Tube Filling Machine: The Complete Guide for Importers

Tube Filling Machine

Do you want to package liquids, semi-liquid or paste?

Well, you may consider using tubes – it is a perfect packaging material.

Therefore, you need a tube filling machine.

And, in this guide, you will learn various aspects of tube filling machines from tube feeding, filling, folding, sealing, marking, code printing, packaging, etc.

The best part?

By the end of this guide, I will recommend 12 tube filling machines (I want to help you know and choose suitable equipment).

Tubes with contentTubes with content

What is a Tube Filling Machine?

It refers to the type of equipment that you use to fill up a wide range of products in various tubes.

When manufacturing products such as creams, cosmetics, adhesives, sealants, greases, and some pharmaceuticals, you need to package them.

And the nature of such products makes it difficult for you to merely pack them effectively and faster.

So, this is where the essence of this machine becomes fundamental since you’ll use it to fill the products into respective tubes or containers.

This type of machine has been in the industry for quite a considerable time but has been developing technologically, as time goes by.

It thus implies that the kind of tube filling instrument that was available in the earlier days can no longer sustain the manufacturing needs.

The advancements, of course, are tailored to enhance the performance, efficiency as well as the convenience of the manufacturing process.

Of which is of great significance as you’ll later come to learn about the benefits of this machine.

What’s more?

The tube filling equipment come in different sizes, designs, shapes, as well as capacity.

And before we delve into understanding more about this machine, let’s first look at its benefits which makes it an ideal acquisition.

Benefits of a Tube Filling Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry

One important factor that we can’t rule out is that packaging is a significant aspect of the business.

Remember packaging is a vital determinant in the sale of a product.

Certainly, a product sells better if it has an attractive appearance, which unquestionably is an excellent approach to enhance sales.

And therefore, you have every reason to invest in an ideal tube filling machine.

The benefits you obtain by having this equipment are numerous and equally important.

SaintyCo tube filling machine

SaintyCo Tube Filling Machine

So let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in this type of equipment in your industry;

· Reduces labor charge

Suppose you’re using human labor to fill up the tubes for a particular product you’re producing, you can imagine how many people you’ll need.

It doesn’t matter the method that they’ll use to fill up the product.

What matters most is the amount of money you’ll have to spend in compensating them for the work they do.

With a tube filling unit, you need close to zero human labor.

All you need is an operator who ensures that every component of the machine is effective and appropriate.

And therefore in a great way, you’ll realize that having this kind of machine reduces labor needs and charges to a considerable extent.

Evidently, the essence of this is that you’ll increase your profit turnover other than convenience and efficiency in the production process.

· Enhances overall production efficiency

You may not want to read this, but here we go.

The truth is that nowadays, the only way of profiting from a production process is by optimizing speed.

The speed at which you produce and fill up your products and taking them to the market plays a huge role in the success of any business.

Remember there are no end users who are merely willing to wait for you to take your precious time and produce when it’s convenient for you.

So using this machine allows you to fill up the particular products in the respective tubes within the shortest time possible.

You’ll find that you quickly fill up thin free-flowing products as well as the high viscous items in multiple containers in just one cycle.

Filling tubes faster

Filling tubes faster – Photo courtesy: Kelly Xu

In fact, you can find some tube filling machines with the capacity of filling more than 120 tubes per minute.

And undoubtedly you can imagine the number of tubes you can fill up per day at that rate.

The bottom line here is that this machine increases efficiency in the production process of different items to fill up in tubes.

· Offers reliability and consistency

When you choose to fill the product in tubes manually, expect to have a lot of variances in the amount each bottle will contain.

Clearly, there are a few measuring devices which you can use to mitigate such variances.

But that notwithstanding, such devices may require you to add more time which can, of course, affect the production process adversely.

So the moment you choose to use this type of machine you’re guaranteed of repeatable, reliable and homogeneous fill with every cycle.

Section of tube filling machine

Section of tube filling machine – Photo courtesy: Jack Du

It doesn’t matter if the fill is on the basis of weight, volume, level of any other measurement for that matter.

· Provides ideal multitasking solutions

Let me tell you one fact you probably didn’t know about tube filling machines.

You’ll hardly come across one which is specifically designed for a single product, container or tube.

Most of them allow you to set up different types of containers regardless of the size or shape.

Different sizes of tubes

Different sizes of tubes – Photo courtesy: NJS Packaging

Additionally, most of these machines can also handle multiple products.

Some of them can also fill up both thin and viscous products.

If your company packages several products in various containers, then the versatility of this filling equipment can be the ultimate benefits of all.

So fundamentally, you require this machine for its versatility ability which also reduces your cost and enhances production.

