Softgel Encapsulation Machine

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SaintyCo Softgel Manufacturing System

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Softgel Encapsulation Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to skyrocket your soft gelatin capsules business, then you need to invest in a reliable Softgel encapsulation machine.

To do that, you should understand the working principle, the building blocks of Softgel encapsulation equipment, validation documents, etc.

The good news – this guide has all you need to kick start your capsule encapsulation business.

1. What is Softgel Encapsulation Machine?

A Softgel encapsulation machine is a device that you can use in making of soft gelatin capsules.

You can use a Softgel encapsulation machine for filling and sealing soft gelatin capsules.

Softgel encapsulation machine

 Softgel encapsulation machine

2. What are Softgel Capsules?

Softgel capsules are translucent capsules with liquid or semi-liquid solutions inner fill materials in hermetical seals of gelatin shells.

 Softgel capsules

Softgel capsules

You will use a Softgel encapsulation machine in the making of Softgel capsules.

In general, Softgel capsules are popular and many people prefer using them because of the following reasons:

  • You can easily customize your custom Softgel capsule to fit your personal shape and size
  • It has an increase in bioavailability
  • You can fill different types of liquids, semi-liquids and suspensions.
  • You can easily swallow Softgel capsules without using water.
  • Softgel capsules have airtight seals that is not easy to tamper with thus making them safer.

3. How Many Types of Softgel Encapsulation Machines are in the Market?

There are different types of Softgel capsules in the market that you can choose from.

You can classify them using a wide range of parameters depending on the user specifications.

Here are some of the Softgel encapsulation machines and their respective classification parameters.

End Product Classification

Under this classification, you will find different types of Softgel encapsulation machines such as:

i.  Paintball Encapsulation Machine

ii. Oil Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Production Capacity of the Machine

You can choose from a wide range of Softgel encapsulation machines that come in different sizes such as:

i. Medium scale capacity Softgel Encapsulation Machine

ii. Large scale capacity Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Level of Automation

In this case, you can either choose from the semi-automatic capsule filling machine or fully automatic capsule filling machine.

Purpose of the Machine

You will choose your Softgel encapsulation machine depending on the intended purpose which can be:

  • Benchtop Softgel encapsulation machine
  • Research and Development Softgel Encapsulation Machine
  • Softgel Encapsulation machine for production of Softgel capsules on a scale

4. What are the Main Parts of Softgel Encapsulation Machine?

To produce Softgel capsules on a particular scale, Softgel encapsulation machines depends on different parts.

Here are the main parts of a Softgel Encapsulation machine that work together to produce Softgel capsules.

Parts of softgel encapsulation machine

Parts of Softgel encapsulation machine

· Medicine Pump

You can also refer to it as a material feeding pump and you can find it under the material feeding tank.

It is responsible for pumping material from the product hopper to the Softgel encapsulation station through a tube.

The best material for making the medicine or material pump is stainless steel.

· Injection Wedge or Wedge

This is a section of the machine with a wedge shape responsible for heating up the gelatin web to ideal temperatures.

With the help of sensors, the wedge is capable of controlling the heat and temperatures for heating the gelatin web.

·  Medicine Tank

The best material you can use in making the medicine tank is stainless steel in accordance to FDA and cGMP requirements.

It will hold the medicine or the inner fill material in preparation of the encapsulation process.

It has a special design that will allow the seamless flow of material or medicine through the material pump system.

Most of the medicine tanks have a conical shape that allows for free movement.

· Gelatin Spread Box

This is the part of the machine that will spread molten gelatin to form thin films suitable for the process of encapsulation.

You will find a spreader box on the right and on the left of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

· Cooling Drum

You will depend on the cooling drum of the Softgel encapsulation machine to release excess heat from the gelatin ribbons.

Most Softgel encapsulation machines have two cooling drums on either side of the gelatin spreader boxes.

Depending on the design, you can opt for a water or fan cooling drum for your machine.

· Chilling System

In conjunction with the cooling drums, a Softgel encapsulation machine has a chilling system.

The chilling system helps in getting rid of excess heat and moisture from the gelatin shells.

In a nut shell, it assists in the maintenance of gelatin temperature.

