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Tablet Dedusters Case Study

Tablet Dedusters-Saintyco

Tablet Dedusters Case Study: The Ultimate Operation Manual for Saintyco C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Tablet Deduster Machine

Today, I want to introduce you to another critical machine in the tablet compression process called tablet deduster.

It is a critical machine that you’ll need in conjunction with a tablet compression machine since it removes dust on the tablets.

Generally, removing dust is a way of cleaning already compressed tablets.

For the scope of this case study, the main focus will be on C&C-200C tablet up-hill tablet deduster machine.

Of course, I will focus on all the critical aspects of this these machines which include:

  • Working principle
  • Structure and parts of the machine
  • Installation procedure
  • Operating the machine
  • Cleaning & maintaining the machine
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety measures

Where necessary, I will include pictures, technical drawings and videos of the C&C-200C tablet up-hill tablet deduster machine.

First, even before we explore some of these aspects, you can watch this video to have an idea of what I am about to discuss.

Structure & Parts of SaintyCo C&C-200 Tablet Deduster Machine

This machine features a simple design that can easily be integrated with the tablet compression machines.

Depending on the specific requirements of customers, it may feature different technologies.

All these aim to ensure their efficiency and reliability.

Based on the design, you can use them as either dedusting or elevating machines.

Generally, this machine is suitable for a wide range of tablet compression processes in the pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing industries.

Their structural design is cGMP compliant to ensure hygienic and safe tablet compression procession.

Like most SaintyCo deduster machines, the C&C-200 equipment has 5 main parts:

  • Mobile operating platform
  • Main machine
  • Outer cover
  • Other accessories
  • Control system

Whether you need SaintyCo’s standard or custom designs, there is always a technical drawing that can be modified.

Here is a standard technical drawing for this machine:

Technical drawing of a tablet deduster machine
A technical drawing of a tablet deduster machine from which custom designs can be made

It is this drawing that determines the structural design and the number of parts of this machine.

Again, below are the various parts of SaintyCo C&2-200C machine (assuming we can see through the machine).

Parts of a tablet deduster machine
Image showing structure and parts of an C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Deduster Machine

Now, let’s explore the above key 5 parts in detail:

Mobile Operating Platform

This is an essential component of the tablet deduster machine.

This section has truckles, tightening handle, chassis, base plate and support frame as the main component.

The mobile operating platform should be rigid and strong to ensure stability.

Again, with lockable truckles ensure seamless mobility.

Besides rotating support and adjustable height make it easy to adapt the machine to fit any tablet compressing equipment.

Main Machine

Normally, this is the main working body of the machine.

It contains essential components for cleaning the machine.

Some of the key components include vibrating body, vacuum device, axis lid, dust collecting plate, lid and tightening handle, among other critical components.

Basically, the critical components of this machine are dedusting and vibrating body.

A combination of dedusting body, vibratory body, vacuum device and dust-collecting plate enables SaintyCo C&C-200 Up-hill machine to perform a wide range of tasks.

These include:

  • Polishing
  • Dedusting
  • Moving, and
  • Extracting dust from the tablets.

Outer Cover

The outer cover of the tableting deduster machine has the following main components:

Observational window: It allows users to observe how the machine works.

This also includes a wide range of processes such as dedusting, polishing and other moving parts.

Types of machine covers: SaintyCo C&C-200 Tablet Deduster has circular and square covers.

Their designs ensure safe and clean tablet cleaning process.

There is a rotating handle that connects the square cover to the mobile operating platform, forming an isolated chamber.

This prevents any possible cross contamination of the tablets.

Still in this section, we have a feeding and discharge ports that are bolted to the outer cover.

Control System of the Tablet Deduster Machine

A control system ensures efficient and consistent tablet cleaning process.

It is for this reason that SaintyCo C&C Tablet Up-hill machine features an electromagnetic, switch, controller and sockets.

Every controller is precisely positioned to ensure seamless operation and safety of the system.

For instance, the controller and switch are located on the square cover.

Therefore, even before you attempt to open the cover, it will disconnect all electrical components.

The machine has a control panel where you can control essential parameters for its efficient and seamless operation.

Other Accessories

These are other essential components of a deduster machine that ensures seamless dedusting of compressed tablets.

Some of these components include:

  • Air powered dedusting device
  • Corrugated tube
  • Vacuum device, which is made of up of socket, straight connector, right angle connector and air pipe

As you can see, a tablet deduster machine is an assembly of many parts forming a robust structure.