· Provides better working conditions

The tube fillers seemingly require lengthy set up irrespective of how you look at it for the first time.

And that aspect should never confuse you with the actual operation of the equipment to think that it’s also cumbersome.

In fact, you’ll only need a few hand adjustments from time to time particularly when changing bottles from one bottle to another.

Easy to change tube filling station

Easy to change tube filling station

Some of the critical settings including, pump speeds, indexing times, and fill times among others will be set on the touchscreen interface.

And once you formulate the ideal settings for particular bottler fill up combination, you’ll only need to relax and monitor the progress.

So in a big way, using this equipment enables you as an operator to experience better working conditions.

Which incidentally is vital by any standards because it enables you to be productive and useful all the time.

· Reduces wastage of products

Using a tube filling machine is one of the surest ways of preventing the products from unnecessary wastage.

Unlike hand filling, which ends up wasting a considerable amount of the item you’re filling, this machine guarantees precision.

Precise toothpaste filling machine

Precise toothpaste filling machine – Photo courtesy: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL

Such that it measures the exact amount of product that you need to fill in each container hence avoiding incidents of wasting the same.

Furthermore, the machine only needs you to set the necessary level to get into the tube appropriately,and you’re good to go.

· Provides room for upgrading

Using this type of filler machine gives you the opportunity to grow depending on the manufacturer’s packages.

You can start with a simple tube filling machine which has few fill heads let’s say like four, six or even eight.

But with time, the production demands shall grow. And this would mean that the need for more fill heads become a necessity.

Easy to upgrade tube filling station

Easy to upgrade tube filling station

So you’ll have to get filler equipment with even more than 16 fill heads which allow more containers to fill up in a single cycle.

Understandably, the model of the machines will differ regarding limits, and the speed will depend on elements like bottle size, shape and product itself.

Well, the point I’m trying to put across, in this case, is that using this type of machine allows you to grow from a basic to a complex machine.

And it’s definitely a good feature because as you grow, you also learn more perspectives surrounding the machine.

Now, these are the key benefits of having this machine.

And as you can see it, investing in the same makes a considerable sense.

It is a unit which if you utilize it well you’ll never regret having it.

In fact, you’ll always need to invest more as demands also grow.

Since you’ve now known that a filler machine is quintessential in various industrial production, let’s look at its multiple types available.

Types of Tube Filling Machine

Well, when it comes to importing or purchasing this machine, you have to know the particular type suitable for your needs.

In other words, I’m trying to say that tube filling equipment come in various types.

And so depending on various factors, the choice may vary from one user to another.

Ideally, though, all the types of this machine available in the market are designed to attain a specific purpose.

But in general, you’ll realize that the efficiency and performance among the different types of this machine also contrast.

For that reason, let’s quickly have a look at the three common types of tube fillers you’ll mostly come across.

1. Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine

As the name indicates, this refers to a type of tube filler which is 100% automatic.

It means that almost all of its functionalities are programmed.

And in that case, human interaction with this kind of equipment is as minimal as possible.

The features of a fully automatic tube filler are exceptional, which makes it an ideal option especially for the large-scale production.

Fully automatic tube filling machine

Fully automatic tube filling machine

For example, most of them have a dosing system which helps in easy suction.

Some models also feature a bottom-up filling which has a shut-off nozzle for enhancing accuracy and clean fill.

And since it is fully automatic, you’re guaranteed of tool-less adjustments.

In that case, all you need is to change settings via the touchscreen user interface.

It also comes with a product level sensor integrated lubrication system as well as a myriad of safety features.

These are just but a few specifications of a fully automated tube filling machine.

And the truth is that this is arguably the most suitable option that you need to go for.

It might be somewhat an expensive investment for the first time, but once you start using it, the operating costs become less.

What’s more is that fully automatic filler machines come in different shapes, designs, capacities, and sizes.

So the next time you think of buying this form of equipment, ensure you go for one that suits your specific requirements.

2. Semi-automatic Tube Filling Machine

This is the other type of tube filler also common in many industries for filling various products including pastes, adhesives, lotions, and creams, etc.

It is one of the best especially when it comes to the comparatively small-scale production of something like 30-35 tubes per minute.

Semi automatic tube filling machine

Semi-automatic tube filling machine

Other people may also refer to it as a semi-automatic tube filling sealer.

Most of these types of sealing machines tend to be comparatively small but are nevertheless easy to operate.

They also provide excellent filling and sealing performance hence allowing you to meet your needs effectively.

And also as the name suggests, this equipment is semi-auto.

However, it requires only one operator to start the process, and the machine automatically finishes the filling and sealing aspects.