· Gelatin Melting and Mixing Tank

You will use a gelatin melting and mixing tank to add and mix all the ingredients for making gelatin shells.

It will thoroughly mix all the ingredients to form a homogenous mixture which you will use to make gelatin shells.

The best material for making gelatin melting and mixing tank is stainless steel.

· Lubrication Rollers

The rollers assist in tightening the gelatin web in an attempt to eliminate the formation of wrinkles which will compromise quality.

You will also find lubrication rollers on both ends of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine.

Apart from tightening the ribbons, the lubrication rollers also apply enough lubricants on the ribbons.

The type of lubricant you will use is a food grade lubricant which has no effect on the consumers health.

· Tooling System

This part consists of two main dyes and numerous tooling systems that will determine the shape and size of the Softgel capsules.

The working mechanism of a Softgel encapsulation machine depends on the pressure of die tooling system.

· Stripper Rollers

It will help in removing the Softgel capsules that may stick to the web on the tooling system.

· Die Roll Brush

This part is always in constant motion and assists in removing the Softgel capsules sticking to the tooling system.

· Discharge Chute

You will remove the soft gelatin capsules from the Softgel encapsulation machine through the discharge chute.

· PLC Control Panel

You will be able to monitor, configure and program the production specifications of Softgel encapsulation machine from the control panel.

It has a full integration with a touchscreen with a human machine interface for easy control and use of the machine.

5. How Does Softgel Encapsulation Machine Work?

To operate a Softgel encapsulation machine, you will have to know how the machine works.

Here is a step by step guide on how a Softgel encapsulation machine works.

Step One: Preparation of Gelatin

First, you will prepare the outer shell of the soft gelatin capsules using different ingredients such as gelatin.

Before you begin making the gelatin capsules, you have to make sure that the Softgel encapsulation machine is working well.

In this case, you will mix all the ingredients such as gelatin, plasticizers, opacifiers, water, and colorants in the tank.

You will heat and mix all the ingredients in the gelatin mixing and melting tank for about three hours.

It will lead to the formation of a thick syrup for making the outer shell of the Softgel capsules.

Step Two: Formation of Inner Fill Materials

This is the stage where you will prepare the material which you will fill inside a soft gelatin capsule.

The inner fill materials are always in the form of liquids, suspensions, or semi-liquid formulations.

You may use certain ingredients such as oil or different drug ingredients among others.

With the material in hand, you will pour it into the material or medicine hopper.

Step Three: Encapsulation Process of Soft Gelatin Capsules

As soon as the gelatin moves from the melting tank to the spreader box, it will spread to form thin layers.

The thin layers will cool off and remain at particular temperatures to form gelatin ribbons.

After that, it will move from the spreader boxes to the tooling system where it meets the inner fill materials.

At that point, the ribbons encapsulate the inner fill materials and hermetically seal to form a capsule.

Through a compression force, the rotating die system will seal the soft gelatin ribbons with inner fill material inside.

The full soft gelatin capsules will leave the system through the discharge chute.

Step Four: Further Processing

Further processing involves drying, polishing, and packaging of the soft gelatin capsules.

First, you will remove the gelatin capsules from the web using stripper rollers.

In case some of gelatin capsules get stuck, you will remove them using a die roll brush.

They will move on a conveyor system to the drying unit.

You will place the soft gelatin capsules on a tray and move them to the tumble dryer.

You will leave them under the tumble dryer for a while to get rid of excess moisture from the capsules.

After that, you will place them under a polishing machine for thorough polishing.

Finally, you will inspect the soft gelatin capsules and get rid of the defective Softgel capsules before packaging.

6. Why Should You Invest in a Softgel Encapsulation Machine?

As a soft gelatin capsule producer, there are many reasons why you should consider investing in a Softgel encapsulation machine.

