Soft Gelatin Capsules

Soft Gelatin Capsules

Are you looking for capsules that are easy to swallow and release content quickly?

Go for soft gelatin capsules.

They are a perfect alternative to hard gelatin capsules.

And, in this guide, I am going to walk you through basic structure, ingredients, different shapes and the process of making Softgel capsules.

More importantly, by the end of this guide, I will tell you where to buy Softgel material.

So, let’s go straight to the main subject of this guide.

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What is Soft Gelatin Capsule?

It refers to an oral prescription form for medication that is relatively similar to the ordinary capsules.

I bet you’ve at some point in time encountered softgel capsules in your life.

Softgel capsules vs hard gelatin capsules

Softgel capsules vs. hard gelatin capsules

Let me give you an ideal example:

If you’ve at one point taken supplements such as Vitamin E or fish oil, then you definitely have seen softgel capsules.

Indeed, softgel capsule consists of a wide range of ingredients inside a shell-like component formed from gelatin.

When you look at it keenly, you’ll notice that the liquid appears like it has a liquid fill.

Also, it has an oblong shape and relatively translucent.

Softgel capsules

Softgel capsules

The gelatin shell in Softgel capsule as the name indicates happens to have a smooth texture, appealing to the eye with a fine gloss.

The truth is that there is much into softgel capsules than this mere description.

So in the later sections of this guide, we will dwell into such elements for better understanding.

For now, continue reading to get more insights;

Advantages of Softgel Capsules

From this basic description of softgel capsule, you can as well deduce the fact that this product is advantageous in several ways.

Pharmaceutical and nutritional sectors are the principal beneficiaries of this particular product.

Take for example, the cannabis oil Softgel capsule.

Cannabis softgel

Cannabis Softgel – Image source: Dope Magazine

First of all, it comes in various forms including pastes, suspensions, liquids, suspensions, and in some cases dry powder.

One more significant thing is that softgelis necessary and efficient delivery system for a wide range of oral drugs.

Actually, this tends to be specific to the drugs that are somewhat poorly soluble.

This is primarily possible because the fill often contains liquid materials that are vital in increasing solubility of the medicine.

And what you also know is that in many instances it’s quite challenging to include liquid ingredients in any other form of solid dosage.

So let’s look at some of the key advantages of softgel capsules in various aspects;

§  Easy to Swallow

It’s arguably one of the most significant benefits of this product.

You see, few people like taking oral drugs simply because they find them difficult to swallow.

When you look at the ingredients of a soft gelatin capsule, you’ll realize that it’s soft, the contents suitably sealed.

Once you swallow softgel capsules, the contents also get into the body to react as fast as possible.

So you’ll eventually learn that this drug is effective in a broader perspective.

§  Both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Can get a Dosage

What happens is that you can softgel capsule of different ingredients depending on your dietary liking.

You see this is vital because it provides you with the liberty to choose the ingredients you feel are ideal for your needs.

So if you’re a vegetarian, softgel gives you the option of dosage that conforms to it.

And also if you’re a non-vegetarian, you can as well get a softgel dosage which fits into the same.

The bottom line, in this case, is that at the end of it all you’ll be able to improve your health or nutritional needs accordingly.

§  Dosage Accuracy

During manufacturing of softgel capsules, all elements including the machines are set to process and produce the standard amount of ingredients.

Therefore, you’ll be certain that by the time the end product is fully ready, it’ll have uniformity and precision dosage.

Necessarily, it means that you’ll attain the right ingredients that you require for the particular needs.

§  It Enhances Bioavailability and Efficacy

This merely happens by providing the vital nutrient through a solution.

And improved bioavailability is also an indication that your body will be able to disintegrate nutrients rapidly.

§  You can Get it Customized Form

This vitally implies that softgel capsules are available in various formulas.

For instance, you can get it in form of a chewable gum, and captabs among others.

And to add onto this, some types of soft gelatin capsules are digested at specific points in your body.

So this is quite obvious that the efficiency of this dosage is unquestionable.

§  Safety

All the ingredients for making softgel capsules are derived from natural sources, either animal or cellular.

This is a clear indication that it’s free from chemical substances that would cause side effects upon using the drugs.

