SG-1000 Auto Servo Softgel Machine

SG-1000 Auto Servo Softgel Machine

Auto Die roll zero point control: No need operator set manually, push the touch screen then machine set zero point automatically by Servo motor!

Auto fill weight adjustment control: No need to control using manual jog, Just put the value on touch screen then machine adjust filing weight automatically by Servo motor!

Auto injection timing adjustment control: Each left and right die roll is controlled by individual Servo motor that is why no need timing gear and automatic injection timing adjustment is available!

Auto recipe memory system:Very advanced HMI is applied so almost unlimited recipe memory is available!

Auto production parameter memory system: all parameter including die roll zero point setting can be set automatically by just calling saved recipe!

  • Auto Die roll zero-point control
  • Auto fill weight adjustment control
  • Auto Injection timing adjustment control
  • Auto recipe memory system
  • Auto production parameter memory system
  • Auto servo motor driving system-Germany
  • No need time gear
  • Precise fill weight
  • Excellent sealing rate
  • Huge output (3 times more than old mechanical machine)
  • Mechanical Softgel Machine
  • Auto Servo Softgel Machine
  • Complete Drying System(double Deck Tumbling Dryer)
  • Drying System(Big In-Line Tumbling Dryer)
  • Gelatin Preparation Equipment
  • Medicine Preparation Equipment
  • Accessory Equipment
  • Die roll&Shape
Technical DataSG-1000
Die roll size150mm(dia) x 250mm(L)
6(inch) X 10(inch)
Oblong 5147,600
Oblong 9.5129600
Oblong 11123, 120
Oblong 14103,680
Oblong 16100,800
Oblong 1885680
Oblong 2083, 160
Oblong 2280,640
Oblong 2475600
Oval 3236, 160
Oval 5205,200
Oval 7.5163,800
Oval 10142560
Oval 12133,920
Round 1295,200
Round 2288000
Round 5213,840

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