Here are the main reasons that should compel you to invest in a soft gelatin encapsulation machine:

  • You will replace the hard gelatin capsules and tablets by producing soft gelatin capsules that are easy to swallow
  • You will also have the opportunity of filling different inner fill materials such as liquids, semi-liquids and suspensions.
  • You will also produce soft gelatin capsules that maintain the integrity of the active ingredient.
  • It provides hermetical seals which are safe due to the airtight sealing preventing entry of impurities.
  • You will also guarantee the consumer the bioavailability of the ingredients by using a Softgel encapsulation machine.
  • You can easily customize your capsules and brand them with the freedom of producing your own capsule sizes and shapes.
  • The machine will assure you of accurate and consistent dosing of the soft gelatin capsules.
  • The machine is capable of filling many soft gelatin capsules in a short time as it works at a high speed.
  • Since it is automatic, you will reduce the number of employees thus reducing the cost of production.

7. Are there Disadvantages of Softgel encapsulation equipment?

Yes, there are disadvantages of the Softgel encapsulation equipment.

Despite the numerous advantages, you will also experience some disadvantages of the machine such as:

  • You will dig deeper into your pockets to purchase and install soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

The initial cost of the soft gelatin encapsulation machine is very high.

  • Due to the massive size and weight of the machine, you will not be able to move it from place to place.
  • You need to train or hire a few experts to assist in the production and maintenance process of the machine.

8. What are the Quality Standards for Softgel Encapsulation Equipment?

When you are purchasing a soft gelatin encapsulation machine, you have to ensure that it adheres to the set quality standards.

Here are the main quality standards that you need to confirm on the soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) quality standards
  • CE Quality standards for the electrical systems and units on the machine.
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards
  • FDA for the Food and Drug Administration for safety of the machine and capsules.

9. What are Softgel Encapsulation Machine Specifications?

You have to consider the soft gelatin encapsulation machine specifications when choosing an encapsulation machine.

Here are some of the specifications that you need to have a look at.

· Dimensions

This involves the size of the Softgel encapsulation machine in terms of length, width, height as well as weight.

You will have to come up with proper dimensions for your soft gelatin encapsulation machine to match your specifications.

· Electrical System Requirements

Your electrical requirements will depend on the type of machine that you are using.

The bigger the machine the higher the rate of consumption depending on the rate of production.

Fully automatic Softgel encapsulation machines also consume a lot of power in comparison to semi-automatic Softgel encapsulation machines.

· Pneumatic Requirements

In this case, you will look at the pressure requirements of the Softgel encapsulation machine.

You will specify the amount of pressure that the machine requires depending on the amount of work it performs.

· Material

The best material for making a soft gelatin encapsulation machine is stainless steel.

Stainless steel is strong, durable and more hygienic as it is easier to sterilize.

Apart from stainless steel, there are parts that are not stainless steel and you may find material such as rubber.

10. Which Support Equipment do you need alongside Softgel Encapsulation Machine?

You also have the option of integrating soft gelatin encapsulation machine with other Softgel support machines.

The other machines perform other functions that contribute to the encapsulation process of Softgel capsules.

Here are some of the machines that you will need to form a complete production line.

· Soft Gelatin Polishing Machine

You will need a soft gelatin polishing machine to get rid of the debris from the cover of the soft gelatin capsules.

It assists in proper cleaning procedures of the soft gelatin capsules.

· Soft Gelatin Inspection Machine

After a complete encapsulation process, you will have to eliminate the soft gelatin capsules with defects.

Using an inspection machine, you will determine the different types of capsules with defects and eliminate them.

· Tumble Dryers

You will leave the soft gelatin capsules under the tumble dryers for a while to get rid of excess moisture from the capsules.

· Cooling Tunnels

You will put the soft gelatin capsules under the cooling tunnels to reduce and eliminate excess heat from the softgel capsules.

· Softgel Pulverizer

You will use the softgel Pulverizer to recover the damaged softgel capsules thus reducing wastage and production cost.

· Softgel Sorting Machine

You will use the Softgel sorting machine to sort out the soft gelatin capsules into various categories.

It will sort them into particular shapes and sizes thus forming part of the softgel capsule assessment machines.

· Medicine Mixing Tank

This is the main unit of the machine where you will mix all the ingredients for making the inner fill materials.

· Gelatin Melting and Mixing Tank

In this equipment, you will mix all the ingredients such as gelatin for making the soft gelatin shells.

It will thoroughly mix by stirring, heating and melting to form a homogenous mixture.

· Service Tank

You can opt for a service tank with heat insulation jackets, heating capabilities and tight sealing.

You will use it to store gelatin syrup as it maintains a constant temperature.