The hermetic sealing also helps to prevent active materials from reeking which could render the product ineffective.

In a nutshell, the advantages of softgel capsules are quite several, and we can’t necessarily discuss all of them here.

Soft gelating capsules

Softgel Capsules

On the other hand, we can’t also pretend that softgel capsules do not have a few shortcomings.

And for that reason let’s have a look at some of its disadvantages;

Disadvantages of Softgel Capsules

§  Relatively Expensive

The truth is that producing this type of product requires a number of equipment, ingredients, and processes.

And it’s only a few of companies that can afford to get all the elements necessary for manufacturing softgel capsules.

So at the end of the process, you’ll realize that it’s the users or consumers that have to pay more for the product.

And that’s primarily the reason soft gelatin tends to be somewhat expensive than ordinary capsules.

§  Dietary Restrictions

Primarily, gelatin is made of skins, bones and other parts of animals such as cows and pigs.

But you see, several groups do not subscribe to such types of dietary provisions.

So it means that such groups will not necessarily find it easy to use soft gel capsules.

And as much as you can get soft capsules that are animal free, they are relatively expensive and somewhat difficult to find.

§  Certain Materials Cannot be Incorporated

You’ll find that you cannot add some ingredients such as efflorescent because the lead to leaching or softening.

Deliquescent materials are also among others which you cannot add because they cause the capsule to harden or brittle.

§  Highly Sensitive to Moisture

This is also the other shortcoming of this product. It’s ordinarily water soluble, and it’s the reason it dissolves well in the body.

However, this high sensitivity to moisture can make them stick together or even break before you open to use them.

Moreover, moisture reduces the life expectancy and potency because it enables them to dissipate rather fast.

Soft Gelatin Capsules Formulation Process

This is an important element in understanding Pharma business from the aspect of soft gelatin capsules.

Softgel formulation process

Softgel formulation process

Essentially, this process involves about four key stages which ensure that the end product attains the necessary quality and properties.

But for the sake of this guide, we shall look at all the steps all from the preparation to the end of the formulation.

Nonetheless, you also need to understand that at every stage of the formulation process, you have to incorporate all the necessary procedures.

By the way, the formulation process of this product is quite intensive.

Luckily, you can use high-end machines that offer efficiency such that the entire process will be relatively fast.

And talking of machines, it’s just unimaginable to have thought of formulating soft gelatin capsules without an encapsulation machine.

So before we look at the fundamental stages of this process let’s first look at the ingredients for making this oral dosage product;

Ingredients of Soft Gelatin Capsules

1. Gelatin

It is arguably the most significant ingredient for manufacturing this product.

Mainly, it refers to a substance that originates from collagen and extracted from parts of animals specifically, skins and bones.

It has some properties such as easy to dissolve that makes ideal for creating this product since it can consequently release the contents faster.

Yellow soft gelatin capsule

Yellow soft gelatin capsule

But it’s also vital to ensure that the gelatin you’re looking for making softgel capsules meet a few specifications.

For instance, it should have a well-defined particle size and wider molecular weight distribution.

Furthermore, it should also a varying bloom of between 150 to 200 and a viscosity range of between 25 to 45 milli poise.

2. Plasticizer

This is also another important element that you may need to include as an ingredient in manufacturing softgel capsules.

Basically, it refers to the material which enables the softgel to be elastic and pliable.

They are quite a number, and some of the most common ones include glycerin and sorbitol.

A significant factor that determines the quantity of plasticizer you use is a ratio, which may range from 0.3 to 1.8.

Of course, this depends on the strength of the capsule shell under ordinary conditions.

3. Preservative

As the name suggests, preservative refers to the substance that you apply as an ingredient to preserve the content of the products.

You see, at times poor handling, packaging, transportation and environmental factors may cause reeking.

So it would be necessary to add this ingredient as a way of ensuring that they sustain all forms of conditions throughout.

Also, preservative helps to extend the shelf-life of softgel capsules which in the long run enables you to benefit more.

However, you should also take note of the type of preservative that you add as an ingredient when manufacturing this product.

Also, the quantity you add should also be reasonable not to cause other unnecessary inconveniences or damage to the soft capsules.

