Sugar Stick Packing Machine

Today, you’re going to learn about another important packaging equipment – sugar stick packaging machine.

This guide will take you through all the crucial elements of sugar stick packing equipment, from the definition, classification, working principle, specification, parts, and components, among other critical aspects.

So, by the end of this guide, you’ll be an expert in the sugar stick packing industry.

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Sugar Stick Packing Machine Basics

As you will see in this guide, this is an electromechanical machine.

They come in many shapes and designs.

Sugar stick packing machine

Sugar stick packing machine

Sugar Stick Packing Machine Definition

First, a sugar stick pack refers to a small pack containing sugar.

The narrow design enables the user to carry it around as well as facilitates its usage.

Sugar stick pack

Sugar stick pack – Photo courtesy: Further Food

Now, what is a sugar stick packaging machine?

From the above explanation of what a sugar stick pack is, we can define this machine as electromechanical equipment that produces sugar stick packs.

Uses of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

The packaging is an important factor in most industries.

As a result, most industries have machines to package their products.

Sugar stick packing equipment will allow you to achieve the following:

Sugar stick pack

Sugar stick pack – Photo courtesy: BPG Pack

· Better Brand Representation

As competition increases, there is a need for better packaging of your product to attract customers.

Since packaging is the first thing a customer will notice when they interact with your product, it is important to pack it properly.

Sugar stick packing machine assists you in ensuring you package your product properly.

· Increase in Production and Profit

Imagine how tedious it would have been to package your product without the machine.

Probably it would have taken ages to pack a few products.

That is not the case with a sugar stick packing machine.

This machine facilitates the packaging process, ensuring you pack a large volume of your product in less time.

In the long run, you will experience an increase in profit since you will have a large output of your product.

· Offers High Accuracy

These machines offer high accuracy packaging of your product.

From forming of the same packs to filling them with your product, you have the assurance of uniformity of your product.

Even at high speeds, you will always have a high accuracy production of your product.

· Allows for Fresher Products

The essence of packaging extends beyond product representation.

Packaging ensures your product remains fresh and free of contaminations.

Remember, contamination of your product can be in terms of sunlight, humidity, or even contact with other products.

Such contaminations cause your product to be unfit for consumption.

However, through the sugar stick packing machine, your product remains fresh.

Advantages of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

There are several benefits that you will find by using a sugar stick packing machine.

Among these advantages include:

Sugar stick packing machine

Sugar stick packing machine

· Cost Efficient

If you are to compare with the human labor you will employ to package your product; you will find the use of this machine to be cost saving.

If you are to employ human labor, you need to pay them, which rather an expensive affair.

The only cost of a sugar stick packing machine is the buying cost and the maintenance cost.

· Increased Production

A sugar stick packing machine increases the production capacity of your firm.

As we shall discuss later in this guide, most of these machines are either semi-automatic or automatic.

The only thing you need to control in these machines are the parameters such as the raw materials and the speed of production.

After that, the sugar stick packages your product at a much faster rate, increasing your production.

· Time Efficient

With a sugar stick packing machine, you have the assurance of meeting your packaging demands.

This is essential, especially if you are dealing with urgent orders.

· Easy Maintenance

Maintaining this machine is quite simple.

You can easily remove most of these parts and replace them in case of a fault.

The only thing you need to identify is which part is faulty.

Quick monitory of these parts is easy thanks to the digital control system that is a part of this machine.

Disadvantages of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

However, we cannot ignore that a sugar stick packing machine is a machine like any other machine.

You, therefore, expect to find some disadvantages by using this machine.

But that should not discourage you from purchasing a sugar stick packing machine.

Sugar stick packing machine

Sugar stick packing machine – Photo courtesy: Packing Machine World

These limitations include:

· High Initial Cost

If you are planning on purchasing this machine, then you need to prepare your finances.

Purchasing this machine will set you back a few bucks.

But there is no need to worry.

Even though the initial cost is high, you cannot compare it to the long-term cost saving the machine will offer.

· Redundancy

The use of sugar stick packaging machine implies that you will experience redundancy at some stage of the life cycle of the machine.

Also, the effect of this is that it forces you to purchase another machine.

The initial cost might pose a challenge, especially when you have not recovered your initial buying cost.

But this should not worry you since the lifecycle of most sugar stick packaging machines is relatively long.

· Expert Operation

You have to hire an expert or train some of your staff on how to operate this machine.

is expensive, especially if you don’t have the skilled labor capacity.

However, for the safety of your workers, it is essential you train them.

Types of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

Depending on the nature of your production as well as other considerations, you will find different types of sugar stick packing machines in the market.

