OneTab Single Punch Tablet Press

OneTab Single Punch Tablet Press is specifically optimized for small scale and clinical batch production with two distinct models – OneTab A and OneTab B. With only one set of die, this single punch tablet press processes round, annular, irregular and engraved tablets.

SaintyCo OneTab Single Punch Tablet Press is precisely designed with a myriad of safety features such as fully enclosed structure and interlocking upper and lower guards. Both the motor fault and pressure overload alarm, alongside emergency stop guarantee additional safety.

With a column structure, SaintyCo OneTab Single Punch Tablet Press saves more space for other material processing accessories.

  • Contact parts 316 L
  • High speed: up to 3,600 tabs/h
  • Positioning machine stop
  • Pressure display
  • 4 Column structure to get more space for operation
  • Adjustable tablet thickness
  • Automatically Stops when overload occurred for protecting the punches and dies
  • Safety Interlocking at Upper and Lower Guards ensures protection against hazards
  • Fully enclosed to ensure the safety of operator
  • cGMP compliant
  • Motor fault alarm
  • Pressure overload alarm
  • Emergency stop


  • PLC Control
  • Available USP Port for Data Batch Printing
 Technical DataOneTab
Dies (set)11
Max Tablet Diameter (mm)2530
Max Production Capacity (t/min)6060
Max Pressure (KN)5080
Max Filling Depth (mm)2022
Tablet Thickness (mm)0.5-80.5-10
Power Supply1PH 220V 50Hz/60Hz 1.5kw3PH 380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 3kw
Dimensions (mm)500 x 580 x 830550 x 640 x 1025
Weight (kg)185265

single punch tablet press details

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