Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment

Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment

Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment is a new generation of high speed and fully automated mono-layer and bi-layer tablet compression machines. Their unique designs feature a control cabinet separate from the main machine with robust EU punch and die systems.

Interchangeable turret designs allow for flexible and customizable tablet compression. The modular design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble these tablet compression machines.

SaintyCo gives safety utmost priority with the Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment’s compression systems fully isolated from the transmission area. The overload protection, interlocked systems, stop buttons and alarm warnings guarantee the safety of operators and the tablet press.

Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment is an easy to operate and handle, having its lower punches held in place by a magnet.

For accuracy and consistency, Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment automatically controls weight, sampling and pressure. Furthermore, it has a graphic interface and display system, making it easy to monitor most operations.

SaintyCo has 4 different designs of Smart Plus Tablet Press Equipment, alongside the custom options.