4. Coloring and Opacifying agents

Well, if you’ve been keen, you must have realized that most of softgel capsules you find in the market come in different shades.

Basically, some manufacturers use it as a way of differentiating their products or making them unique in the market.

And at times the coloring helps to conform to the ingredients or purpose of the particular capsule.

So the coloring agents are essentially ingredients that you apply or add during manufacturing process of softgel to provide ideal shade.

Similarly, you may also want to add an opacifying agent to make the capsule look better.

An opacifying agent refers to a substance you add to a material to make the product relatively opaque.

When processing this product, you may choose the appropriate type of opacifying agent since they also differ.

The bottom line, however, is to make sure you use the correct one for the particular type of soft gelatin capsule you’re manufacturing.

5. Flavoring agents

Now, softgel capsules entail different ingredients intended for a particular purpose.

But you’ll realize that most of these capsules are easy to swallow because they are tasty.

What it means is that they contain flavoring agents that help to enhance the taste of the drug.

And for that reason, you’ll not feel the sour or bitter taste of the capsule regardless of the ingredients.

And incidentally, the flavoring agents do not reduce the efficiency of the drug in any way.

You just have to ensure that get the right type and measure or ratio.

6. Sugars

Sugars can also be vital ingredients depending on the type and content of your softgel capsules.

What I mean here is that some capsules are targeted explicitly for a particular purpose, let’s say, dietary purpose.

So in this case, adding a certain amount of sugar will be necessary if at all you want to attain the right ingredient combination.

And like I’ve said this ingredient is entirely dependent on the intention of the drug.

To put it in simple words, you can only use sugar as a softgel capsule ingredient if the purpose isn’t necessarily medicinal.

Now that we’ve seen the key ingredients for manufacturing soft gelatin capsules let’s shift focus and look at the type of fill materials.

Types of Fill Material for Softgel Capsules

Fill material in softgel capsules refers to the substance that you encapsulate or seal inside the gelatin shell.

In fact, the fill material is the actual ingredient designed to produce the necessary elements to enhance the wellbeing of your body.

In other words, it’s the content that your body needs for specific medicinal or dietary needs merely encapsulated in gelatin.

So let’s find out more about specific fill materials that you’ll probably use when manufacturing this oral dosage;

i. Oily Liquid

Oily liquid fill material refers merely to a semi-solid substance that you encapsulate and seal inside the gelatin.

Ordinarily, it consists of all the essential ingredients that have been mixed or formulated to create one substance in an oily form.

They can as well be extracts from different materials such as plants or animals or any other related sources.

The ratio of all the ingredients you use might vary depending on various elements.

However, formulation of such materials ensures that it becomes homogeneous.

It is relatively viscous and hence can stay for long in the shelves without reeking if at all the other procedures are well-integrated.

ii. Solution Fills

This also refers to a type of fill which results from pureeing and mixing of a wide range of ingredients to form an element.

Solution fills are common in softgel capsules manufacturing given that they help to incorporate various materials into one.

This type of fill is also readily absorbable into the body which is vital because it fastens the reaction or body response accordingly.

You, however, need to be careful with the solution fills because if you fail to handle them correctly, they may not last long.

Also, you have to ensure that you mix all the ingredients appropriately and this would be ideal using a mixing machine to attain uniformity.

iii. Suspension fills

This refers to a semi-solid substance you obtain from a mixture of a wide range of sources.

The sources can be natural or artificial depending on various factors.

Suspension fills are also typical in softgel capsule formulation and seemingly effective in responding to a particular part of the body.

It is also sticky, but the viscidness can vary depending on a wide range of elements.

In general, though, suspension make some of the best fills for soft gelatin capsules hence widely used in various applications.

Nonetheless, you may find other types of fill materials also such as dry powder used in filling soft gelatin capsules.

By the way, the type of fill material is solely dependent on the ingredients, the expected shelf life, and other related factors.

At this point now, it would be prudent to also look at the key stages of manufacturing soft gelatin capsules.

Like I told you earlier, the process can be intensive depending on the extent of the final product that you desire to attain.