· Colloid Mills

You will use the colloid mills to grind different types of substances or ingredients for making soft gelatin capsules.

· Drying Trays

You will place the soft gelatin capsules on the drying trays as you move them to the cooling tunnels or the tumble dryers.

11. What Verification Documentations do you need for Softgel Capsule Machines?

Softgel encapsulation machine

 Softgel encapsulation machine

After purchasing a softgel capsule, you will verify that it is in the right working conditions.

With the help of your supplier, you will have to get the following verification documentations.

· FAT Documentation

You will receive a FAT certificate after the manufacturer conducts and approves the machine is in proper working condition.

Remember that you will conduct the test together with your manufacturer at the factory.

· IQ Documentation

This id the installation qualification document that will prove the machine works well after installation.

You will also conduct the test in the presence of the manufacturer for mutual consent.

· OQ Documentation

Operation Qualification involves getting a certificate after testing the machine and ensuring it is working well.

The machine must work in accordance to the production specification you place on your order.

12. How does Softgel Encapsulation Machine compare to Powder Capsule Filler?

 Capsule filling machines

Capsule filling machines

Softgel encapsulation machine is available in one fully automatic mode which is not the case for powder capsule fillers.

Powder capsule fillers are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes.

You can use the powder filler to fill powders, tablets and pellets using the dosator or tamping pin capsule fillers.

On the other hand, you can only use an encapsulation machine to fill liquids, semi-liquids and suspensions.

Powder capsule fillers are suitable for filling hard gelatin capsules while you will use an encapsulation machine to fill softgel capsules.

In terms of cost, you will spend more in purchasing a softgel encapsulation machine than on powder capsule fillers.

13. Can you use Softgel Encapsulation Equipment to make Paintball?

Yes, you can use softgel encapsulation machines to make paintballs.

You will however, need special modifications on the machine to make paintballs and bath balls.

14. Which Shapes and Sizes of Capsules do Softgel Encapsulation Machine Produce?

You will use a softgel encapsulation machine to make different shapes and sizes of softgel capsules.

Here, you will have to change the tooling system so that you can get the different shapes and sizes.

 Types and sizes of softgel

Types and sizes of softgel capsules

Some of the shapes that you can make using the softgel encapsulation machine are:

  • Oblong Softgel Capsules
  • Round Softgel Capsules
  • Tube Softgel Capsules
  • Oval Softgel capsules

The sizing of the softgel capsules also vary from 000 which is the biggest to size 5 which is the smallest.

15.  Are there New Technologies in the Softgel Encapsulation Industry?

Yes, technology keeps evolving and the softgel encapsulation industry is no exception when it comes to new technology.

Here are the new technical advancements that increase production in the softgel encapsulation industry.

  • Advancement in gelatin saving technology with modifications of the spreader box system.
  • Advancements in the security system with a full interlock system that increases, reliability and efficiency of the softgel encapsulation process.
  • Improvement in the tooling system with more automatic and easier to change tooling system for trials and large-scale production.
  • Advancements in the material filling pumps with faster and less noisy material filling pumps.
  • Special designs in the lubrication system of the softgel encapsulation machine.
  • Fully automatic PLC control panel with a human machine interface increasing the ease of use.
  • Fully automatic control on the of ribbon thickness, and synchronization of die system, timing, and fill weight.

What’s more, you also have the freedom of customizing the parts of the softgel encapsulation machine according to your specifications.

16.  Can You Integrate Softgel Encapsulation Machines with Standalone Tumble Dryers?

Yes, you can easily integrate the standalone tumble dryer with the softgel encapsulation machine.

In that case, you will have to integrate a transport mechanism which transports the softgel capsules from the encapsulation machine.

The system will move the capsules to the standalone tumble dryers without the use of drying trays and human labor.

This will lead to the integration of a complete production line for the encapsulation of softgel capsules.

Tumble dryer

Tumble dryer

17. Which Drying Equipment do you need for Softgel Encapsulation Process?

You can use different types of drying equipment for drying softgel capsules after the encapsulation process.

Here are the main drying machines that will assist in getting rid of excess moisture from the softgel capsules.