Another critical subject you need to consider is the specification of tablet deduster machines.

Tablet Deduster Machine Technical Specification

These are the various parameters that determine the circumstances under which SaintyCo tablet cleaning machine works.

Like other models of SaintyCo deduster machines, you will realize that every design of the machine conforms to specific performance criteria. It is for this reason that we specify the following as our key technical specifications:

  • Tablet diameter
  • Maximum output
  • Inlet and outlet heights
  • Dedusting distance
  • Power supply
  • Compression air
  • Vacuum
  • Dimensions and weight

You can see all these specifications in the table below:

Technical specification of a tablet up-hill deduster machine
This a technical specification of SaintyCo tablet up-hill deduster machine

Remember, we can also customize the SaintyCo C&C-200 Tablet Up-hill Deduster to the unique specifications of our customers.

Having said that and watched above video, now let’s focus on yet another critical aspect of this machine.

Working Principle of SaintyCo C&C-200C Up-hill Deduster Machine

The working principle of SaintyCo C&C-200C Up-hill Deduster Machine depends on a carefully controlled vibratory motion.

I am sure you have seen how the process takes place in the above video.

Below are two sets of images showing the control and vibration system of our tablet deduster machine.

A simple illustration of the working principle of up-hill tablet deduster machine

Clearly, from the above images, it is quite evident that SaintyCo C&C-200 Tablet Up-hill Deduster uses a special type of vibrating mechanism – an electromagnetic vibrator.

The electromagnetic vibrator produces a mechanical force, thus causing motion in the entire dedusting body.

During this process, all tablets from the tableting machine ascend up the column while being dedusted and polished at the same time.

During this process, there are two critical stages that ensure vibration takes place efficiently for an optimal polishing and dedusting.

1. Charging the Electromagnetic Coil

Once you plug the system to the mains and switch it on, the electromagnetic coil will become charged.

As a result, the coil will create an electromagnetic force say F.

The magnetic armature will then move downwards, compressing the spring.

2. Discharging the Electromagnetic Coil

During this cycle, the electromagnet will lose its charges hence the magnetic force will reduce to zero.

The spring will then move back to its original position.

Therefore, as the armature moves back and forth, it creates a vibratory motion.

Of course, the restoration force from the spring also plays a critical role here too.

All these processes will result into tablet moving upwards in the spiral body of the C&C-200 Tablet Up-hill Deduster.

In addition to these, another aspect of this machine is the air powered dedusting device.

It is located on either the side or roof of the dedusting body of the equipment.

Its main purpose is to produce smooth and clean tablets.

Normally, all these processes take place within the main section of the machine.

Let’s assume you’ve placed an order and we have finally delivered the tablet deduster machine to your specifications.

What should you do before beginning to operate this machine?

Installing Tablet Deduster Machine

Like other SaintyCo tablet deduster machines, installing the C&C-200 series is a simple process.

It does not require any technical training.

As you can see from the image below, the machine comes when fully assembled.

Installed tablet deduster machine
This is a fully installed SaintyCo C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Deduster machine with a metal detector

Generally, installing tablet deduster machine involves these main procedures:

  • Inspect the machine after delivery; ensure the machine is the exact model by reviewing the packaging material. Use the packaging list as a reference document to ensure you have received everything.
  • In case you need any clarifications, feel free to raise them directly with us or our distributor.
  • Prepare where you intend to install the machine. It should be a level ground.
  • Remove the packaging material, clean off the protective oil that may be on the machine surface.
  • Remove the three hex-screws on the lower plate of the machine
  • Tighten any loose parts of the machine in case there is any
  • Plug in the machine and conduct tests. During this period, you should note if there are any abnormal operations.

With all these in mind, we can now move to another critical aspect of these machines – operating the machine.

I know at some point, you will wish to assemble or disassemble the machine.

Here is all you need to do:

Operating Tablet Deduster Machine

This section covers 5 fundamental aspects of operating an uphill tablet deduster. They include:

  • Assembling tablet deduster
  • Disassembling tablet deduster
  • Checking and preparation
  • Test runs
  • Emergency stopping

Let’s look at each of these aspects in detail:

Assembling Tablet Dedusters

As I said earlier, SaintyCo C&C-200C Up-hill Deduster is an assembly of different components that help in tablet cleaning.