Soft gelatin capsules formulation

Soft gelatin capsules formulation

For that reason, let’s quickly look at the four stages in brief so that at least you can grasp the idea;

Step 1: Buy Softgel Encapsulation Equipment

Let me be honest. Actually, it’s an open fact that the only practical way of formulating softgel capsule is by using a machine.

By this, I mean that the only option you got, in this case, is to obtain a softgel equipment.

Ordinarily, a softgel encapsulation machine will make it possible for you to process the product from the beginning to the end effortlessly.

All you need to have is the necessary ingredients and other vital materials that would facilitate the entire process.

Additionally, you also have to select the right type of softgel that conforms to the particular form of soft capsules that you’ll be manufacturing.

Step 2: Choose Ingredient for Soft Gelatin Capsules

Now, this is also the other essential stage that you must never ignore in this process.

Incidentally, selecting the necessary ingredient can be somewhat tasking depending on the number of material that you want to incorporate.

In some cases, it can take you a few minutes to identify the particular ingredient of choice once you know what you want the capsule to entail.

Basically, the ingredients are quite a number because as I’d told you earlier, the purposes of the softgel capsule may vary.

Again, the formula of this oral dosage may also differ hence the reason choice of ingredients becomes a fundamental aspect.

The bottom line, however, is making sure that you identify the right ingredient which suits the particular needs for manufacturing the soft capsule.

Step 3: Prepare Gelatin

This process primarily involves creating a container-like element that holds the ingredients you use for manufacturing the capsule.

Incidentally, it is the reason you have to ensure that you choose nothing short of high-quality material for creating this shell.

A high-quality shell material also protects the capsule’s ingredients from foreign substances and the external environment.

Gel melter

Gel melter

For instance, acidity, fluctuating temperature, and moisture among others.

Mainly, you need quite a number of elements to prepare gelatin including, water, plasticizers, opacifiers, and gelatin among others.

So for you to attain the best results, you need to make sure that you mix all these ingredients appropriately.

Step 4: Make Fill Material

A fill material, in this case, refers to the particular type of ingredient(s) that you would wish to enclose in the gelatin.

In most cases, depending on the content and purpose, the fill material could be in form of liquid, suspension or semi-solid solution.

And in some instances, it could as well be in form of dry powder.

The essence of preparing the fill material is basically to enable the final product to attain homogeneity.


Gelatin melting system

Also, it helps in making sure that all the necessary ingredients are incorporated in the capsule accordingly.

Well, the type of machines that you would require in this stage is dependent on the ingredients you want to encapsulate.

Some of these machines that you may use include fluid bed processor, hammer mills, and pharma ovens among others.

Ultimately, all you need to do is to merely get the right type of machine to help you in filling material correctly.

Also, have it mind that the processing revolving around creating ideal fill material may also vary widely depending on particular ingredients.

What’s more is to make sure that the fill material you plan to use in manufacturing these capsules has to meet a certain threshold.

For instance, safety and efficiency in soft gelatin filling process.

Another criterion is that the fill material should increase bio-availability because it’s what forms a fundamental aspect for softgel’s popularity.

Additionally, the material must also guarantee the stability of all the particular ingredients.

Without forgetting, the capsules that are filled should also remain stable.

So with all these information, it apparently becomes easy to prepare the most suitable fill material for processing softgel capsules.

Step 5: Start the Encapsulation Process

I’ll still emphasize that you need to obtain the right encapsulation equipment even before you begin this stage.

At this stage, what vitally happens is that both the gelatin shell and fill material come together to form the capsules.

Soft gel capsules manufacturing process

Soft gel capsules manufacturing process

Several processes take place during this stage.

And therefore, depending on the type of softgel capsule and the machine you’re using the process might vary slightly.

At the same time, the selection of specific gelatin capsules for manufacturing process is also dependent on production needs.

Soft gel encapsulation machine

Softgel encapsulation machine

Nonetheless, by the end of the entire process, the softgel capsule moves to the conveyor belt for further processing.

Often at this point, the capsules are tentatively moist and also soft hence may be unable to bear the particular environmental conditions.

Let’s now get to the next stage;

Step 6: Further Processing of Softgel Capsules

This process is also critical depending on the nature and ingredients of the softgel capsules that you’re formulating.