Again, this tube filling equipment comes in different sizes, shapes, capacities as well as design.

This machine also features a digital temperature control which is also ideal in maintaining power supply.

Furthermore, it also comes with a sensor for measuring the level of liquid in the reservoir for subsequent automatic filling up.

It is easy to operate given that it doesn’t ideally require much of human interaction.

You only to set it accordingly and the machine will perform other processes automatically.

The price also varies depending on different manufacturers.

But the bottom line is that it is a necessary device to have if at all you need to increase your production capacity.

In some instances, you may choose to have it merely for the sake of supplementing the fully automatic tube filler.

Such that it serves as a backup option whenever there’s a breakdown, or there is a need for more production at the same time.

3. Rotary Tube Filling Machine

This is also a common type of tube filler that many people use in different industries including pharmaceutical.

An exciting element of this type of machine is that it comes both in fully and semi-automatic.

Such that it becomes easy for you to choose the particular one which you’re sure suits your needs accordingly.

A rotary tube filler has some of the exceptional features you can ever find in this kind of instrument.

Rotary tube filling machine

Rotary tube filling machine

For instance, they have a relatively heavy base as well as robust construction with an elegant finish.

This machine is also versatile in the sense that you can use it for filling products, sealing, crimping, batch coding and ejecting all in one cycle.

Now that’s an aspect of this machine which makes it popular in various industrial processes.

Significantly, you’ll find that it helps to enhance production process, cut cost and at the same time provide a suitable working environment.

Another great feature of this component is that it uses a patented hot air sealing system.

You need to know that that this sealing system is arguably the most reliable one, especially for plastics and laminate tube.

Most of the rotary tube fillers are easy to operate and provide accurate adjustments of fill desired amount.

This is of course with the assistance of change parts.

And in most cases, you’ll find it in different applications including pharmaceutical, food processing, cosmetic and nutraceutical.

Well, these are the major type of tube filling machines that you’ll ordinarily come across most of the time.

What happens nevertheless is that they come in different models depending on the manufacturer.

So when it gets to that point that you want to buy one, you’ll have to consider your needs first and import the appropriate one.

At least for now, you have the idea of the various types of this machine in the market.

Therefore, I also think it would be fundamental to even have an idea of some of the significant parts of the same.

And for that reason, let’s now shift focus and learn a few things regarding the key parts and components of tube filling equipment.

Major Components of a Tube Filling Machine

One important thing that you always need to have in mind is that this machine is made from assembling different parts and components.

And by the way, every part or component of this machine is deliberately designed and integrated to perform a specific role.

That is to mean that each component is essential for the functioning, performance, and efficiency of this machine.

Parts of tube filling machine

Parts of tube filling machine – Photo courtesy: WIMCO ENGINEERING

In this section of the guide, we want to look at some of the main parts which you ideally need to know about.

However, it should be of ideal significance to acknowledge that we can’t discuss all the parts of this machine.

And that doesn’t necessarily imply that is not important.

The basis here is to inform you with the parts that you’ll often come across or handle most of the time.

Let’s, therefore, get straight away to the main point and discuss this major parts;

1. Frame

Frame primarily refers to the entire structural system which supports all the other parts and components of this machine.

It’s what houses the internal parts of the equipment and also holds the external parts of the same.



The frame of a tube filling machine is made of a robust material due to the fact that it has to support the other parts.

In most instances, the materials for manufacturing the frame have to be resistant to several elements.

Some of these elements may include corrosion, weather as well as resistance from physical destruction.

In other words, we can describe the frame as the backbone component of the tube filling machine.

2. Tanks

Tanks, in this case, refer to the containers that the machine uses for holding the product that needs to be filled up.

The tanks in most of these machines are elevated to make it easy for the product to flow into the tubes during filling up.

The machine may contain a single or multiple tanks depending on the design and its capacity to fill up the product.



Also, you can get customized tanks that would meet your specifications and requirements.

The tanks obviously have to be resistant to corrosion and must be able to withstand different temperature variations.

In many cases, stainless still is the preferred material for manufacturing these tanks due to its high resistance properties.

3. Filling Nozzles

This refers to the device for controlling the direction of the fluid flow the moment it exits the filler into the container or tube.

They are connected to the product supply in most cases using a tri-clover connection.

Filling nozzle

Filling nozzle

From a plain appearance, these devices may seem mundane or straightforward.

But the reality is that filling nozzles are essential elements in determining the performance of the machine.

And so you shouldn’t just look at the nozzle as a simple tool which only plays the role of directing the liquid to the desired container.

This device is available in numerous designs.

By the way, this vital since it allows you to choose a particular which suits your needs.

Some are suitable for normal liquids, whereas others are appropriate for low surface tension liquids.