However, the key function of this machine remains the same regardless of the type.

purchase the correct type for your application, you need to check on your specifications.

In this chapter, we take a look at these types and their features to help you have an informative idea when selecting the correct type.

Let’s get into details.

Automatic sugar pack machine

Automatic sugar stick packing machine

·  Semi-automatic Sugar Stick Packing Machine

In a semi-automatic sugar stick machine, there is an element of human labor operating the machine.

This implies that while the machine operates on itself, human labor is still handling certain operational aspects of the machine.

There are several advantages of using a semi-automatic sugar stick packing machine.

For instance, enjoying flexibility on your packaging since you can maximize on the human factor to increase your packaging.

Also, semi-automatic sugar stick packing machine offers an opportunity for improvement by monitoring the human capacity.

· Fully Automatic Sugar Stick Packing Machine

If you are considering having a fully automatic sugar stick packing machine, it implies the machine performs all your packaging functions.

Your sugar stick will perform all the activities from the uptake of the material to the formation of the sugar stick packs to packaging.

If you have several packaging activities, then this is the perfect machine for you.

All you need to do is to set the parameters and monitor the production flow.

A fully automatic sugar stick packing machine allows for high accuracy packing level.

It also removes human errors in the packaging.

Lastly, you have an increased production level through the use of this machine.

· Single-lane Sugar Stick Packing Machine

If you are using a single-lane sugar stick packing machine, the formation of the sugar stick packs happens in a single vertical manner.

You expect to a single long pack divided into sizes depending on your size requirements.

The use of this machine is ideal if you have a small production capacity or your packaging requirements are minimal.

· Multi-lane Sugar Stick Packing Machine

In a multi-lane sugar stick packing machine, there is multiple vertical sugar stick pack formation in any given time.

For instance, you may have a production of 5 vertical packs and four horizontal packs at the same time.

In short, consider the resulting product as a large piece of paper subdivided into smaller packs depending on the requirements.

If you have a large production or your packaging requirements is high, then this is the best machine for you.

Parts of Stick Sugar Filling Machine

So far, we have discussed the different types of sugar stick packing machines available in the market.

However, what you should know is all these types have the same basic parts.

These parts work hand in hand to ensure the efficiency of the stick sugar packing machine.

In this section, allow me to take you through the basic parts of a stick sugar packing machine.

Parts of sugar sachet packaging machine

Parts of sugar sachet packaging machine

· Sealing Unit

Sealing of the pack happens after your products flow int the pack.

It is the function of the sealing unit to seal the sugar stick pack to prevent spillage of the content.

You can locate it on the lower part of the sugar stick packing machine.

· Forming Tube

This refers to the part of the sugar stick packing machine that forms the hollowness of the pack.

It’s like a tube from which the pack gets its shape

· Cutting Knife

The function of the cutting knife is to cut the sugar stick packs into individual strips.

The cutting depends on the number of lanes that are there is a sugar packing machine.

· Feeding Hopper

For a packing machine to be effective, the sugar stick packs need to have contents inside them.

For this to happen, you must introduce the contents into the machine.

The feeding hopper is the content introductory part of the machine.

· Rolling Stock

The rolling stock refers to a circular part on the sugar stick packing machine that holds the film.

It is here that you position the film to allow it to unwind during the formation process of the sugar stick packs.

· Operational Interface

This is a computer like structure on the sideways of your sugar stick packing machine.

It is from here that you get to control your sugar stick packing machine.

For instance, you get to set the parameters from this interface.

It is also from here that you get to identify a faulty component.

· Sensors

Sensors play a critical role in ensuring the efficiency of your sugar stick packing machines.

There are several sensors along with the machine that helps in improving efficiency.

Sensors help in detecting a flaw during the entire operation of the machine.

For instance, a sensor can detect if the sugar stick packs are not well sealed.

Sensors also help in the detection of the quantity of the contents to flow into the sugar stick packs.

· Printers

The orienting component of your sugar stick packaging machine is an optional part.

However, for the machines that have this component, its function is to print the manufacturer’s details on the sugar stick packs.

Such information may include the date of manufacturing, expiring date as well as the brand.

Sugar Stick Packing Machine Working Principle

If you are wondering how this machine works, then be assured it is one of the easiest machines you can understand.

As long as you know, the parts of this machine as well as their functions, then you are good to go.

Lucky enough, we have already covered these parts earlier.

So, how does this machine work?

Simple, let me take you through these steps.

Step One: Film Transportation and Unwinding

The first step of the working of this machine involves transportation and unwinding of the film.

Most sugar stick packing machines utilize a single film sheet material rolled on rolling stock.

There are different packing films available for your selection for use in the sugar stick packing machines.

