Technical Advantages of SaintyCo Capsule Filling Machines

Do you know why SaintyCo capsule filling machines are popular in most pharmaceutical industries?

This is due to their technical advantages that guarantee optimal capsule filling process and efficiency.

These encapsulating machines feature different technologies and innovations, making them robust, adaptable and dependable.

In this article, you’ll learn about the 11 key technical advantages of SaintyCo capsule fillers.

1. It’s Compact Design with Stainless Steel Frame Guarantees a Safe & Exemplary Performance

SaintyCo uses stainless steel (SS 304) for the entire frame of the encapsulator.

This keeps the machine free from rust thereby increasing its service lifespan and ensures safety.

SaintyCo capsule filler (the Z-series) with a stainless steel frames and polycarbonate sheet door

SaintyCo capsule filler (the Z-series) with stainless steel frames and polycarbonate sheet doors.

The compact design of SaintyCo encapsulator makes them reliable, adaptable and dependable.

As you can see from above, the company integrates all components into a fully assembled machine.

For instance, the electrical part is within the machine housing.

This implies you’ll require less production space to install SaintyCo machines.

It doesn’t matter whether you need the latest design of the turret, dosing disc, device for opening/closing capsules, capsule loading device, vacuum powder loading or capsule sorter.

You’ll get all these components in one machine. Ideally, ensures easy installation, changing parts and maintenance.

2. Design Guarantees Quiet Operation

I am sure no one enjoys any form noise pollution, this is why SaintyCo encapsulating machines produce low noise levels.

Of course, this is due to the unique design based on various innovations and technological advancements.

A rotating capsule filling system

A rotating capsule filling system

For example, the NJP – 500 capsule filler features a completely unique new layout of the rotation mechanism and filling system. This replaces the hydraulic rod.

This ensures a quiet operation during the filling process. Take for example:

  • SaintyCo VSF semi-automatic capsule filler noise level is 63 dBA.
  • SaintyCo SF semi-automatic capsule filler noise level is 70 dBA.

Generally, both automatic and semi-automatic capsule filling machines have a noise level < 80dBA.

Clearly, these are low noise level that do not cause air pollution.

You can learn more about noise level as recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Section III.

3. Interlocking System to Ensure Safety of Technicians

A fully automatic capsule filling machine has several moving parts, besides various electrical components.

This may cause injuries in case one opens the door or electrical compartment when the machine is running.

The rotating on the powder filling disk is interlocked for safety and constant operation

The rotating on the powder filling disk is interlocked for safety and constant operation.

The encapsulator door has a protection switch. This switch stops the machine when an operator opens the door.

Basically, this is an essential safety parameter. You can learn more about machine interlocking.

4. Advanced Powder & Capsule Feeding Design Ensures Accuracy and Precision

SaintyCo capsule filling machines feature a unique system design and coordination that ensures a high degree of accuracy.

This reduces the number of capsules being rejected and wastage of powder.

Modern device for capsule opening and closing equipment that guarantees filling accuracy

To ensure a high level of accuracy, the SaintyCo encapsulators have the following structural design features:

  • Uniform powder filling systems that users can adjust in three dimensions.
  • A multi-curved adjustable powder block and an inclined angle feeding structure, which ensures the powder is distributed evenly.
  • A smooth flow speed during the feeding process
  • Precision roller gearbox runs intermittently accurately
  • Enlarged design of the dosing disc to ensure uniform flow
  • A three-dimensional control element

In short, the innovative technology and design in SaintyCo encapsulators guarantee a high level of accuracy. Whether you use the semi-automatic or fully automatic capsule filler to fill pellets or powder.

Depending on the bulk density of the powder and uniformity, all SaintyCo capsule filling machine has an accuracy of ±1% -±3.5%.

5. Easy to Use LCD Touchscreen Interface

All SaintyCo fully automatic capsule filling machines have an easy to use human machine interface (HMI).

This is in the form of a touch screen LCD screen.

A touch screen HMI interface for SaintyCo Z180 model

A touch screen HMI interface for SaintyCo Z180 model

From this interface, technicians operating automatic capsule filler can perform the following key tasks:

  • Configure and control the machine by setting an alarm or determining production
  • Monitor various operations such as capsule level, powder level, open door, production capacity, etc.