In general, larger fill volumes will definitely require nozzles of larger sizes.

And also remember the fill speed is dependent on the size of the nozzle.

But then again, if the size is excessively big, then issues surrounding dripping will likely arise.

4. Coding Jaws

These refer to the devices which you use to easily and quickly set the machine to help in producing a quality finish.

In most of the modern tube filling machines, you’ll realize that the coding jaws are adjustable.

So this enables you to fill and seal a wide range of tubes regardless of its material, thickness or hardness.

These devices are also vital in ensuring that they keep all elements of this unit in good condition.

5. Dosing Pump

It refers to a relatively compact, positive displacement pump.

The design of this component is to pump an accurate flow rate of the substance into water, steam or gas flow.

This pump produces an exact flow rate of the product you’re filling up using various methods.

Dosing system

Dosing system

However, it primarily draws a measured quantity into a chamber then injecting it into the dosing tank.

It is often powered using an electric motor, and you can as well control it either by an external control system or internal pump controller.

All that matters is its ability to alter the flow rate.

6. Control Unit

It is unquestionably the most sensitive component of the tube filling machine.

The control unit is basically the component which contains all the elements for regulating the different parameters of this machine.

Control unit

Control unit

In modern models, the control unit features a touchscreen interface that allows you to determine the particular operation.

Normally, it is from the control unit that you’ll choose the speed, adjustments and many other aspects of the equipment’s parameters.

A comprehensive control unit lets you take charge of the machine in almost all the processes until in production of the final product.

In some machines, you’ll find that the control unit features quite a lot of buttons.

So it means that you also have to be knowledgeable enough to obtain high-quality product and efficiency in the production process.

7.Discharge Unit

This refers to the components which allow the substance from the tanks to get into the tubes or fill up containers for that matter.

This unit helps to determine the amount of substance that is ejected from the machine to fill up the tubes.

Material discharge unit

Material discharge unit

The discharge unit is equally important because it makes it possible for you to measure the right quantity for the material.

Also, you can control the speed and amount of substance that the unit discharges using this device.

That then is to mean that it is adjustable hence allowing you to cope with the needs surrounding the necessary quantity.

8. Tube Holders

Tube holders are primarily the components that support the tubes whenever they are being filled up.

They could be as many as possible depending on the capacity of the tubes that the machine can handle in every cycle.

Tube holders often rotate at a relatively high speed since they have to conform to the fill-up speed from the discharge unit.

Tube holder

Tube holder

Again, the tube holders are automatically operated hence you’ll find it easy to manage them during the production process.

But the most interesting bit about them is that they hold the tubes tightly during injection and transfer them systematically to the next step.

It is the movement or shifting consistency of this holders that also guarantees the homogeneity when it comes to filling up the tubes.

9. Hopper

This refers to a device which resembles a funnel and is fundamental in this machine for moving material from one receptacle to another.

In a tube filling machine, a hopper is essential because it acts as a container for crafting ingredients or substances to the equipment.

Ordinarily, you’ll find that the size of the hopper will always depend on the size of the actual machine.

The location of this component is always at the upper of the machine.

This is, of course, to allow the ingredients to suck into the tanks easily.

Furthermore, you’ll realize that this component is always adjustable to make it possible for you to find a better angle.

10. Electronic Box

This is the component of the machine where all the electrical connections are centralized from.

It consists of the elements of electricity and related connections that this machine uses.

Electronic box

Electronic box

Electronic box ordinarily contains four parts.

They include air switch for protecting the circuit, relay for controlling vfd wiring board for connecting all cables and PLC for relaying orders to the machine.

Other important electrical components in this machine are a transformer, drive as well as the solenoid valve.

11. Motor

This refers to an electrical machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The essence of the motor is to provide sufficient power that would enable the machine to perform its functions effectively.

The capacity of the motor may vary depending on the load that the tube filling machine is expected to drive.

So it means the more substantial the production volume, the comparatively bigger and higher capacity the driving motor should be.

The suitable motor models may vary depending on a number of factors.

And if possible, you may consider seeking advice from an expert on the appropriate motor model to use on this machine if the need arises.

12. Safety System

So this is the component which consists of all the elements that determine the safety of the unit.

Safety system helps you as the operator to safeguard yourself from any imminent emergency situation which requires attention.

Safety system

Safety system

Also, it makes it possible for you to contain any unlikely situation that would perhaps lead to damaging of the equipment.

In most instances, you’ll always manage the safety system of the machine from specific buttons which you need to press.

And after that, the machine will take drastic measures and ensure that the particular situation is under control.

Now, these are the major parts and components of this machine which you necessarily need to know.