Some would need further processing to attain the ideal properties and qualities whereas others would only require minimal enhancements.

But basically, this stage involves drying of softgel capsules in a bid of enabling it to attain the right moisture content.

Soft gelatin capsules drying tray

Soft gelatin capsules drying tray

This stage also involves controlling the quality of this product as well as polishing and packaging of the soft capsules accordingly.

Listen, quality control is a critical stage because any product for that matter has to conform to the specific standards or specifications.

And for softgel capsules, there’s a machine that you can use to determine the quality standards since it helps to inspect the products.

During the inspection, the machine ensures that it eliminates all the broken and damaged capsules.

It also verifies the shape, weight and content uniformity.

Moreover, the machine carries out microbial testing as well as determining the level of moisture, thickness and sealing mechanism of the shell.

And lastly, in this stage, polishing and packaging of softgel capsules are what takes place.

Ideally, in this case, all you have to do is to clean and get rid of any material that’s on the surface of the capsules.

Fundamentally this is to help in making sure that the capsules to attain the right texture and color.

In the same regard, you may also wish to customize the soft gelatin capsules by placing some unique marks on its shell.

Softgel printing machine can be of a considerable aid at this point if need be.

And then, after all, is done the next thing to do is to package these products accordingly awaiting transportation to the market.

Necessarily, that’s the process that you require to finally have your softgel capsules of the high-quality level to the users.

Design and Shapes of Soft Gelatin Capsules

Well, so far we’ve seen a considerable number of important elements surrounding softgel capsules.

Other than the formulation process, the other essential aspect that’s noteworthy to look into is the design and shapes.

The shape is also a great determinant of how easy or difficult you can swallow the particular drug.

Typically, the softgel capsules come in various sizes, designs as well as shapes.

Some come with specific design as a mark of identity whereas others have reasons for such shapes.

The truth, however, is that the design and shape of this oral dosage drugs plays a particular role, especially in marketing.

Of course, the design and shape have a rare impact on the overall efficiency of the drug to the end user.

But you can never rule out the fact that a creative design appeals significantly to the consumer.

For that reason, let’s briefly discuss some of the familiar shapes and designs of softgel capsules you can easily find in the market;

§  Round

The rounds are ball-like shaped soft capsules.

Incidentally, they also vary in size which merely means that some are somewhat small whereas others are quite big.

Round Softgel

 Round soft gelatin capsules

In ordinary terms, such sizes are referred regarding digits.

So you find that these capsules are common in four major categories regarding the size.

This include, 3 round, which weighs about 150mg to 180mg, 5 round which weighs between 250mg to 300mg.

Others include 18 round weighing 900mg to 1080mg and 40 round weighing between 2000mg to 2400mg.

You should also take note of the fact that these variations also depend on the particular manufacturer.

Therefore, you might find some are available in bigger sizes than the common ones.

Also, some manufacturers also prefer to manufacture customized products.

This obviously is an indication that the sizes of the similar shape might as well differ.

§  Oblong

It is arguably the most popular shape for many types of softgel capsules.

This shape is what many manufacturers also tend to relate with and consider in many instances when formulating soft gelatin capsules.

Typically, the size and weight of the oblong-shaped soft capsules also tend to vary just like in other shapes.

Oblong soft gelatin capsules

Oblong soft gelatin capsules

But ultimately, the actual size of this shape depends on the manufacturer even though there are specific standards.

The smallest ordinary oblong-shaped softgel capsule is 4 oblong and weighs between 300mg and 360mg.

On the other hand, the biggest one is 25 oblong and weighs between 1250mg to 1500mg.

Nevertheless, you can also find a customized oblong-shaped softgel capsule that suits your needs.

§ Oval

This is also the other design which tends to be somewhat common with manysoftgel capsules in the market.

Indeed, many consumers always feel like the oval-shaped soft gelatin capsules are somewhat easy to swallow.

Oval soft gelatin capsules

Oval soft gelatin capsules

They also generally look appealing to the eye hence making them popular among several users.

The oval-shaped capsules also vary in size and are available from the smallest to relatively big sizes.