Fully assembled tablet up-hill deduster machine
A high speed tablet deduster machine

During the assembly process, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Machine must be disconnect from the power supply
  • Do not screw the three hex-screws back into the machine. They are meant for shipping purposes only.
  • Ensure the cable sockets are near the locking tube
  • Pin in the dust collecting plate should match the magnet armature hole
  • Tighten the equipment properly and that there are no loose components
  • Feeding port in the machine body must match both the feeding ports on the outer cover and discharge section

NOTE: Do not fix critical parts of the machine without any proper training.

Disassembling Uphill Deduster Machine

This is basically the process of separating fully assembled equipment into individual components.

Again, do not disassemble this machine without prior experience.

Section of tablet deduster machine
A column section of the tablet deduster machine

Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Know every component of the deduster machine. Remove carefully and carefully store each component without damaging or misplacing them.
  • Switch off the machine and disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Pay attention to the following critical parts: discharging port, feeding port, vacuum tube, rotational handles, circular cover, square cover, tightening handle, lid, dedusting body, dust collection plate and vacuum tube.
  • Remove the hex-screws

Remember, disassembling the machine without following the recommended procedures may invalidate your warranty.

Checking & Preparing Tablet Up-hill Deduster Machine

Before you begin operating the machine, you need to ensure that it is properly configured. This is the only way to be sure of optimal operation and safety.

Control knob of tablet deduster machine
A control knob

Here are a few things you need to do:

  • Check all power connections and that they are fitted appropriately. The switches must be in an off position and speed control knob at low level as shown in the above image.
  • All safety procedures and measures must be in place.
  • Tablet deduster machine should be near the discharge port of the tablet compression machine. Adjust its height and connect the feeding port appropriately.
  • Connect the vacuum tube, compressed air tube, vacuum cleaner and compressed air supplier in that order.
  • Put a hygienic and clean container near the discharge port of the machine, then plug it into the power supply.

Conduct a Test Run for the Machine

You should only conduct a test run after the machine is fully assembled and configured properly.

It involves checking the machine and preparing it well ready for the task at hand.

That is, with the machine connect to the power supply, put a few tablets in the feeding ports, turn it on and slowly adjust the speed.

You need to observe how the machine operates at different speeds.

Among the a few aspects you need to investigate during this period include:

  • How the machine behaves as you adjust the speed
  • Abnormal movement of tablets
  • Excess noise and vibration during the process

Test the machines at different operating times.

You can only proceed to full scale production after passing these tests.

This is after you configure the right speed by adjusting the control knob.

Emergency Stopping

Emergency stopping is critical in ensuring the machine operates safely without breaking down or causing injuries to technicians.

Therefore, in case of any abnormal operation, you must turn off the machine immediately for emergency stopping.

By purchasing the right tablet deduster machine, alongside the SaintyCo tablet press machines, your tablet manufacturing process will be complete.

MagnaPress Tablet Presses

That is, you end product will be a polished and a dust free tablets.

Again, this process does not end here. You need to know how to:

Clean & Daily Maintenance of C&C Tablet Up-hill Deduster

To ensure efficiency and reliability of the tablet up-hill deduster, you need to adopt a suitable maintenance strategy.

One of the best and most efficient ways to maintain a tablet deduster machine is by adopting a suitable cleaning strategy.

Besides, you need to conduct basic inspections to ensure the machine operates as designed by the manufacturer.

Through this, you can spot problems in time to take appropriate measures.

This way, you will avoid possible contamination and breakdowns that may interfere with the basic ingredients of the tablets.

Clean tablet from a deduster machine
Clean tablets from a C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill deduster machine

This section covers two critical aspects of tablet up-hill machine:

  • Cleaning SaintyCo C&C Tablet Up-hill Machine
  • Daily Maintenance of tablet up-hill deduster

Cleaning SaintyCo C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Deduster

Here are some of the basic procedures that will ensure that the SaintyCo tablet up-hill deduster remains clean:

  • Wipe and wash non-metallic parts with detergent. Cleaning non-metallic parts with alcohol based detergent increases aging and they may crack.
  • Clean metallic parts with either water or alcohol based cleaning solution.
  • Machine should dry properly before using it for the next tablet production process.
  • Use vacuum cleaner to remove any powder that may be stuck in the machine
  • You may disassemble the machine to clean every component.
  • At times, you may use a brush to remove any residual powder on the machine components

NOTE: All cleaning must be done when the machine is disconnected from the power supply. Again, do not wash electrical terminal/components or vibrating body with water.