Like I told you in the opening part of this section, we can’t discuss all of the parts of this machine since they are numerous.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to understand the major ones which you’ll kind of come into contact with most of the time.

And once you comprehend the key parts, it will also become easy to know how this machine works.

Which incidentally is what leads us to the next section.

Working Principle of a Tube Filling Machine

Ideally, the working principle of this unit is somewhat simple although this is relative to a particular type of machine you’re using.

Working of tube filler machine

Working of tube filler machine

Of course, it’s imperative to know or have an idea of how this machine works.

It will make your work easy, efficient and convenient.

And since the machine is mostly automated, it becomes even easier for you to handle it during the entire production process.

The first thing which you’ll have to do is starting by inserting the tubes into the tube holder.

This process can be manual or automatic depending on the type of equipment that you’re using.

Typically, the tube holders will rotate with the rotary table, and in that case, they’ll be positioned at various workstations.

Now at this point, all the functions are already set from the control unit.

So it happens that the machine conducts all the respective functions in an organized sequence.

It starts with filling, sealing, printing the batch number as well as cutting off the tail.

And remember all these functions are automatically generated.

Therefore, your task as an operator will merely be to monitor the progress and controlling the parameters accordingly from the control unit.

The completion of all these functions will be at different intervals on the specific respective workstations.

The most important thing about the entire process of this machine is that you can easily adjust the filling quantity as well as speed.

So it means that you have the authority to determine the rate of filling and respective speed as long as it’s within the machine’s capacity.

All the functions of these machines are button-controlled, and as the operator, you’re the determining factor of its several parameters.

And since most of the functions of this type of equipment tend to be automated, consistency and accuracy become easy to achieve.

And that’s a guarantee!

Specification and Design of a Tube Filling Machine

So far, I hope there’s a critical element which you’ve realized regarding tube filling machine; that they are numerous in the market.

What happens is that the demand for this machine is currently high and various manufacturers are trying their best to meet the demand.

So you’ll find that they manufacture a wide range of units with different features that target almost every user.

But in as much as it is an ideal thing for the growth of the manufacturing industry, quality also becomes a necessary concern.

TF 200 Tube filler

FT 200 Tub filler

So it doesn’t matter the number or size of the tube filler machines which you buy.

The most important element is to figure out the type which is made of highest quality and can thus produce desirable results.

For that reason, I want to explain to you a few technical specifications that you need to look into when buying this type of machine.

They include the following;

· Material and construction

The type of material for manufacturing this unit is arguably one of the most important elements that you must consider.

The kind of task that this machine is subjected to requires a strong material and construction.

That’s to imply that the material has to be resistant to a wide range of elements including weather, heat, and corrosion among others.

In most instances, you’ll find that many manufacturers often use stainless steel.

The reason is that this material possesses some of the great properties that would sustain all the conditions the machine is subjected to.

And if that’s not enough, the construction of the machine also has to be hardy as a way of guaranteeing durability.

You know this equipment tends to vibrate quite a lot most of the time which makes it even tricky if the construction is not sturdy.

So having an ideal and highly resistant material alone is not enough.

The construction also has to meet the required standards if at all you’ll want to attain the best out of the machine.

· Size

Well, something that many users of this equipment always fail to figure out when purchasing it is the ideal size they require.

You see, with progressive advancements of this machine has seen it growing from larger equipment to comparatively compact but effective machines.

What I’m trying to say here is that it doesn’t necessarily imply that the machine has to be big for it to perform accordingly.

So when buying one, you need to find out the exact size which you’re certain will be able to meet your needs.

One of the factors that determine the size of this instrument is the working space.

And this is particular to people who have the workshops in their residential homes.

If you have limited space, you need to go for a relatively small tube filling equipment.

The expected capacity of production also determines the size of the machine to import or purchase.

So let’s say if your target is to produce quite a lot of products then it is only important if you go for a comparatively big size.

That is what will enable you to meet all your production needs hence increasing efficiency as well as turnover.

· Capacity

It merely refers to the ability of the equipment to produce a certain quantity of the products within a specific duration.

The capacity of tube filling machines often vary.

And you’ll find that it is among the most significant aspects that many people always look into when buying the machine.

The good thing nevertheless is that you’ll always find the type of tube filler you need regardless of the capacity.

So what you have to do is understand and measure your needs then determine the best one for you based on your needs.

Typically, if you have a large factory, it is quite common the production needs are high.

And therefore, you’ll require a tube filling instrument of larger capacity to meet your targets.

So the most important thing, in this case, is to understand your production needs and make an informed choice out of the same.

· Quality and safety compliance

When buying this unit, an important aspect you must always look into is whether or not it meets the recommended quality and safety standards.