Ordinarily, the smallest one is 2 oval, and the biggest one is about 30 oval.

So depending on your needs, you may go for the actual size that you prefer and find comfortable to swallow.

You should also understand that the size of the oval-shape or any other shape for that matter depends on the number of ingredients.

§  Tubes

The softgel capsules are also available in a tube-like shape.

Of course, the sizes of this shape also vary from small to relatively big from 5 tube all the way to 120 tube.

It thus clearly shows that you can easily find the right size for your particular needs.

Tubs soft gelatin capsules

Tubs soft gelatin capsules

Undoubtedly each size contains a different quantity of fill material.

It thus means that the smaller size has less fill material compared to the bigger size.

The colors may, however, vary from one manufacturer to another or in other instances depending on the identity of the capsule.

§  Suppositories

It is a relatively unique shape that resembles a cylindrical or conical form.

The softgel capsules in this form are also quite a number given that many consumers prefer them for specific purposes.

In most instances, they are never big enough hence making it possible for the user to consume it easily.



Also, the suppositories like any other soft gelatin material contain fill material of varying quantity.

Incidentally, you may as well find other types of shapes that various manufacturers produce.

But the ones I’ve described here are the standard shapes.

It thus follows that you may choose the ideal shape that perhaps you feel suits your needs.

What I mean here is that for instance, children always get pleasure from unique shapes.

And therefore, you may instruct the manufacturer on the particular configuration that you feel is appropriate.

And interestingly, there’s a machine that conducts all the shaping tasks.

What you need to do is simply adjust the settings accordingly, and it will roll to form the specific shapes.

So in general, determining the particular shape for your softgel capsules is rather easy if you have all the right equipment.

For that reason, let’s now look at some of the uses of these oral dosage products;

Soft Gelatin Capsules Uses

You see, the popularity of this product in the recent past has been tremendously increasing.

Of course, that’s an indication of a good thing since many people want to associate with it.

The high demand basically implies that the use of this product is equally helpful.

So what are the actual uses for softgel capsules?

For a fact, this is a question that must linger in your mind if at all you need to establish a pharma business related to the product.

The truth is that the uses are not as unique as you’d imagine.

This product is like any other pharmaceutical one and helps in dealing with various conditions.

Well, necessarily, the uses can be broad.

However, it depends explicitly on the type of ingredients.

Nonetheless, we can explain a few general uses of this particular product.

§  To enhance appetite

Nowadays, loss of appetite seems to be a common occurrence for many people.

Of course, several factors lead to the same, but when you fail to look into it appropriately, it could lead to unfavorable effects.

In most occasions, you’d need a supplement that would boost your appetite especially when it’s worsening.

At least that’s what can enable you to eat healthy meals to obtain the necessary energy.

And that’s where softgel capsules become handy.

You can go for those that contain vital ingredients that allow you to boost your appetite upon dissolving and absorption.

§  Treating illnesses

You can as well use soft gelatin capsules for managing a wide range of diseases.

What happens is that these are just like any other ordinary drugs.

The only difference is the production mechanism and the shell for sealing the fill material.

So many people nowadays use it to treat various types of illnesses.

All you need to do in this case is ensuring that the ingredients are ideal for the specific sickness.

In that case, it would be important to get prescription from a physician upon examining your condition.

§  To control drug addiction

Softgel capsules are also phenomenal when it comes to fighting drug abuse.

You see, there is a way products for such intention are designed.

Primarily, it has to contain all the necessary elements that are ideal is suppressing effects of drug abuse.

And because soft gelatin capsules are comfortable and convenient to swallow, they become vital in regulating consumption of the particular drug.

For instance, you can use this drug to control alcoholism.

The supplements are well integrated to ensure that they react with your body in a way that you’ll find it easy to regulate alcohol intake.

§  To lose weight and gain muscles

You can as well use softgel capsules as weight loss agents.

Ordinarily, obesity is becoming a considerable concern in the recent times.

And of course, several factors lead to this particular condition which must be controlled accordingly for the better wellbeing of an individual and society too.

So you can find some soft gelatin capsule which contains ingredients that are helpful in shedding off excessive weight.

What you got to do in this case is to merely establish a particular routine for taking in such products.

