’ capabilities are far much better and can be relied on in large scale production of capsules.

This comes with other advantages for the manufacturer.

First, it saves you production time.

It also saves you the turn-around time, especially when producing in large scale.

For this reason, you can also cut on the number of employees that operate the machine.

4. Modern Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machines are Upgradable

Modern capsule filling designs can always be upgraded.

Innovations keep emerging.

To stay upbeat to this fact, capsule encapsulation machine manufacturers today leave room for improvements. 

On upgrading, these machines gain better speed and efficiency in the production process.

Such developments are not possible with the old capsule filler designs.

5. Modern Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machines are more Economical

Old machine for filling capsules are also wasteful on the ingredients.

However, modern machines are more accurate and precise during the filling process.

How do you Control the Quality of Capsules from Semi-automatic Capsule Filler?

Capsules are tested for quality by testing the output against the initial specifications.

These specifications include the shape of the capsule and the content.

What are Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Quality Standards?

It is essential to consider various quality standards before you purchase a semi-automatic capsule filler machine.

Multiple regulatory bodies usually develop these quality standards.

In the following section, these regulatory quality standards are discussed.

Here are the quality standards to look out for

· cGMP

cGMP refers to current good manufacturing practice regulations.

This is one of the common sorts after quality mark.

These standards are based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as this body develops the standards.

When purchasing a capsule filler equipment, these standards will help you in determining that the machine has been manufactured appropriately.

· C.E.

This is a common standardization certification in the European Economic Area.

Several parameters underlie this C.E. certification.

These include safety standards and health standards. It also incorporates environmental protection standards.

You must check to put these standards when purchasing your capsule filling machine from Europe.

Goods manufactured from other continents for the European market also have to conform to these standards.

· RoHS

RoHS is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

This standardization mark has its origin in the European Union.

It is a consumer-centred standardization mark.

It ensures safety by restricting dangerous products that might be used on the products.

Some of the restricted substances include lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium.


CCC is a standardization mark used in the Chinese market.

It is used in regulating products that are manufactured in the chines market.

It will be essential to check out this standardization when purchasing semi-automatic capsule filling machine in China.


ISO certification is centred on the safety of the customers.

This is usually done without undermining the quality of the product. This is a universal mark of quality.


This is also a globally accepted standardization.

The commonly accepted standards among manufacturers are published.

This is an essential quality standard in the service industry.

Ensure you check this out when purchasing your semi-automated capsule filling machine.

What is Semi-automatic Capsule Filler Machine Specification?

The production output of semi-automatic capsule filler machines is pegged at 35000 Capsules/hour.

The machine is also manufactured from stainless steel material.

They have ring sizes ranging between Size 00: 480 to Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: 720.

The loader drive should be between 0.25 H.P., 380/440 Volts to 0.5 H.P., 380/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz.

The net weight is estimated to be between 800kgs and 1200 kgs.

Now, with this information, you should be able to choose a suitable semi-automatic capsules filler machine.

For questions and inquiries on capsule filler equipment, contact us now!

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