VGB-E Series Film Coating Machine

VGB-E Series Film Coating Machine

SaintyCo VGB-E Series Film Coating Machine is an inspired study of progressive design that guarantees high efficiency, minimal waste and energy saving.  Whether in pharmaceutical, food processing or confectionary industries, the VGB-E Series coats tablets, capsules candies and pills.

Its design includes 5 distinct components which include exhaust, electrical control, film coating machine, solution tank and clean circulation. Thus, VGB-E Series Film Coating Machine is an easy to maintain and repair pharmaceutical equipment.

The negative pressure supply in the film coating machine ensures drying efficiency while the unique design eliminates possibility of tablet breaking or chipping.  With a unique design of the spray gun, there are no chances of plugging up.

A robust and functional control system is key to SaintyCo VGB-E Series Film Coating Machine accuracy and precision. The system controls and displays negative pressure, air speed, temperature, printing batch processes, etc.

Currently available are 5 different models, with customized options upon request.

  • Fully automated coating drum & spraying system
  • Guarantees an even and rapid coating
  • PLC and HMI available
  • Saves coating material
  • Expect Outstanding Equipment Installations, Support and Training from the SaintyCo’s Field Technical Services Team.

Main Technical Specifications

Capacity (kg/batch)4075150350


Coating Pan Diameter

Ø 850Ø 950Ø 1200Ø 1580Ø1580
Coating Pan Depth (mm)70578010301300


Coating Pan Opening Diameter (mm)

Ø 380Ø 482Ø 600Ø700Ø850
Coating Pan Rotation (rpm)4 – 234 -232 -152-11


Motor of Main Machine (kW)

Motor of Hot Air Cabinet (kW)


Motor of Exhaust machine (kW)

Motor of Peristaltic Pump (kW)


Volume of the Solution Tank (L)/max (L)

Fan Capacity (m3/hr)2000-25002000-25002500 ~ 30003500/4000


Number of Spray Gun

Dimension of Main Machine (mm)1120 x880 x 17151200 x 965 x 17501570 x 1260 x 20002000 x 1560 x 2300

2000 x2240 x2320

Dimension of Hot Air Machine (mm)

1100 x 900 x 23401100 x 900 x 23401150 x 1100 x 25101610 x 1085 x 27101400 x1400 x2670
Dimension of Exhaust Machine   (mm)780 x 720 x 1950780 x 720 x 1950915 x 800 x 20301050 x 1000 x 2100

1250 x1200 x2200

Main Machine Weight (kg)

Hot Air Machine Weight (kg)200200300500


Exhaust Machine Weight (kg)

Power of hot air unit electric heating system(Kw)20203050



Air Consumption80 kg/min80 kg/min100 kg/min200 kg/min


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