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MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine

MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine

MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine design fits the dynamic tablet production in most pharmaceutical industries. Its design concept ensures optimal production with minimum wear, allowing for consistent, smooth and quiet tablet compression.

SaintyCo MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine features both Siemens PLC and PCC control, ensuring precise and accurate process control. As a new generation of rotary tablet press machines, MagnaPress has an EU tooling system, service and servo motor control.

At every stage, SainyCo MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine guarantees excellent performance in high volume production, quick part changeover and high hygienic. SaintyCo has 4 different models of the MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine, alongside custom designs.

  • EU punch and die tooling (D, B, BB & BBS)
  • Max output: 430,000 to 680,000 tablets/hour
  • cGMP design
  • PCC control system
 Technical DataMagnaPress
Machine cofigurationsMono-layer,Bi-layer
Punch&die type(EU)DBBBBBS
Number of press station49617379
Max tablet diameter(mm)25161311
Max abnormal prolate axis size25181613
Max output(Tablet/h)430000530000630000680000
Max filling depth(mm)20181818
Max main pressure(KN)100100100100
Max pre pressure(KN)100100100100
Idle load noise dB(A)<75
Power380V 50HZ 13.5-15KW
Dimension (mm)1310x1310x1980
Weight (KG)4600

MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine

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