Tablet Dedusters

SaintyCo Tablet Dedusters

SaintyCo tablet dedusters are high speed, robust and flexible machines that fit a variety of tablet press machines. The modern and upgraded structures of SaintyCo tablet deduster machines guarantee double functions such as dedusting and elevating tablets simultaneously.

They polish the tablets on all angles and sides, producing tablets with neither burrs nor dust. Depending on the design, SaintyCo tablet deduster machines are optimized for a range of applications in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, nutriceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Currently, SaintyCo has 3 different series of machine, which include C&C 200A Tablet Deduster, C&C 200F Uphill Tablet Deduster and C&C 200C Uphill Tablet Deduster. They come in both standard and custom designs.

The machines have space saving features, an input port that is easy to couple with tablet press discharge chute. Every component is precisely designed for optimal tablet processing and low noise.

Machine operators can adjust the SaintyCo tablet deduster machines to a suitable height, while the first joint system allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Also, they have varying dedusting paths that range from short to long, depending on the design.

SaintyCo tablet dedusters feature the latest technological advancements in solid dosage manufacturing. Some series of tablet dedusting machines have unique continuous spiral columns with efficient electromagnet vibration mechanisms.

Besides, these tablet dedusters can be integrated with metal detectors and easy to clean, preventing any possible cross contaminations.

Key Features of Saintyco Tablet Dedusters

  • cGMP compliant design with 316L
  • Connected with any tablet press and metal detector
  • Flexible design allowing for 360° adjustment
  • Better safety and protection
  • Process a wide range of tablets (Φ3-Φ35mm)