10 Practical Tips on How to Choose a Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer in China

Are you planning to find a good pharmaceutical  equipment manufacturer in China?

If yes, then you come to the right place! When it comes to source pharmaceutical machines manufacturers,China is the first choose , Remember, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry is diverse and large – it’s a manufacturing hub.

Obviously, sourcing for the best pharmaceutical machine can be one of the most difficult tasks. This is because there are many brands available in the market, some of which may not meet the required quality standards.

Therefore, you need to do proper research to get the best deals.

1. Look for a Company with Experienced and Professional Quality Control (QC) Team

Quality Control (QC) is an important aspect of the modern manufacturing process. Although there are some manufacturing companies that do not manufacture pharmaceutical machines to the required standards, there are those that take QC seriously.

A sample process in QC process

A sample process in QC process. Image source – Slide Share by Munif Ahmed

Those are the companies you should contact when shopping for pharmaceutical equipment. Such companies use different tools and mechanisms to ensure every pharmaceutical machine conforms to the required standards.

For instance:

  • They have specific manufacturing standards such as: ASTM, FDA, cGMP These companies have pharmaceutical quality control labs.
  • Such companies use tools such as statistical process control(SPC) where they can track all essential production metrics of all pharmaceutical machines such as capsule fillers, polishers, etc.

With a professional QC team, they monitor all the crucial aspects in the production cycle such as design and manufacturing process. They conduct all possible tests and product validation processes.

The main aim of a professional QC team is to ensure the machines are up to par with standards.

Furthermore, their QC team is also knowledgeable about the pharmaceutical machines, industry and consumer expectations. All these are in an effort to ensure the machines are safe, reliable and guarantee optimal production.

2. The Chinese Pharmaceutical Machines Are Cost Competitive

Quite a number of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing companies in China combine the American, European and Chinese technologies with the advantages of manufacturing in China.

This alone gives the Chinese companies an upper hand against all their competitors globally. As a result, most Chinese pharmaceutical machines are cost competitive that those manufactured in the America and Europe.

Comparing cost of manufacturing in China vs. other countries such as Europe and America.

Comparing cost of manufacturing in China vs. other countries such as Europe and America. Image source – Richard Blundell Website

You’ll find that most America and European companies have their OEM partners in China. Still, with this business model, you’ll pay more for your pharmaceutical machines.

I want to give you a practical example:

SaintyCo NJP – 1200E capsule filling machine costs USD 83,500. On the other hand, a capsule filling machine with the same specifications in the U.S.A will cost over USD 100,000.

In short, sourcing for pharmaceutical machines from China is cost effective. Always strive to get the best deal.

3. Search for Companies that Invest in R&D and Customize Pharmaceutical Machines

As you can see from the table below, manufacturing pharmaceutical machines require a lot of R&D. It is only through this that a company can produce reliable and high quality equipment.

A snapshot of intensity of research needed per industr

A snapshot of intensity of research needed per industry. Image source – European Commission

Certain equipment such as semi-automatic capsule filling machines or fully automatic capsule fillers are assemblies of different electrical and mechanical components that require a lot of research.

It through R&D that the company will decide whether to use vacuum pumps made in China, bearings from Japan, sensors from Japan or PLC from Germany. This is a cumbersome process that requires experienced a professional R&D team.

Also, ability to customize pharmaceutical machines is essential considering industries may purchase them to meet different production needs. Take for example, a capsule filler could be customized to:

  • Fill different sizes of capsules such as 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, #4, etc.
  • Varying production capacities e.g. 50,000 pcs/hr., 100,000 pcs/hr. 450,000 pcs/hr. etc.
  • Fill different contents such pellets, fluids, powders, etc.

In short, competent R&D, besides the ability to manufacturer, pharmaceutical equipment to the exact specification of customers is important. It is an important aspect when sourcing for a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in China.

4. Hire a Company that Provides a One-stop-solution for all Pharmaceutical Equipment

I know it is quite cumbersome to get a company that provides a one-stop-solution to all your pharmaceutical machine needs. However, with proper research, I am quite certain that you’ll get a Chinese pharmaceutical company with most machines/equipment you may need.

That is, a company may be supplying manual capsule fillers, semi-automatic capsule fillers, fully automatic capsule fillers, capsule polishing machine, lab equipment, capsule and table printing machines, just to mention a few.

An automatic capsule filler machine that offers a one-stop-solution to all capsule filling requirements

An automatic capsule filler machine that offers a one-stop-solution to all capsule filling requirements

Moreover, the company should customize all machines to meet your specific pharmaceutical industry needs.

