TW-600 Tray Washer

TW-600 Tray Washer

The Automatic Tray Washer is the automatic solution for tray cleaning. The tray washer uses high pressure pumps to send heated water to multiple spray nozzles that blast away gummy residue as the tray is conveyed on an all stainless chain. After initial rinse and cleaning stations, the tray is conveyed past an air knife that blows off excess moisture from the washing process.

The container sterilizer is cleaned at high temperature(above 80℃)and high pressure (0.2~0.7Mpa)to achieve the purpose of cleaning and sterilizing basket and tray. The water on the surface of the basket and tray is removed by high pressure and large flow air knife.

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Pre-Washing Section

Plays the role of soaking, preliminary separation of the dirt attached to the container, and pre-wash filtration to discharge the debris

Main Washing Machine

High pressure water pumps to clean event the most stubborn gummy residue.

Rinse Section

Rinse the stains and fine residue on the surface of the container again

Clean Water Washing Part

Rinse the basket again with clean running water to thoroughly clean the basket :① Final cleaning ② Cooling down③ replenish water

Trun Cage Filter Water Tank

Filter,discharge large pieces of residue and debris.

Temperature Control and Pressure System

Each water-saving box has an independent temperature control and pressure  system to ensure that the temperature and pressure can be independently controlled

TW-600 Tray Washer

Disassembly and cleaning, the whole machine over current components (pipeline, pump head,impeller)and the air blade can be easily disassembled and cleaned to avoid bacterial contamination. The pharmaceutical grade seamless welding process is adopted to ensure smooth and consistent welding seams inside and outside the pipeline, which can ensure no bacterial residue after cleaning and avoid secondary pollution to the workshop environment.

  • During the operation of the equipment, three water tanks are used to replace the water, and the cleaning water is recycled through multi-stage filtration.
  • Heating speed is fast and energy consumption is low.
  • The cleaning process does not require the addition of any detergent.(No detergent solution procurement and sewage discharge costs)
  • Choose first-line brand electrical components, high efficiency, energy saving.
  • The air drying system designed by kangda effect has high efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Compared with the traditional cleaning method, it can save water and electricity energy consumption, improve production efficiency, and recover the cost in 1-2 years.
Technical DataTW-600
Tray Washer
Product Capacity100-400 pcs/h
Electric Power86.5 kW
Heated WayElectric Heating
Water Consumption0.2-1.5m3/h
Air Drying Machine
Product Capacity100-400 pcs/h
Electric Power16.75kW

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