Most of these machines are require approval from the specific regulatory bodies before approving them as ideal for use.

So before spending your money on any of them, always ensure that the unit you’re purchasing is approved the regulators.

Now there are two main significance of this aspect;

One is that it guarantees you of quality performance, efficiency, and convenience in the production process.

And secondly, you’re confident that the machine meets the safety standards hence giving you peace of mind during the production process.

There is always the standard mark of quality that the regulators will always place on the machine to signify its approval.

And still, if you doubt, you can contact the regulators as a way of ensuring the tube filler meets the specific standards.

· Model

Let me tell you the truth, the model of a tube filling machine that you buy is more significant than you can ever imagine.

The industry is growing as so expectedly; different manufacturers are coming in to try and meet the growing demand.

So you have to be keen with the particular model of this machine that you’re buying.

Different manufacturers are known to have different reputation concerning manufacturing of this equipment.

And that’s why it’s imperative to ensure that you choose the particular manufacturer keenly.

Of course in the market, you’ll find high-end machines from famous manufacturers.

At the same time, you’ll also find others from relatively unknown companies.

The most important thing is making sure that you carry out due diligence and find out all the nitty-gritty concerning the preferred machine.

Well, that’s all about the specifications of a tube filler equipment which you necessarily ought to know.

They’ll come a long way in ensuring that you attain the best results from the production process of the respective products.

And so in the next section, we want to look at some of the industries where the tube filling machine is commonly used.

Main Applications of a Tube Filling Machine

So far, you can clearly envision that this machine is fundamental and you can as well guess its various applications.

The truth is that it is indeed common equipment in various industries whose products are filled up in a wide range of containers.

As a principle, the main use of this machine majorly used for filling liquid into various types of tubes irrespective of its viscosity.

It thus implies that it can be used in several industries.

And in this section, that is what we want to look at briefly, at least to get a better understanding.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

Tube filling machines are commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector for filling up different types of medicinal products in different tubes or containers.

This kind of machine makes it possible for the manufacturing process of such products to be complete effectively.

This happens in a manner that the machine fills the relevant substance appropriately upon preprogramming of the unit.



One good thing with this instrument in the pharmaceutical industry is that it helps in providing versatility.

It’s in the sense that you can use it to fill, seal as well as assort the products when packing them accordingly.

And that’s why nowadays, you can hardly find a pharmaceutical manufacturing company which doesn’t have or use this machine.

Some of the medicinal products that this machine fills up include ointments, creams and liquid medicines especially syrups.

· Food Processing

It is also another area where the application of this equipment tends to be common and at the same time significant.

Most food processing companies which use deal with packed products often use this machine for conducting the same.

For instance, this equipment helps in filling up, sealing as well as packing food products in sachets, such as pastes.

Multi vitamin paste

Multi vitamin paste

So in a broader perspective, you realize that the use of this unit inside such companies is widespread.

Again, its versatility adds to its advantage even more hence making possible for you to attain best results effectively.

In food processing, just like in any other application, the size and capacity of the material may differ depending on various aspects.

So the choice of a suitable machine is dependent on your particular needs a far as the production process is concerned.

· Cosmetic Industry

I can openly say that this is one of the leading industry which uses this type of machine to a great significance.

This industry contains several types of products which are filled inside different containers, of course with the aid of this machine.


Lotion – Photo courtesy: Empty Cosmetic Bottles

The cosmetic industry is large and such machines are always customized to suit the needs of producing such items.

Of course, this industry uses this equipment for filling up the tubes and similar containers.

And in some instances, this type of machine also helps to label and package the cosmetic products accordingly.

Some of the common items that this machine fills up in this industry include shampoo, liquid soap, creams, ointments, body and hair lotions.

And since the sector is quite popular with many people, it means you need to get a machine which offers efficiency, convenience, and speed.

· Pesticides manufacturing

This is also another application where you tend to find the use of this machine to be quite common.

Different types of pesticides are filled in their respective tubes with the aid of this equipment.

Given that the pesticides filling also require accuracy, the tube filling machine becomes fundamental in ensuring that you attain the same.


Insecticide – Photo courtesy: INVICT

Therefore, it gives you an easy time to fill up such products in the containers, which ordinarily cannot be attainable using your hands.

Well, these are the major applications of this machine.

Of course, there are a few other areas where the use of this machine is quite significant.

And so you may choose to purchase one as long as you’re confident that it will make it possible for you to attain your production process.

The most important thing nonetheless is making sure that you buy the right machine for the particular task.

And the right machine, in this case, refers to the type that provides high efficiency, better performance, and relative productivity.

