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Sourcing for Hammer Mill from China: 6 Key Equipment Specifications to Consider

hammer mill is a versatile equipment you can use in preliminary crushing, milling, dry processing or loosing of materials. However, sourcing for high quality and reliable hammer mill from China is always a challenge to many.

Here, I will review 6 key aspects to consider when specifying this equipment. Basically, this will act as your guide during the entire process.

1. Hammer Mill Design Specification

There are many hammer mill brands/series available in the market and a key factor that distinguish them is the design. For instance, let’s compare these two series of SaintyCo hammer mill series:

SaintyCo-GJ Hammer Mill

SaintyCo GJ Series Hammer Mill

Pharmaceutical Hammer Mills Manufacturer

SaintyCo CFJ Series Hammer Mill


So, what are the key design features you need to consider when sourcing for a pharmaceutical hammer mill from China?

  • Easy to assemble and dismantle

This allows for an effective cleaning of the machine. That is, you can access all parts that are in contact with the product easily and faster.

Cleaning is a vital maintenance procedure since it helps maintain a high level of hygiene. A reason why most pharmaceutical and food processing industries insist on buying hammer mills with modular design.

  • Separating product handling section from the drive unit

Hammer mills crush granules or fiber into fine material (in powder form). The material handling section must be separated from the drive units.

Protecting the motor drive and bearing ensures efficiency since it reduces any possibility of breakdown.

  • Portable hammer mill

It should have rubber wheels that are lockable since this will make it easier to move the machine from one point to another.

The lightweight components, made from stainless steel material make it easy to lift various components of the machine. You can handle it on your own.

  • Hammer mill with few parts

A hammer mill with few parts is easy to maintain and repair. Basically, a hammer mill may have feed hopper, clamper, pneumatic rotary valve, crushing chamber and control box.

All these components are made from stainless steel, hence there is no possibility of rusting or product contamination.

Other hammer mills design requirement to consider include:

  • Dimension since it determines whether an equipment will fit in a processing lab or space.
  • Machine weight for easy handling
  • Robust structure, hence it can process a wide range of materials

Apart from these, another equipment specification to consider when choosing a machine from China is:

2. The production capacity of a hammer mill

The production capacity of a hammer mill depends on so many factors. The table below shows production capacity of various SaintyCo GJ Series Hammer Mills production capacities:

Production capacity and other performance specifications of hammer mill

Production capacity and other performance specifications of hammer mill

By evaluating these key aspects, you will acquire a machine that suits the unique production requirements of a pharmaceutical industry:

  • Size of input granules – this varies depending on the machine. Most machines can handle <5mm.
  • Specified production capacity that may vary from 30 to 1,000 kg/h
  • Crushing blade speed that ranges from 2,500 to 6,000 rpm.

Always remember, the production capacity of a hammer mill will depend on the rotor speed and screen sieve.

3. Mechanical & Electrical Specification of Hammer Mill

A hammer mill is made from both electrical and mechanical parts. All these aspects may vary depending on the design and construction of the equipment.

CFJ Series Hammer Mill machine

Mechanical section of a hammer mill

Here, the key factors to consider include the following:

  • Driving motor energy consumption

It is an electric motor that rotates the crushing knives that break the granules or fiber into small pieces (powder). The power consumption of the main motor may vary from 4 to 30 kW.

The power consumption will depend on the size of the hammer milling machine. For instance, a high capacity machine will definitely consume more power.

  • Control panel

These include the start and stop button. Moreover, configuring the material crushing speed is part of the electrical system.

Ensure the machine comes with an easy-to use control system and robust crushing knives. This is the only way to meet your production requirements.

4. Safety Specifications of Hammer Mills

The safety of a hammer mill is an integral part you need to consider. Remember, this machine uses electricity, hence, you risk being electrocuted.

Again, it has a number of mechanical driving mechanisms, which may also be dangerous if the machine is not properly secured.

So, what should you look for?

The swinging blades or crushing blades must be firmly secured to the rotor and fully enclosed. That is, the milling chamber should be completely isolated from the external environment.

hammer mill crushing blade

A sample of hammer mill crushing blade

Again, interlocking the system is an important safety procedure. That is, the system can only turn on when the milling chamber is fully enclosed.

Remember, the fast rotating knives hammers strike the feed material at a high speed. This may be dangerous if not fully enclosed.

The motor should be enclosed in a cage with all electrical components in an enclosed box. This completely eliminates the possibility of electrocution.

In addition to these, the hammer mill should guarantee quiet operation with proper dust handling capability. Such a machine will reduce pollution, while preventing the possibility of cross contamination.

Moreover, a hammer mill should have self-protection for overload and overheating. These are important safety measures.

5. Hammer Mill Must Guarantee High Accuracy and Precision

The key aspects that determine the accuracy of particle sizes include:

  • Type of hammer/knife/crushing tool
  • Rotor speed
  • Size of screen opening

Furthermore, the hammer mill should have precise speed control mechanism. Remember, precisely controlled high speed produces fine particles.

It should break particles with precision while using a suitable screen opening to produce particle of a desired material size. A number of hammer milling machines have different screens for a wide range of milling applications.

Different types of mesh on hammer mill

Different types of mesh

The perforations may vary from round, diagonal to wire mesh. It will depend on the design.

Apart from these, the design of the hammer mill should guarantee zero pollution of material or possibility of cross contamination.

Generally, a machine that guarantees stabilized processing capacity and predictable output is a perfect choice for most milling applications in pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

6. The Hammer Mill Must be cGMP and CE Compliant

The U.S. FDA defines the current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requirements every pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer should adhere to. Moreover, any machine that uses electricity must conform to the CE requirements.

In short, don’t buy a machine that does not meet these two essential requirements.

Finally, you must evaluate the hammer mill manufacturer. Here are quick evaluation tips:

  • How long has the manufacturer been in the industry?
  • Do they offer local based technical support?
  • Can you gauge their reputation in the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Do the manufacturer offer turnkey solutions?
  • Can the manufacturer refer you to some of their previous clients?
  • How many products do they offer?
  • Does the company offer cost competitive pharmaceutical equipment?

With all these in mind, you will definitely source for high quality and reliable hammer mill from China.


Pharmaceutical hammer mills from China are high quality equipment conforming to the CE and cGMP requirements and standards. These companies combine the modern technology and the advantages of manufacturing in China.

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