Some of the reasons why I insist on a company that provides a one-stop-solution for all pharmaceutical equipment include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Centralized technical support
  • Possibility of discounts for bulk purchases
  • Consistency in quality
  • Reducing incompatibility issues

I am quite certain that this what everyone in the pharmaceutical industry strives to get.

5. Consider a Company that Complies with Crucial Standards – ISO, GMP, cGMP, FDA, ASTM, CE, etc.

Don’t just take their word for it, you need to see a proof of these certifications. Remember, any company that manufactures pharmaceutical products should conform to various industry standards.

Normally, standardization eliminates all possible incompatibility problems that may arise when installed in other regions such as America, Europe, Africa, etc.

For instance, approval by the FDA and cGMP compliance is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. These requirements are recognized globally.

A sample certificate of compliance

A sample certificate of compliance

Furthermore, pharmaceutical machine validation is also an important procedure. The company of choice should avail a documentation indicating testing procedures and standards for every machine.

If possible they should provide a documentation for every part. You can follow these links to learn more about these industry standards for the pharmaceutical industry: ISO, cGMP, ASTM and CE requirements.

6. Ensure the Company Has a Local Based Technical Support Team

I’d recommend a pharmaceutical manufacturing company will a local agent/technical support. This goes hand in hand with the after sales technical team.

Therefore, you need to conduct a proper research to ensure the company has a distributor or an agent within your state, country, continent or region.

A map showing SaintyCo distributors and partners

A map showing SaintyCo distributors and partners

Why do I insist on a local-based technical support team?

First, they’ll help install the machine and provide all the necessary training without incurring extra costs. You don’t have to travel to China.

Second, in case a machine breaks down, you’ll get all the necessary spare parts. Also, in case you want to upgrade your machine, there’s no need to order for the parts from China.

All these will reduce downtime hence, increasing productivity.

7. Contact only Manufacturers with Over 10 Years in Pharmaceutical Machinery

Manufacturing pharmaceutical machineries require a lot of quality inspection and experience. New companies in the pharmaceutical industry may not have all the testing equipment, expertise and knowledge.

It is for these reasons why I cannot recommend a company with less than 10 years of manufacturing experience. In case you can get a company with over 15 to 20 years, the better.

8. Consider Machines that Optimize Operation (an economical pharmaceutical machines)

Why do I consider this an essential aspect when choosing a pharmaceutical manufacturer from China?

To profit from this industry, you need to purchase a machine that is economical. That is, it consumes less raw materials, uses less energy, prevents leakages, requires less water, auto lubricates itself, produces less waste, requires less manpower, etc.

As you can see from this video, this machine requires only one technician.


You’ll find that such a machine will reduce operational costs, hence, higher chances of remaining competitive in the industry.

A good example of a machine that can optimize operations in the pharmaceutical industry in the automatic capsule filling machine.

9. Review Terms and Condition of the Pharmaceutical Machine Manufacturer

Don’t be too excited over the quality of the machine to an extent that you forget to review the terms and conditions of the pharmaceutical machine manufacturer.

It is from these that you’ll know the obligations of your manufacturer and what is expected of you as the buyer. Remember, whenever you’re buying pharmaceutical equipment, the contract is legally binding.

In most cases, the company will send you the contract in time before finalizing the deal. More importantly, you need to review the various factors or conditions that make your warranty invalid.

Other key aspects you should consider include the technical specifications of the machine, commercial/buying terms and other documentations of the machine.

Don’t purchase any pharmaceutical equipment that doesn’t have clear terms and condition.

10. Consider Logistics, Shipping and Payments Terms

This is yet another crucial aspect to consider when you intend to source for pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in China. Remember, whenever you’re importing a product from a foreign country, there are a number of procedures involved.

So, I will prefer a pharmaceutical machine manufacturer that handles all logistics and offer reasonable payment terms/procedure, which are secure.

Furthermore, the company should provide a better shipping process such as LCL. It should be flexible and reliable.

PS: Saintyco is working with very professional freight forwarders in China, and will help you save a lot of shipping cost.

Remember, the amount of tax you’re likely to pay will depend on your location. For instance, custom duty in Europe is not the same as in the U.S.A.


Apart from these 10 tips, you need to ask as many questions as possible to seek all the necessary clarifications. It’s through this that you’ll get a reliable and trusted pharmaceutical machines manufacturer in China.

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