You also need to know that there could some slight variations on the design of the tube filler machine depending on its application.

Which is evidently, important since the aim of customization of the same is to ensure that there’s effectiveness and convenience.

SaintyCo Tube Filling Machines for Industrial Applications

In many guides, the authors will always tell you a lot of aspects regarding the product, like in this case the tube filling equipment.

However, what many will fail to tell you is the precise or ideal type of that product that you possibly need to consider when seeking one.

And you see as a first timer, perhaps the guide may be helpful to you but only to a limited extent.

The reason here is that the guide won’t have suggested for you the ideal options in the market to go for.

And that’s one of the major difference that this guide has when you compare it to those other ones you find on the interwebs.

In this case, I want to show you some of the best available tube filling machine alternatives that you could choose when seeking one.

And the better element regarding the same is that they are all from SaintyCo, a leading manufacturer of such products.

By the way, SaintyCo is among the top manufacturers of a wide range of quality and high-end tube filling equipment.

It’s important to know about the same so that the next time you’re looking for one, you can easily import them from the company.

Now, some of the leading SaintyCo models from this company you can possibly consider depending on your needs include the following;

· TF-200 Tube Filler

It’s arguably one of the best units that this company has manufactured so far.

It adopts a servo filling and servo lift. It allows you to set all the other parameters including speed, height rise and time from the control interface.


TF 200 Tube Filler

TF 200 Tube Filler

This machine is also easy to clean, repair and replace components given that its sealing device may incline and invert.

What’s more is that it may adopt a semi-automatic in feed system while filling the respective tubes.

The TF-200 tube filler allows you to make all the necessary rapid adjustments before during and after the production process.

Moreover, it meets the specific quality and safety standards as stipulated by the regulators.

And therefore, you’re guaranteed of efficiency and better performance from this unit.

· TF-160 Tube Filler

This is a relatively compact unit from SaintyCo featuring sturdy construction and device for loading capacity auto-adjustment.

It provides smooth operation easy changeover, sealing, cleaning and maintenance procedural methods all-round.

TF 160 Tube Filler

TF 160 Tube Filler

The TF-160 tube filler is one of the speedy units from SaintyCo making it ideal for filling multi-typed substances.

And it also allows you to fill the respective material in their particular containers, whether small or large tubes.

Some of its key features include auto-discharge of goods, stirring device, product level control and kits for faster change over.

Additionally, it also features soft tube exclusion and faulty tube check devices as well as a pneumatic cylinder charge pump.

· OF-S(D) Semi-Auto Piston Volumetric Filler

This is one of the SaintyCo’s tube fillers with the simplest design of all.

It’s suitable for filling pesticides, medicaments, food and also applicable in other special industries.

OF-S(D) Semi-Auto Piston Volumetric Filler

OF-S(D) Semi-Auto Piston Volumetric Filler

Its major parts including cylinder hopper and piston are made of 316L stainless steel material which conforms to cGMP requirements.

You can easily adjust the filling speed accordingly as well as set it to a manual or repeat cycling mode.

The other good thing about this machine is it operates using compressed air, so electricity isn’t a necessity.

Furthermore, you can as well customize it into a multi-head and flooding type depending on your needs.

This machine also offers sturdy operation that guarantees the best service during the production process.

· TF-60M Tube Filler

This is arguably one of the most appealing SaintyCo tube fillers as far as design and construction are concerned.

It features a mechanical transmission material feeding system which is adopted to provide stability of loading capacity.

This unit is also versatile and completes automatic filling, sealing and printing of the batch number simultaneously.

TF 60M Tube filler

F 60M Tube Filler

The TF-60M tube filler also comes with an automatic detection system which features ultrasonic hopper level.

What’s more is that this machine also comes with an accurate control function that prevents it from filling when there’s no tube.

And finally, this unit has a device which feeds, absorbs and locates the tube controlled by a vacuum generator.

More importantly, this equipment meets all the necessary cGMP specifications.

· TF-60PI Tube Filler

It’s also another one of the most appealing SaintyCo tube fillers especially in terms of design and construction.

This machine is efficient in the production process and loads tubes into the station automatically as it presses the tube holder.


TF 60PI Tube Filler

It contains a fan which discharges poisonous gas that emanates during heating.

Again, it features a frame made from clear stainless steel.

You can use this machine to connect emulsifier, cartooning and filling machines.

Additionally, this equipment also has a PLC automatic control system, and you can operate quite easily between different tube sizes.

· TF-80MP Tube Filler

This is one of the machines from SaintyCo designed to accomplish the tube filling process in multiple folds.

It can complete the operation of two and three-edge folds as well as the saddle-shaped folds, particularly for aluminum and metal tubes.