The number of parameters on the LCD display will depend on the type of capsule filler machine series.

6. Modular Design makes it Easy to Change Parts and Clean

To reduce downtime or upgrade SaintyCo encapsulator, certain sections of the machine feature a modular design.

This makes it easy to assemble or disassemble.

A removable powder loading device for SaintyCo NJP - 1200 capsule filler

A removable powder loading device for SaintyCo NJP – 1200 capsule filler

For instance, the SaintyCo NJP series machines have an integrated module type turntable and a modular punching system.

Even the manual capsule filling machines have removable pins and screws that users can assemble and disassemble easily.

7. The Automated Lubrication System Prevents Wear & Ensures Continence

SaintyCo encapsulating machines have different moving parts that require lubrication.

Some of these sections are fitted in the inner sections of the machine where users can’t reach easily unless they disassemble the machine.

Section of SaintyCo NJP - 5000 lubrication system

Section of SaintyCo NJP – 5000 lubrication system

This makes an automatic lubrication system a perfect choice for both semi-automatic and automatic capsule fillers.

It is a convenient and reliable system.

8. The Unique Design Guarantees High Production Capacity (up to 450,000 capsules/hour)

Production capacity is a major concern for most pharmaceutical companies.

SaintyCo capsule fillers come in a wide range of configurations.

For instance, SaintyCo Z180 capsule filling machine has an output of 180,000 capsules per hour.

This depends on the number of stations and segment bore.

Capsule filler dosage pan

Capsule filler dosage pan

On the other hand, the manual capsule fillers are also available in different configurations.

Again, the production capacity depends on the number of holes on the unit.

Take for example, the CN-50 manual capsule filler, which has a production capacity of 50 capsules per time.

CN-50 manual capsule filling machine

CN-50 manual capsule filling machine

In short, every SaintyCo capsule filler has a unique production capacity.

You can opt for an automatic capsule filler with a production output of 450,000 capsules/hour like the NJP – 7500.

The high production capacity is mainly due to the unique design and technology of SaintyCo capsule filling machines.

9. Automation in SaintyCo Machines Improve Productivity and Operation

SaintyCo capsule fillers use SIEMENS PLC to control operations of the fully automatic and semi-automatic capsule filling machines.

In fact, these machines can run without human intervention.

A fully automated capsule filler dosing disk

A fully automated capsule filler dosing disk

Some of the key processes that are fully automated include:

  • Feeding capsules and powder into the machine
  • Orienting capsules
  • Opening capsules
  • Filling/dosing capsules
  • Closing capsules
  • Rejecting capsules with defects
  • Controlling vacuum systems
  • Initiating lubrication process
  • Controlling safety door switch

With all these, SaintyCo encapsulators guarantee optimal performance and safety.

10. Vacuum System Enhances Performance and Reliability of Capsule Filler Machine

Vacuum system plays an integral role in both semi and fully automatic capsule filling machines.

For instance, SaintyCo capsule filling machines have the following key vacuum systems:

  • Capsule separator
  • Cleaning equipment.
  • Capsule positioning
  • Switch mechanism
  • Vacuum pump

You can see these sections of SaintyCo capsule filler below:

A section of vacuum cleaning system

A section of vacuum cleaning system

The design of a vacuum system may vary depending on the type of encapsulating machine. That is, when it comes to the actual rating of the machine.

11. Design and Specification Conforms to CE and cGMP

All SaintyCo capsule fillers conform to the CE, GMP and cGMP requirements.

This is a clear indication that these machines are manufactured to meet high quality standards.

SaintyCo certifications

SaintyCo certifications

When it comes to compatibility, the SaintyCo technical team and engineers ensure the vacuum systems, pumps, safety mechanisms and power systems conform to the international standards.

Remember, every component must pass quality tests and validation before being assembled into a complete machine.

Again, a fully assembled capsule filler must pass quality tests and validation.


As you can see from the 11 technical advantages of SaintyCo capsule fillers, these machines will guarantee optimal performance and consistent production in pharmaceutical industries.

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