For instance, you have Aluminum/PE, Paper/PE, OPP/PE, or Nylon/PE.

The positioning of the film is at the film reel which is at the back of the machine.

It is from here that the unwinding takes place through the cross-seal jaws that keep moving.

Step Two: Printing

This step is somehow optional depending on the design of your machine.

Feeding the film on the registration roller allows for date stamp positioning.

What happens is that the film passes over a sensor which detects marks while positioning the horizontal seal.

Depending on your sugar stick packing machine, you may have a thermal transfer printer, simple ribbon printer, or ink-jet printer.

Step Three: Film Tension

If your sugar stick packing machine lacks the printing element, it moves to the next step, which is the film tension. In this step, feeding of the film via nip rollers takes place.

The set of nip rollers keeps the film at a constant tension by maintaining an even pressure on the film.

This helps in proper operating positioning of the dancer’s arm.

As the film unwinds from the roll, it passes over the dancer arm which consists of several rollers. The dancer’s arm is a pivotal arm located at the back of the machine.

As the film moves, there is an up and down movement of the dancer arms, which helps in maintaining the film’s tension.

The movement also prevents the film from wandering sideways as it moves.

Step Four: Film Cutting

After passing through the nip rollers, the next step involves the film cutting that takes place in the cutting section.

In this section, cutting the large packaging film into strips depending on the number of lanes the sugar stick machine has taken place.

The strips are the basis of the individual sugar stick packs.

What happens is that the film which remains under tension passes through knives that are in touch with a special roller.

As it passes through, it is cut into the individual sugar stick packs while moving forward in the machine.

Step Five: Sugar Stick Pack Formation

The strips formed above moves forward in the machine to the next step, which involves the formation of the sugar stick packs.

Here, the strips pass through numerous forming tubes.

The cut film forms a collar on each of the forming tubes, folding the tube resulting in a sugar stick pack shape.

The shape has the film’s two outer edges overlapping each other.

You can use the forming tube t form a fin seal or a lap seal.

What is the difference between the two?

The fin seal refers to the film’s two outer edges joins each other forming a seal that protrudes out like a fin.

On the other hand, in a lap seal, the film’s two outer edges overlap forming a flat seal.

Generally, a lap seal is more aesthetically identifiable and utilizes less material as compared to a fin seal.

Step Six: Filling and Sealing of the Sugar Stick Packs

Now you have your sugar stick packs.

These sugar stick packs will flow to the next step of production that involves filling and sealing of these packs.

Here, you will fill these packs with your content of the production.

What happens is after the movement of the film stops, a forward movement of the numerous vertical sealer bars that are normally hot takes place.

As they move, the film’s vertical overlaps pressing itself against these vertical sealer bars resulting in the formation of vertical seals.

On the other hand, a horizontal jaw binds the top of one sugar stick pack with the bottom of the next sugar stick pack.

As the sealing jaws close, dropping of the product to the center of the sugar stick packs takes place.

To ensure accurate measurement of the product, a precise filling apparatus usually a volumetric filter, auger filler or a liquid pump is used.

Step Seven: Discharging of the Sugar Stick Packs

Once the product fills each of the sugar stick packs, the next step is to discharge your packs from the machine.

How does this happen?

When the packs are full, a knife moves forward, cutting each bag.

Alternatively, “notching” of the horizontal packs right below the jaw of the horizontal seal.

After this, the finished sugar stick packs drop to the outfeed channel which consists of a flap which alternates its opening and closing.

The opening and closing are done at predetermined levels dropping the packs either directly to a receptacle or on the outfeed convey.

If you want an individual discharge of the packs, you can customize the outfeed channels.

As they pass through the outfeed convey, they can be packed in cartons or cases depending on your packaging style.

Considerations when Buying Sugar Stick Packing Machine

Most buyers, when purchasing a sugar stick packing machine, don’t have a clue of what to look out for.

As a result, they end up buying an incorrect sugar stick packing machine for their application.

The consequence of this is that they don’t get the best of this machine.

As we have seen earlier, there are several types of sugar stick machine that you can select.

Sugar stick packing machine

Sugar stick packing machine

But even within these types, there are considerations you have to check before selecting the best sugar stick packing machine for your application.

In this section, we are going to discuss these considerations to enable you to make an informed decision when purchasing a sugar stick packing machine.

Take a look.

· Model and Design of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

You will agree with me that there are various models as well as designs out in the market.

It, therefore, becomes a challenge to select your preferred sugar stick packing machine.

However, to overcome this challenge, you can always consult an expert who will advise you on the perfect machine to select.

This will depend on various factors such as the working environment as well as the production capacity.

· Production Capacity of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

Why is production capacity a consideration when purchasing a sugar stick packing machine?