· Softgel Capsule Drying Tunnel

This is a device that allows you to push trolleys with trays full of soft gelatin capsules.

It will uniformly reduce the amount the moisture in every capsule according to the drying specifications.

You will have to program the system to work according to the drying specifications you desire.

·  In- line Drying System

This is a drying system which is part of the softgel capsules production line.

It is the best alternative for large scale production of soft gelatin capsules where time is an important factor.

You can customize the in line drying system to fit your production style and specifications.

· Tumble Dryers

This is a standalone equipment that you will employ in getting rid of excess moisture from the softgel capsules.

You will load the softgel capsules on drying trays and then on to the tumble dryers.

18. Which Factors Affect Efficiency of Softgel Encapsulation Process?

Softgel encapsulation process comes with standard machinery which you can manipulate to increase production efficiency.

The machine has automatic sensors that will alert you on the completion of every production process.

It will also assist you in determining various levels and knowing when to make particular adjustments in the production line.

Integration of the systems and all the machines in one production line will make the production line more efficient.

Apart from the above factors, you should consider looking at the following:

· The speed of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine

This will determine the output capacity of your manufacturing process.

The higher the speed of your machine, the higher the production capacity and efficiency.

· Quality of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine

The better the quality of the softgel encapsulation machine, the more efficient the encapsulation process.

· Versatility of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine

You have to ensure that you have the right equipment which perform the necessary functions in the softgel encapsulation process.

It would also be better if you consider including auxiliary equipment to boost efficiency.

· Drying Process of the Softgel Encapsulation Machine

You should consider different options in the drying process according to the type of softgel capsule you produce.

For instance, when you are producing oil based softgel capsules, you may consider in line drying system for best results.

· Equipping Employees

You should consider providing your employees with the best knowledge necessary for the production of softgel capsules.

In that case, they will be more efficient in handling the machine and the products.

· Gelatin Formulae

You should make sure that you get all the ingredients and their measurements right in making gelatin formulations.

·  Process Assessment

You should also assess the production process more accurately on a regular basis to make sure the machine works well.

19. How do you make different Colors of Softgel Capsules with Softgel Encapsulation Equipment?

You can make different shades and colors of the soft gelatin capsules by adding different shades or colorants to the mixture.

During the process of mixing and melting all the gelatin ingredients, you will include food type dyes to the mixture.

Apart from that, you will also include opacifiers in case you are making opaque softgel capsules to prevent effect of light.

20. Can you achieve Softgel Capsules Uniformity with Softgel Encapsulation Machine?

Yes, you can achieve softgel capsule uniformity using the softgel encapsulation machine.

You should have all the production specification right from the start of the encapsulation process.

This includes ensuring uniform mixing and melting of all the gelatin shell and inner fill material ingredients.

With a homogenous mixture, you will be capable of producing a uniform shell as well as inner fill materials.

Additionally, you should get the settings of the tooling system right to achieve uniformity in capsule sizes and shapes.

Apart from that, you should also consider using the most specific form of technology such as:

  • Mini pumps that will ensure the most accurate filling process of the softgel capsules.
  • Servomotors on the machine that are easier to control

Finally, you should consider evaluating the conditions of the machine frequently to replace the worn-out parts.

This includes replacement of parts such as worn out sealing systems, plungers, valves and tooling die systems.

21. How Can you Use Softgel Manufacturing Equipment to Skyrocket your Business?

There are various factors that you need to have in place as you consider boosting your softgel production business.

Here are the main considerations that you should take into account to skyrocket your softgel production business.

  • You should ensure that the installation process of the softgel encapsulation machine is complete according to the installation specifications.
  • You should opt to use the latest form of technology which has enhanced speed and efficiency.
  • Hiring of professionals with years of experience in softgel production will increase the efficiency of the production process.
  • You should also maintain proper cleaning, replacement of parts, and maintenance procedures for softgel encapsulation equipment.
  • You should always keep in touch with the equipment manufacturer to stay abreast with latest technological advancements.
  • When choosing your softgel encapsulation equipment, you should consider selecting equipment of the highest quality.
  • You should also consider learning the production procedure of the soft gelatin capsules.
  • Apart from the main encapsulation machine, you should consider having the best types of support equipment for the production line.
  • Remember to use encapsulation machine equipment that adheres to all the quality production standards.
  • Performing frequent tests on the softgel encapsulation machine will also assist in making the machine more efficient thus boosting your business.

