What Is Popping Boba-The Complete Guide

If you are planning to try a new topping for your frozen yogurt, fruity bubble tea, or dessert, then popping boba is the best bet.

Mixed with your favorite flavors, they quickly burst into your mouth for a fun-filled and memorable drink. These popping bubbles are the latest craze in town.

However, before trying these new “pearl toppings” read this guide.

What is Popping Boba?

Popping boba is a small spherical edible substance made through spherification and contains a range of flavors. When put in the mount, the boba quickly bursts producing “an explosion” of varying flavors to spice up your drinks or desserts.

Currently, these are some of the most trending beverage sensations in the industry. Remember, they are also referred to as the popping bubbles boba, boba popping pearls, bursting popping boba, or popping bubbles.

Popping Pearl Boba
Popping Pearl Boba

Benefits of Popping Boba

There are many reasons why popping boba is a popular topping today:

  • Available as ready-to-eat topping
  • Easily burst in the month releasing all content
  • Depending on the ingredients, they may have calories, carbohydrates, or other vitamins
  • Comes in many flavor options, hence it does not restrict you to a single taste
  • It is naturally sweet
  • Gives strength and helps relieve stress depending on the popping boba flavor

Although these small balls with fruit juice offer many benefits, you should be careful whenever you want to take milk tea. In most cases, they are not suitable for milk tea.

It is even challenging when the popping boba has a sour taste. Usually, such flavors are not best for milk tea with cream.

Popping Bubbles Boba History

Today’s boba got inspiration from the tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls were the first variations, which have evolved over time.

It is believed that the boba pearls were first made in Taiwan in the 1980s. Over the years, they have evolved to be part of bubble tea, yogurt, and other foods. At the moment, they are not just a Taiwanese product. They are popular globally, especially in the beverages and desserts industry.

With more than 200 different flavors currently available, they offer the best alternatives to tapioca pearls.

Popping Bubbles Boba Ingredients

When it comes to making boba pearls, you can choose many ingredients that suit your taste. However, some of the main ingredients include:

  • Seaweed extract – it is one of the main ingredients that offer the best flavoring. In most cases, you will find fruity boba, creamy boba, or both.
  • Fruity flavors – there are many options to choose from such as kiwi, coconut, banana, grade, passion fruit, avocado, etc. Ideally, the boba fruity flavors are unlimited.
  • Non-fruity flavors – you can also find boba with non-fruity flavors. The boba pearl flavors may include mocha, Thai tea, or chocolate. Again, you have unlimited options to choose from.

Surprisingly, you can have over 250 varieties of pearl topping flavors, which gives you unlimited options to choose from. It will depend on the type of flavor you want for the popping boba.

With the right ingredients and manufacturing process, your popping boba pearls will not be mushy. Additionally, they should soak in all flavors.

Although popping bubbles boba offers many ingredient options. At any given instance, only choose an option that suits you. At the same time, you must not take too much of the popping bubbles of boba.

Traditional Boba vs. Trendy Bursting Popping Boba

Traditional Boba
Traditional Boba

Unlike traditional boba, the new popping boba has many benefits with very distinct features. That is, from ingredients, to taste.

Let’s compare the two:

Traditional BobaBursting Popping Boba
· Made mainly from tapioca which is known for little or no flavor. Therefore, tapioca pearls may require a sweetener.· Seaweed forms the main ingredient alongside fruit juice. Consequently, they are naturally sweet.
· Requires chewing to get the content· Quickly bursts releasing all content in the mount
· Requires cooking which ultimately determines the final taste· Ready to eat, hence does not require cooking
· Flavor is mainly natural· Offers a wide range of flavors both natural and unnatural options available


How to Make Boba Popping Pearls


Popping boba is known for its distinct spherical shape. The structure features a thin outer with a jelly-like feeling. It is this outer layer that quickly bursts when put in the mouth thereby releasing flavored content.

So far, spherification remains a viable technique when manufacturing boba-popping pearls. It involves a chemical reaction with the key components being calcium chloride and sodium alginate.

The entire process involves:

  • Step 1: Mix calcium chloride with water
  • Step 2: Add sodium alginate to the preferred juice flavor
  • Step 3: Choosing the right juice quantity, then drip in the calcium solution

The calcium chloride in the mixture will cause sodium alginate to gel. The end result will be a thin membrane that forms around the juice.

For large-scale production, you will need a popping boba manufacturing machine. The Popping boba-making machine will mix the ingredients in the right proportion.

Boba Making Machine
Boba Making Machine

Usually, the boba-making machine automatically executes all the above processes and packages the final product. As you choose the popping bubbles boba making machines, you should consider:

  • The material should be food-grade stainless steel
  • Compliance with food safety handling procedures to prevent possible contamination (comply with cGMP and FDA standards)
  • Produce spherical or desired shapes
  • Produce different sizes of popping pearls
  • Production capacity depending on customer needs
  • Fully automated design

If you are looking for the best machine for your popping pearls manufacturing, here is a complete popping boba production line.

With a complete boba-popping pearls production line, you must adopt a safe and hygienic packaging solution. In most cases, clean transparent containers with lids offer safe storage.

If possible, choose material that is inert such as silicone food storage containers or BPA-free plastic containers. It will ensure the popping bubbles of boba remain safe. With proper storage, they can remain fresh for several months.

Recommended storage practices include:

  • When in the original packaging – store it in a cool and dry place. You should avoid direct sunlight.
  • Once you open the original packaging – store the boba in an airtight container. Always refrigerate and consume within a few days. It will ensure the boba maintains its freshness and texture.

You can also learn how to make boba at home.

How to Serve Boba Toppings

First, popping pearls offer unlimited flavor options. It implies, that you can serve boba in many foods and drinks.

Take for example:

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea remains one of the most popular options. Initially, boba tea was made from tapioca pearls. That is why tapioca milk tea was very common.

In fact, in most boba shops, bubble tea is very popular. For example, once you choose a perfect flavor, the combination can be creamy desserts alongside milk tea.

Yogurt Flavor Popping Balls

Bursting boba is a perfect choice for your frozen yogurt. They add a fresh and sweet taste to the yogurt.

Apart from yogurt and tea, boba is a perfect choice when you use it with:

  • Ice cream
  • Cocktails
  • Desserts
  • Salads
  • Certain alcoholic drinks, etc.


As you can see, boba offers unlimited options in the desserts and beverage industry. They can easily spice up your drinks and desserts depending on your favorite flavors.

At SaintyCo, we will help you get a highly efficient boba manufacturing production line for your business –talk to us now.

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