The TF-80MP tube filler has an alarm that detects malfunctioning as well as a device which automatically stops the machine in case of mechanical overload.


TF 80MP Tube Filler

 Also, it comes with combined material feeding forms of blow cutting which allows it to fill up even high viscosity liquids.

Another interesting feature of this machine is that it cleans its inner tubes and collects dust automatically.

And the fact that it is cGMP compliant makes it even a better option to choose as long as it can solve your specific needs.

· TF-80 MP TA Tube Filler

This is a mid-sized tube filling machine from SaintyCo.

This machine presses the tube automatically into the tube holder.

It also comes with a hi-tech PLC control unit and an effective fan which helps to discharge poisonous gas produced during heating.


TF 80 MP TA Tube Filler

This unit adopts a mechanical transmission mechanism to fill up products hence guaranteeing the stability of loading capacity.

It also allows you to incorporate an ultrasonic hopper level sensor, water cooler, material pump as well as cGMP compliant.

Like any other SaintyCo tube filling machine series, this unit also offers versatility.

It means that it fills, seals and print the batch number simultaneously.

It also has a mechanism for the cooling the product upon filling and sealing it, which is quite commendable.

· TF-80P Tube Filler

This unit is more or less similar to the TF-80 MP TA tube filler which also allows for automatic pressing tube into the holder.

It features a quite a wide range of significant elements including PLC automatic control system, color adjusting systems, and elastic tension-type tube holder.

With this unit, achieving the connection of emulsifier, cartooning machine as well as the filling equipment is seemingly easy.


TF 80P Tube Filler

It offers convenience user-friendliness by providing functions such as automatic supplying of the worktable, auto-clearing, auto-color marking and many more.

The TF-80P tube filler also comes with a tube feeding, absorbing and locating device regulated by the vacuum generator.

And most importantly is that meets all the cGMP requirements which is a mark of quality, safety, and efficiency.

· TF-80 MP TB Tube Filler

This unit stands out as one of the ideal mid-sized and relatively improved model in the SaintyCo’s tube filling machine series.

It can undertake the operation of multi-edge and saddle-shaped folds, particularly for aluminum and metal tubes.

It comes with an integrated security system featuring a malfunction alarm and stopping device in case there’s mechanical overload.


TF 80 MPTB Tube Filler

It also has a hi-tech human interface PLC touchscreen control unit and ability to detect the tube direction automatically.

This machine also has an inverter which adjusts the speed, and it can as well as realize and control production capacity automatically.

It is among the best units that this company manufacturers which you can opt to consider in case you’re looking for one.

· TF- 100MP Tube Filler

This particular unit applies to a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and food products.

Close to 98% of this machine’s functions are all carried out by an entirely automated control.

All these ranges from tube feeding, identification of mark, filling up, sealing, printing of code and other output revolving around the product.


TF 100MP Tube Filler

Another feature of this machine is that it provides quick adjustment hence suitable for various kinds of metal tubes and soft plastics.

You can use it to produce products of different sizes since all you need to do is adjust the diameter accordingly.

Also, its versatility is an ideal asset which makes it a suitable choice of machine for this particular function.

· TF 100A Tube Filler

And last but not least, we have a TF 100A tube filler which is also a suitable one for various applications.

It features automatic pressing of the tubes into the tube mold and has an elastic tension-type tube holder which provides consistent sealing height.


TF 100A Tube Filler

It also has a mechanical transmission material feeding system adopted to ensure there is stability when it comes to loading capacity.

This unit is also versatile just like any other from SaintyCo and provides step-less frequency conversion speed control.

What’s more is that I come with an optional column type automatic material temperature control blending method.

Also, you tend to get the precise control function of no filling in case a tube is missing or isn’t available.

Well, as you can see, SaintyCo provides you with more than enough options for tube filling machines to select from.

And I believe this is one of the most significant aspects of this guide.

Ordinarily, it gives you all the necessary information revolving around this machine and also suggests for you the ideal options.

The most important thing nonetheless is always to ensure that you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing this machine.

You ought to know what suits your particular needs since that the greatest determinant factor of the choice of machine.


So that’s more or less the much information that I wanted to provide to you regarding tube filling equipment.

I’m hopeful that by now you’re quite informed and that you know much information regarding this machine which you didn’t have an idea of.

And it is imperative because it generally makes your work easy especially when it comes to selection or importing.

Above all is that you can see I have provided you with various options from SaintyCo, arguably the leading manufacturer of these units.

And for more information concerning the various SaintyCo series tube filling machines, do not hesitate to contact the company.

I can assure you that you’ll get the necessary and satisfactory assistance within the shortest time possible.

Talk to us today!

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