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What Is Popping Boba-The Complete Guide

Popping Boba is a common topping for frozen yogurt.

You can also serve it in fruity bubble tea.

Popping boba is manufactured from seaweed extract that contains fruit juice flavouring inside.

Using the process called spherification, you create the little juice spheres with an outer gel layer.

The spherification process is a chemical reaction between sodium alginate and calcium chloride.

popping Boba

popping Boba

You first dissolve the calcium chloride in water and then sodium alginate in the juice.

You then drip the juice solution into the calcium solution.

Your calcium chloride will cause the sodium alginate to gel hence forming the membrane around the juice.

How Traditional Boba Compares to Popping Boba

The traditional boba is made from tapioca and has very little flavour if you eat it by itself without a sweetener.

The popping boba is made from seaweed extract and topped with fruit juice flavouring inside making it naturally sweet.

Also, the popping boba pops once bitten into, unlike the traditional boba that is chewy and soft.

For one to use the traditional boba, you require cooking first and the taste is determined by how you cook.

Traditional bobba

Traditional bobba

When it comes to popping boba, you do not require to cook it before using it.

About flavours, the traditional boba being more natural has neutral flavours.

Unlike the traditional boba, the popping boba does not offer a neutral flavour but has a wide variety of flavours.

Benefits of Popping Boba

The popping Boba has health benefits.

Calories and carbohydrates in the popping Boba will boast in energy.

Also, the popping Boba has a wide variety of flavours one can choose from.

This does not restrict one to a certain flavour.

Adding to that, the popping Boba is used to release and decrease stress.

The popping Boba tea also gives one strength in the body.

How to make Popping Boba?

Popping Boba is made by the process of spherification.

You require very few ingredients.

The ingredients required are water, juice, calcium chloride and sodium alginate.

Sodium alginate is dissolved in the juice and the calcium chloride in water.

You then drip your juice solution into the calcium solution.

The calcium chloride will cause your sodium alginate to gel hence forming a membrane around the juice.

This creates the popping boba.

Considerations When Choosing Popping Boba Making Machine

Always ensure that your popping Boba machine is made of 304 stainless steel.

Your popping Boba-making machine should comply fully with the food sanitation standards.

This is important as it ensures that your popping Boba quality standards are not compromised.

Also, it ensures that you do not manufacture contaminated popping Boba.

It is also important to have a machine that produces your popping Boba in beautiful round shape, bright in colour and with very little material wastage.

The machine should be able to make popping Boba that can be used in a variety of drinks like ice cream, bubble tea and cake decoration.

How to Choose Key Ingredients of Popping Boba?

The key ingredients for your popping Boba will depend on the flavour.

It is important to identify the flavour of your popping Boba; this is the juice extract flavour.

Features to Look for in Popping Boba Pearls

Your popping Boba pearl is not supposed to be mushy.

The popping Boba pearls should be chewy.

Also, your popping Boba pearls should be able to soak in flavours.

Popping boba pearls

popping boba pearls

How to Know If Popping Boba Is Good for You

The popping Boba is only good for you is taken in minimal amounts.

If the popping Boba helps you release stress, then it is good for you.

Also, you can know that the popping Boba is good for you if its intake results in you being energized.

Why Popping Boba Is Not Suitable for Milk Tea

First, you need to note that the popping Boba will never go in hand with milk.

This is because the popping Boba flavours will crash if mixed with milk.

Also, the sourness of your popping Boba does not go in hand with the creaminess of the milk tea.

How Tapioca Boba and Popping Boba Compare

Tapioca Boba is also known as the traditional Boba and it requires first to be cooked before using.

The popping Boba does not require cooking since it is ready for use.

Also, the popping Boba pops when bitten into while the tapioca Boba is chewy and soft.

Tapioca boba

Tapioca boba

The process of making the tapioca Boba is through cooking and its sweetness and chewy texture will depend on how you cook it.

For popping Boba, the manufacturing process is known as spherification which is a chemical process.

Best Way of Packaging Popping Boba

The most common and efficient way of packaging popping Boba is in containers that have lids.

These can be bottles or plastic containers.

The containers must be neutral to avoid any chemical reaction between them and the popping boba.

Also, nice you open the popping Boba, it should be refrigerated.

Are Popping Boba Nutritious

The popping Boba is very nutritious.

This is because they contain both calories and carbohydrates in them.

And the above add nutrients to the body once taken in.

Consider Different Flavours of Popping Boba

Popping Boba comes in many different flavours depending on the juice extract used in its manufacturing process.

The most popular flavours of the popping Boba are the fruity and the creamy ones.

For the fruity ones, the available flavours include strawberry, passion fruit, mango, coconut, kiwi and pineapple.

Also adding to that we have the banana, avocado, grape, watermelon just to mention UT anew.

For the non-fruity ones, also referred t as the creamy ones we have a variety of flavours also.

The flavours include chocolate, mocha, rose tea, taro, coffee, black milk tea and Thai tea.

Popping Boba has over 250 varieties of flavours.

Best Way of Serving Popping Boba.

Popping Boba is best served when paired with frozen yogurt.

It is perfect with any kind of yogurt, both greek and regular yogurt.

You can also serve it with infused drinks like iced green tea.

This will make your popping Boba sparkle even more.

Alcoholic popping Boba is served best with shots.

When infused with alcoholic drinks, it brings out its bittersweetness and it is something one cannot resist easily.

If you are looking for a popping Boba machine, we are here to give you highly efficient and reliable machine – contact us now.

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