VCM-60 Vertical Cartoning Machine

VCM-60 Vertical Cartoning Machine

Vertical cartoning machine that provide accurate, high-speed filling.

VCM-60 vertical cartoners quickly and accurately fill cartons with loose, flowable products using superior carton control and gentle handling. Our wide array of vertical cartoner types is designed to meet specific applications for a variety of markets, and can be the ideal packaging solution for powders, small pastas with seasoning packets, bite-sized candies, or small pet treats. This continuous motion cartoner is designed to easily integrate with various filling systems, such as combination weighers and augers. Once loaded, our vertical cartoning machines secure cartons with a servo flap tucker and electric glue guns for sift-proof, end-flap gluing. The compact design of our vertical cartoner machines also saves valuable floor space in your facility with its small footprint.

Technical DataVCM-60
Capacity30-60 cartons/min
Carton Size(L×W×H)(25-75)×(80-160)×(100-250)mm
Paper Quality of Carton200-400g/m3
Power220/380V 50/60Hz 3pH,3.5Kw
Air Supply 0.5-0.7Mpa

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  • Heavy-duty, fully-welded solid steel main frame
  • Ethernet Connectivity module
  • Stainless steel drive shafts and protect guides
  • Central lubrication and auto lug chain lube
  • Full-height Lexan guard doors with interlocked stainless steel frame
  • Category-3 Safety (lockable guard doors available)
  • Servo-driven rotary carton feeder with pre-break
  • Extended carton magazine, powered with low-level indicator
  • Easy-to-change carton pockets or lugs to accommodate multiple sizes
  • No-carton, no-fill and no-product, no carton control
  • Spindle adjustments with center-lining for quick and easy changeover
  • Open flap detection and rejection
  • Cycle stop mode – flaps in the process of being glued finish prior to the machine stopping
  • Norsdon hot melt glue system
  • Compliant with CE,GMP

VCM-60 drawing

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