And with time it becomes easy for you to burn the excessive calories, lose weight and gain the necessary muscles.

§  To boost mineral deficiency in the body

Softgel capsules are made from a wide range of elements with the intention of enhancing your wellbeing in general.

So you’ll find that some are particular when it comes to the mineral they intend to add to your body.

For example, if your body is deficient in vitamins, you can as well go for softgel capsules which are rich in the same.

That is the same thing you’d do if your body lacks a particularessential mineral that you would wish to boost.

Ideally, this method seems to be an efficient way of boosting the different body minerals since all you need is to take in the products routinely.

However, there is also one fundamental thing that I’d wish to share with you regarding the uses of this oral dosage product.

Listen, all these and many other uses which I haven’t mentioned can be effective only when you’re strict with intake of the capsules.

If there’s need, get the right prescription from a physician.

And if it’s for the non-medicinal purpose, also ensure that you follow the right intake plan.

Trust me, that’s the only way of attaining better and desirable results from softgel capsules.

Hard Gelatin Capsules vs. Soft Gelatin Capsules

So far throughout this guide, I’ve only talked on softgel capsules.

But I know deep down in your mind you’re also thinking about something to do with hard gelatin.

Definitely, you can also find hard gelatin in the market, but the main focus was to discuss softgel capsules.

Hard gelatin capsule

Hard gelatin capsule

Nonetheless, let me also touch on hard gelatin a little bit merely from the perspective of how it compares with the soft gelatin.

The table below illustrates the comparison of hard gelatin versus soft gelatin to give you a rough idea of what both entail.

Hard GelatinsSoft Gelatins
Available in cylindrical or conical shapeAvailable in a wide range of shapes including round, oval, tube, oblong and suppositories.
Are prepared from gelatin, coloring agent, plasticizer, and titanium dioxide.Are prepared from gelatin, plasticizer, and a preservative.
The ingredients or materials often consist of medicaments or a blend of medicaments and in form of powder and granulesThe ingredientsconsist of solids or liquids dissolved in ideal excipients to provide a pasty or oily consistency
The shells are made of two parts, body and capThe shells are two halves but become a single unit after sealing both halves of the capsules
As a result of possible rough handling, capsules are sealed after filling as a way of preventing the medicaments from popping out of the capFilling and sealing of these capsules occur simultaneously in a combined operation on equipment
Mainly applicable to the manufacturing of medicinal products.Mainly applicable in manufacturing paintballs, medical marijuana, body supplements and pharmaceutical products
Relatively difficult to swallow given that the shells are a bit dry and hardComparatively easy to swallow since the shell is soft and flaccid


So basically, these are how these two types of gelatin tend to compare.

Where to Buy Softgel Material & Equipment

If you’ve been keen enough while reading this guide, you’ve noticed that softgel capsules are somewhat becoming more popular.

And it, therefore, means that the demand is growing.

So the best way of matching the demand is by attaining high efficiency which is only possible when using quality material and equipment.

If you want to shop for softgel machines, you need to take time and evaluate keenly which one and where to buy it from.

Of course you have to get it from a reputable dealer, and incidentally, SaintyCo is one of the best manufacturers to consider.

The experience this company has in producing a wide range of ordinary and high end softgel capsules-related machines is unquestionable.

You see, the first thing to always do is making sure that you have the right equipment and readily available parts and components spares.

Fundamentally, this is one of the factors that SaintyCo guarantees you.

I can assure you that you can never go wrong with softgel equipment from SaintyCo.

Moreover, this company also provides the machines in a wide range giving you the necessary ability to make a suitable choice.

So next time consider SaintyCo for all quality machines for producing softgel capsules to enhance your pharma business.


Well, it’s quite apparent that establishing and promoting a softgelpharma business requires quite a significant effort.

Several aspects are involved mainly in understanding the formulation process of the soft gelatin from the start to the end.

Primarily, this guide at least has provided you with essential information that you indeed need to set up and pursue such a business.

But still, you need to remember that the softgel materials and equipment play an overarching role in this business.

And for that matter, you must ensure that you get the right one if you value efficiency and high quality.

Before, you go, I also have some useful links here for you:

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