PrimaPress Rotary Tablet Press

PrimaPress Rotary Tablet Press

PrimaPress Rotary Tablet Press is a high speed machine with EU punch and die tooling system. It features a completely redesigned tablet compression area isolated from other mechanical and electrical parts.

SaintyCo PrimaPress Rotary Tablet Press is a single-sided tablet press machine featuring a force feeder system for optimal flow of material. Its bellow prevents product contamination with a fully integrated working interface using a Siemens PLC & HMI.

With a modular design, quick part changeover and a few parts in direct contact with the product, SaintyCo PrimaPress Rotary Tablet Press meets the stringent tableting requirements.

SaintyCo has 4 distinct PrimaPress Rotary Tablet Press series with custom designs available.

  • Siemens PLC&HMI
  • Contact parts 316L
  • High speed: up to 118,000 tabs/h
  • Excellent performance with challenginghigh volume products such as Metformin and Amlodipin
  • Quick product and format changes:tablet chute and fill shoe can be swung out – no tedious readjustments
  • Few product contact parts: minimalcleaning effort
  • Tool-less format change
  • Optimal hygienic design
  • Hermetical separation betweencompaction and service area
  • Patented, closed punch bellows to prevent tablet contamination
 Technical DataPrimaPress
Machine configurationsMono-layer
Punch & die type(EU)DBBBBBS
Number of press station15172025
Max tablet diameter(mm)25161311
Max abnormal prolate axis size25181613
Max output(Tablet/h)700008000095000118000
Max filling depth(mm)20161616
Max main pressure(KN)100808080
Max pre pressure(KN)12121212
Idle load noise dB(A)<75
Power380V 50HZ 5.5KW
Dimension (mm)660x690x1620
Weight (KG)675

PrimaTab Rotary Tablet Press details

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