Daily Maintenance of SaintyCo C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Deduster

The daily routine maintenance and inspection improves the efficiency of tablet deduster.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure seamless operation of the tablet up-hill deduster machine.

Maintaining tablet deduster machine
A fully maintained tablet deduster machine

You should follow these simple procedures:

  • Running the machine with no load must not exceed 10 minutes
  • Electrical plugs should in the right position
  • Check for any loose components and tighten with the right accessory. Do not over tighten the bolts and screws
  • Do basic cleaning every day and remove any remaining tablets within the machine. This will reduce dust building up in the machine
  • Inspect the following everyday: feeding, piping, connectors and discharge systems. You must tighten any loose screws and handles.

Generally, these are a few procedures you can conduct every day.

However, on a weekly basis before the main cleaning and maintenance, you can do the following:

  • Inspect the sealing, electromagnetic vibrator, springs and outer cover of the machine
  • Check the operating condition and ensure there is no abnormal noise level
  • Adjust the clearance between the magnet armature and the electromagnet
  • Inspect and adjust operating conditions of the vacuum device and the clean air supplier
  • Check the control systems and ensure it is working appropriately

Remember, you can only make adjustments to various parameters of the machine if you conduct periodic tests.

Troubleshooting SaintyCo C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Deduster

Whenever you experience any problem with our C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Deduster, below are basic causes of possible problems and how to solve them.

By following these simple procedures, you can easily reduce any downtime that may be costly to your tablet compression process.

Here are 5 common problems, their causes and possible solutions:

1. Machine does not vibrate even when power is on

This problem could be due to poor contact between electric outlet and the plug.

Also, any loose contact or disconnected cables could be the cause.

You need to use an appropriate electric instrument to tests continuity.

You should connect any disconnected cables.

However, if all these fail, you should contact our technical team.

2. Tablets get jammed on the machine’s vibratory body

This problem may be due to a vibrating body local deformation, damaged screening mat’s welding spot or unbalanced machine (machine could be tilted).

You need to check and repair the vibrating body.

Also, you can install the machine on a flat surface or use truckles to balance it.

3. Abnormally loud and annoying noise

There could be loose components or in appropriate installation of components.

To solve this, you should reinstall machine components and tighten all loose parts and components.

4.Electromagnet and magnet armature keeps clashing

Normally, this could be due to:

  • Loose or spring failure, which is mainly due to the tightening device failure
  • Electromagnet tightening device could be loose or has failed
  • Wrong clearance

To solve this, you need to tighten loose parts and replace worn out components.

5.Tablets falling into the dust-collecting plate

This happens when either the feeding or discharge port is loose.

Again, it may be due to a dislodged body.

By checking and adjusting dislodged parts or tightening loose parts, you shall have solved this problem.

In short, these are some of the most common problems you will experience while operating SaintyCo C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill Duster machine.

However, if you come across one that you can’t solve, please feel free to contact our technical team.

Safety Measures to Consider When Using a Tablet Up-hill Deduster Machine

Generally, there are a wide safety measures that protect both the machine and operators.

By adopting strict quality control (QC) and testing procedures, SaintyCo ensures that the machine can meet the recommended industry standards.

Side view of SaintyCo C&C-200C Tablet Up-hill deduster machine

Here are essential safety procedures

  • All electrical components must be terminated appropriately
  • Ground terminal of the machine must be available and working
  • Avoid touching high voltage components or control systems of the machine. Don’t touch them with your hand or water
  • Machine must be in the off position and disconnected from the mains before any maintenance and cleaning process
  • Avoid disassembling vibrating component of the body, adjusting pad and spring. In case of any high noise, you can adjust the tightening screws.
  • To avoid clogging, clean both the vacuum and corrugated tube
  • Install the machine on a flat surface
  • In case of abnormal noise or vibrations, switch off the machine
  • All truckles must be locked to avoid movement of the machine
  • Unplug the machine from the mains anytime you don’t intend to use it for a long period of time
  • Wear the right safety gear such as clothing, shoes, helmet and other protective gear.


As you can see from this C&C-200C Tablet Deduster operation manual, this machine is easy to install, troubleshoot, operate and maintain.

Again, it has all its parts fully assembled at the factory, making it easy to install.

At SaintyCo, we have a wide range of tablet deduster machines that come in 6 different series.

They depend on the production needs in the tablet compression process.

For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our technical team.

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