You must also consider other options such as different shapes and colors as well as flavors of softgel capsules.

This includes exploring options such as softgel encapsulation which improves the ease of swallowing softgel capsules.

22. How does Softgel Encapsulation Machine Control Quality of Capsules?

 Softgel capsules

Softgel capsules

You can control the quality of the softgel capsules using different softgel encapsulation equipment.

Here are some of the ways with which you can control quality of capsules.

  • Using high quality machines that are more reliable and efficient
  • Mixing all the right ingredients in the right potions to ensure high quality of the softgel capsules.
  • Ensuring that the machines you purchase adhere to the international quality standards.
  • Using different types of support equipment such as:

i. Softgel capsule inspection machine to check the quality of the softgel capsules

ii. Softgel sorting machine to sort them out into different grades

iii. Softgel polishing machine to clean and get rid of the debris from the capsules.

23. Is it Possible to Control Die Synchronization of Softgel Encapsulation Machines?

Yes, it is possible to control the die synchronization of softgel encapsulation machines for uniform and consistent softgel capsules.

You can control the die synchronization of softgel encapsulation machines by mechanically adjusting and modifying the encapsulation machine gadgets.

In case of any defection in the alignment of the tooling system you will get proper notifications on the control panel.

Without proper alignment, there is a high chance of producing softgel capsules with irregular shapes and sizes.

You should also consider controlling the die synchronization of the machine to avoid possible leakage of the capsules.

You should consider having an automatic die synchronization system that will guarantee efficiency while reducing downtime.

24. What is the best Softgel Packing Equipment?

The best softgel packaging equipment that you can use is the softgel packaging machine.

It has special features such as different packaging options that will guarantee integrity of the softgel capsules.

25. How do you Troubleshoot Softgel Encapsulation Equipment?

Softgel encapsulation process may not run smooth without certain technical hitches.

To determine the technical hitches, you will have to troubleshoot the machine.

Here are some of the problems and solutions you might encounter while using a softgel encapsulation machine.

· Sticking Softgel Capsules to the Gelatin Web

In the production process, the gelatin capsules may stick to the web on the tooling system.

This can be as a result of inefficient working of the stripper rolls and die roll brushes

You can adjust this by fixing the stripper rolls and the die roll brushes

·  Inability of Gelatin Syrup to Flow

In some cases, the gelatin syrup might nit flow efficiently form the gelatin meting and mixing tank.

This can be as a result of gelatin syrup inconsistency or blockage in the gelatin syrup pathway.

In this case, you should consider properly measuring and mixing all the ingredients for proper uniformity.

You should consider using a stainless-steel conical shape discharge system that allows proper flow of gelatin syrup.

·  Inconsistency in Shapes and Sizes

This can be as a result of inconsistency in the tooling system which determine the shapes and the sizes.

You can sort this by properly aligning the tooling system and synchronizing the die system.

· Leaking Softgel Capsules

This can be as a result of inconsistency in the mixing of the ingredients in the gelatin mixing and melting tank.

You should take proper measurements of all the ingredients and ensure that the heating, melting and mixing time is appropriate.

26. How much does Softgel Encapsulation Equipment Cost

Softgel Encapsulation machines vary in terms of cost depending on the quality, size, as well as efficiency of the machine.

The final cost of the machine will range between 50,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars.

27. What should you consider when Buying Softgel Encapsulation Equipment?

When buying a softgel encapsulation machine, you should look at the technical specifications.

Here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration:

 Softgel encapsulation machine

Softgel encapsulation machine

i. Cost of the Machine

You should consider purchasing a machine that is well within your budget.

This includes considering the cost of purchasing, operating as well as maintaining your machine.

ii. Level of Automation

Since most of the softgel encapsulation machines are automatic, you should consider buying the machine with the latest technology.

It might cost you more but the returns of the investment will also be high.

iii. Size of the Machine

You should purchase a softgel encapsulation machine that will fit the size of your production plant.

This includes all the dimensions in terms of height, length, width and even the weight of the machine.

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