Different applications have different production capacities.

It is difficult to compare a small firm to a large firm in terms of production, yet both firms need a sugar stick packing machine.

Production capacity does play a significant function in ensuring that you get the right sugar stick packing machine.

You also need to consider the continuity of your packaging process when looking at the quantity aspect.

It makes no sense to purchase a sugar stick packing machine if your packaging process is minimal.

In such a scenario, it is better to hire than buy.

· Sugar Stick Packing Machine Safety

Safety is an important element of any machine. Machines partly cause many accidents that occur in industries.

To minimize such accidents, you need to check on the machine’s safety measures.

A quality sugar stick packing machine needs to adhere to these measures to ensure that no harm occurs to its users.

Such safety measures include the starting and operating procedures, troubleshooting the machine.

It should also include the safety gears one should wear while operating the machine.

Remember, for general safety, always have a fire extinguisher at the right place to avoid accidents resulting from fires.

Also, since in certain cases, whatever you will be packing involves human consumption, it is vital to ensure that the product is safe for human consumption.

This implies the machine needs to have minimal contamination to the product.

Such safety measures include the cleaning procedures of the sugar stick packing machine.

It also includes the temperature requirements for the operation of the machine to discourage bacteria growth.

· Technology in Sugar Stick Packing Machine

The amount of technology incorporated in a sugar stick packaging machine is yet another consideration.

As a rule of the thumb, the more the technology a given machine has, the better it is for your application.

However, this will depend if you have the expertise in handling such technologies.

It will be unproductive for you to purchase a given sugar stick packing machine due to its technologies yet you don’t know how to operate it.

Such technology includes sensors which help in detecting the process flow of your sugar stick packs.

Other technologies include PID controllers and PLC system.

These technologies help in facilitating the packaging process of your application.

It is therefore critical that you check on the technological aspect of a sugar stick packing machine before purchasing one for your application.

· Quality and Safety Compliance of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

If you are going to get the best sugar stick packing machine, you need to ensure they comply with the quality and safety measures in place.

Quality and safety compliance refers to a set of tests that your sugar stick packing machines go through.

Remember, a product that has passed these tests will always have a certification label.

If a particular sugar stick packing machine does not have the label, then do not purchase it.

The importance of this test ensures that you get a machine that will maximumly serve you.

It also eliminates instances where you buy a faulty machine.

· Sugar Stick Packing Machine Technical Specifications

You will agree with me that there are various brands in the market.

Each of these brands has different specifications.

Sugar stick packaging machine specifications

Sugar stick packaging specifications

Purchasing a sugar stick machine that has the wrong specifications is just like not purchasing the machine.

It won’t be productive for your application.

Specifications can be in terms of the temperature range, the pressure as well as the production capacity.

Remember, the sugar stick packing machine you pick needs to fit your specification.

It is therefore critical that you also check on your specifications before purchasing a sugar stick packing machine.

If you are having difficulties in identifying the correct specifications, you need to consult an expert for advice.

Application of Sugar Stick Packing Machine

From this guide, you can see that this machine is a worthy investment for you to have.

The basic question now is: where can you use this machine?

Yes, several applications can utilize a sugar packing machine.

This includes the following:

Sugar stick

Sugar stick

· Food Industry

Sugar stick packing machines have a wide area of application in the food industry.

For instance, you will find these machines in sugar factories

Here they package sugar into smaller quantities that are used by individuals and even companies such as hotels.

Also, you can find machines in industries such as coffee industries where they serve are the same functions.

In the confectionery industries, the use of these machines is to pack confectioneries such as glucose, sweet, and sugar powder into packs.

Sweets and glucose are common with children.

The machines pack these confectioneries in smaller packs to meet their market requirements.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is yet another industry that utilizes sugar stick packing machines.

In this sector, the function of these machines is to package certain drugs for use by patients.

The packaging of these drugs is in such a way that they meet the individual requirements depending on the quantities needed.

· Chemical Industry

Lastly, various chemicals are packed using a sugar stick packing machine.

From the basic ones such as acids to the complex ones like reactive chemicals, the use of these machines depends on the individual requirements.

· Cosmetic Industry

Also, in the cosmetic industry, you expect to find these machines as they serve the function of packaging various cosmetics.

These cosmetics are used in the beauty industry, meaning that the packaging process should be appealing to the buyer.


I hope you have covered all that you need to know about a sugar stick packing machine.

You have all that you need of a sugar stick packing machine from the basics like the benefits to the complex aspects like the parts of the machine and how it works.

With this information, you are in a position to buy a sugar stick packing machine of your application.

Always put into consideration your specifications before purchasing your machine.

In case of any query, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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