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ProTab Tablet Making Machine

ProTab Tablet Making Machine

ProTab Tablet Making Machine is easy to use and highly automated equipment with modular design for easy assembly or disassembly. With its versatile feeding mechanism, SaintyCo ProTab Tablet Making Machine guarantees consistency and reliability.

Its high level of automation reduces chances of human intervention, thereby increasing accuracy and reducing tablet contamination. The machine is specifically designed for R&D, clinical trials and small batch tablet compression process.

A precise and continuous compression process due to its frequency converter circuit makes SaintyCo ProTab Tablet Making Machine a perfect choice for any tableting requirements. The main axle and die disc are directly coupled for optimal power transfer.

To ensure safety of users and equipment, this rotary tablet press has both lower and upper guards interlocked. Besides, there is an overload protection for the punch and die system.

SaintyCo has 4 different models of ProTab Tablet Making Machine, with custom options available upon request.

  • Auto lubrication system
  • cGMP compliant design
  • Production data display
  • Punch & die types B and D
  • Max output 24,000 to 48,000 tablets/hour
  • Stainless steel product contact parts (316L)
Technical DataProTab
Tool TypeDBDB
Dies (set)8101416
Max Pressure (KN)80808080
Max Pre-pressure (KN)15151515
Max Tablet Diameter (mm)25162516
Max Filling Depth(mm)20162016
Tablet Thickness (mm)0.5~80.5-80.5~80.5-8
Upper and Lower Plunger Diameter (mm)25.351925.3519
Upper and Lower Plunger Length (mm)133.6133.6133.6133.6
Center Die Diameter mm)38.130.16238.130.162
Center Die Thickness (mm)23.8122.22523.8122.225
Max Speed of Main Shift (r/min)50505050
Max Production Capacity (t/h)24000300004200048000
Power Supply3PH 380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 3.0kw
Dimension (mm)835x705x1650

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