VGB-F Lab Tablet Coater

VGB-F Lab Tablet Coater

The groundbreaking feature of SaintyCo VGB-F Lab Tablet Coater is the multifunctional microprocessor based programmable control system. Technicians can personalize all aspects of the tablet coating process from negative pressure, speed, temperature to running state.

It is a portable, simple and versatile automatic tablet coating machine for labs, especially for clinical trials and R&D.

The VGB-F Lab Tablet Coater is a perforated and interchange pan accessory that operates in airtight condition with no liquid splash. It features a special spray gun that optimizes atomization for an even coating.

Depending on specific needs in laboratories, SaintyCo VGB-F Lab Tablet Coater features a replaceable rotary drum and easy to customize spray nozzle.

  • Coats both Western and traditional Chinese tablets
  • PLC and manual control options
  • Dust and emission free operation
  • Suitable for drug development labs
  • Function of integrated design
  • Control and display the negative pressure in coating pan
  • Display air pressure of the supply air of HEPA filter
  • Control and display the temperature
  • Control and adjust the atomization surface of slurry
  • Control the program of spray gun and atomization
  • Design of gun clearing and anti-blocking
  • Designed the functions of memory and printing
  • Designed the functions of replaceable rotary drum
  • Designed the functions of impulse and dust removing.
Main Technical SpecificationsVGB-10FVGB-20F
Capacity (kg/batch)3/5/1010/20
Coating Pan DiameterØ 500/ Ø 520 Ø 610Ø 610/ Ø 680
Coating Pan Depth (mm)320/ 360 490540
Coating Pan Opening Diameter (mm)Ø 380Ø 380
Coating Pan Rotation (rpm)6 – 306 – 30
Motor of Main Machine (kW)0.550.55
Motor of Hot Air Cabinet (kW)0.750.75
Motor of Exhaust machine (kW)2.22.2
Motor of Peristaltic Pump (kW)0.180.18
Volume of the Solution Tank (L)/max (L)10/2020/40
Fan Capacity (m3/hr)1000-15001000-1500
Number of Spray Gun11
Dimension of Main Machine (mm)970 x 910 x 18001000 x 950 x 1900
Dimension of Hot Air Machine (mm)700 x 700 x 2140700 x 700 x 2140
Dimension of Exhaust Machine   (mm)650 x 600 x 1830650 x 600 x 1830
Main Machine Weight (kg)350350
Hot Air Machine Weight (kg)250250
Exhaust Machine Weight (kg)200200
Power of hot air unit electric heating system(Kw)1010
Steam Pressure>0.4Mpa>0.4Mpa

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