Why Cannabis Capsules May be the Future of the Medical Marijuana

In the recent past, medical marijuana has become an essential component treatment plan for various types of health conditions.

Of course, the vitality of this is to offer a baseline control over the possible enduring symptoms that you might experience as a patient.

Research indicates that the use of medicinal cannabis enhances accomplishment of the daily activities at ease.

In this article, I want to show you reasons many pharmaceutical manufacturers are resorting to cannabis capsules.

In a nutshell, you’ll know the aspects of legalizing, the benefits, how it functions, its key ingredients and its manufacturing process.

And importantly, I’ll also tell you the ideal place to get suitable cannabis capsule making equipment.

So ensure that you read to the last word!

Medical Marijuan Phot courtesy MITECH NEWS

Medical Marijuana Photo Courtesy: MITECH NEWS

What are Cannabis Capsules?

These are the arguably the latest products in the medicinal marijuana market.

They are a type of cannabinoid oral dose which contains all the necessary ingredients infused inside a capsule.

Canna caps is that common name that most people refer to these types of therapeutic dosage.

It is interesting because the canna caps have become a staple across the cannabis sector.

This kind of dosage is administered orally, which is safer and more effective delivery method for easy and optimal metabolism.

Marijuana capsules

Marijuana capsules

Incidentally, most canna caps vary depending on various aspects and where you also purchase them.

So in some instances, you’ll find that they may differ in regards to ingredients as well as potency.

The cannabis capsules have become the best alternative for consuming marijuana.

Of course, this is from the aspect of minimizing the stigma associated with consumption of medical marijuana via smoking or vaporization.

Legalization of Medical Cannabis Capsules

The truth is that researchers have clearly found out that synthetic cannabinoid products like nabilone and dronabinol are indispensable, medically.

However, the legalization and administering of marijuana for medicinal reasons remains an evolving issue.

A few countries such as Uruguay have fully legalized the use of medical marijuana in treating different types of health problems.

In the US, modern trend towards legalization of medicinal cannabis at state-level began in California in 1996.

The nationwide support for the legalization of this drug has been growing tremendously.

Nonetheless, it’s still classified as a Schedule 1 substance.

But since the year 2013, a clarification was provided which states that marijuana remains illegal on a Federal level.

Currently, quite a number of states have approved the use of medicinal marijuana albeit on a regulated basis.

And in the near future, it’s estimated that many more states will also legalize cannabis across the board because of its various benefits.

Let’s now find out some of the advantages that give canna caps an edge in becoming the future of medical marijuana.

Benefits of Cannabis Capsules

Ideally, Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is a chemical compound available in marijuana which makes it suitable for medicinal purposes.



You see, this element is not psychoactive hence making it appealing for anyone seeking relief from pain and other symptoms.

In other words, canna caps are fundamental from both pharmaceutical and nutritional perspectives.

Some of these benefits include the following;

· Reduces anxiety and depression

Well, depression and anxiety can cause devastating impacts on your health and well-being in general.

Most of the available drugs for such conditions are often addictive.

However, CBD oil is vital in treating anxiety and depression in a somewhat natural process.

This compound also has antidepressant-like effects making it ideal for handling such disorders.

· Provides consistent and strong doses

This type of product allows you to have more control in over the dosage that you take for treating your condition.

What happens is that you’re aware of the quantity you take unlike smoking or vaping which are difficult to assess the consumption amount.

· Relieves pain

If you’re suffering from inflammation, emergency or chronic pain, then cannabis oil is the ideal option to seek.

You’ll realize that several people diagnosed with cancer often turn to marijuana-related products.

These products help them in relieving pain associated with chemotherapy or the particular cancerous disease itself.

· Discreet and portable

Evidently, you don’t need any device to take this product hence making them easy to consume regardless of where you are.

Canna caps come in inconspicuous containers look more or less like ordinary bottles you’ll find in any medicine cabinet.

They also come with lockable lids which is essential because it prevents the children and strangers from accessing them.

· Prevents cancer-related symptoms

The ingredients in cannabis oil are vital in reducing and preventing a wide range of cancerous symptoms.

The same oil also makes it possible to beat cancer among the people that suffer from it and its side effects.

· Improves skin condition

One of the most worrying skin conditions that affect a large population is acne.

Of course, the causes of this condition vary from an individual to the other.

But did you know that CBD oil is helpful in treating acne and other related skin conditions?

Let me tell you;

Studies show that this product contains anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the production of sebum.

So in general, canna caps for medicinal marijuana helps to enhance the condition of your skin in a significant aspect.

· Enhances the heart health

What happens is that the cannabis oil contains oil that is elusive and significantly helps to improve functionality and condition of your heart.

So how is this possible?

This elusive oil in cannabis oil balances out the rancid oils that are in your body system.

Additionally, this oil also stimulates antioxidant processes like optimizing the health of the cardiovascular system.

Moreover, it also scraps off excess cholesterol.

· Offers an ideal alternative to smoking marijuana

One thing for sure is that not everyone would always love to consume cannabis by smoking or vaporizing the concentrates.

For instance, I know of many people with respiratory issues who would rather ingest canna caps and pill to attain a desirable state.

It is also the same thing with several individuals who are in a significant way health-conscious.

By the way, just to let you know that vaporizing and smoking of cannabis burn off the medicinally-beneficial terpenes.

Smoking also tends to distribute the euphoric THC in your lungs, brain, heart, bloodstream and other parts of the body.

Therefore, ingesting canna caps with specialty formulations provides a different experience.

· Increases sleep longevity

Insomnia is a dangerous condition which apparently many people in this era tend to struggle with from time to time.

And remember you need to get enough sleep for you to be productive in various aspects of your activities.

So when you find that you have trouble with insomnia, you may choose to take cannabis capsules.

The CBD oil relaxes your body, mind and generates a relatively lower energy level.

What happens is that your heart rate becomes low and your mind becomes clear which facilitates a long and restful sleep.

Cannabis softgel capsules

Cannabis softgel capsules

Well, we’ve seen some of the key benefits of canna caps, it would now be fundamental also to understand how they work in your body.

And that’s precisely what leads us to the next question;

How Medical Cannabis Capsules Work

There’s something peculiar when you’re consuming cannabis capsules which is quite different from what you get from other pills.

Of course, it would be of significant essentiality to understand how this product works upon consumption.

Luckily, this is what I want to highlight for you in this section.

Well, definitely it’s not rocket science since they work identically to edibles.

It happens that canna caps get into the body through the mouth then absorption of the same takes place through the stomach.

Cannabis caps

Cannabis capsules

So during absorption of these products, they release different compounds which are in turn metabolized in the liver.

Now, at this point, metabolism of THC into a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC occurs.

This compound is seeming more potent and has a relatively longer half-life than THC.



By the way, the longer half-life, in this case, refers elimination of the drug from the bloodstream.

Ideally, the metabolism mechanism of canna caps in the liver tends to be considerably unique to every individual.

And that is the actual reason you’ll find that these capsules convey varying effects among different people.

But practically, the entire absorption and effecting process can take up to three hours.

Canna caps follow the follow the digestion path.

Nevertheless, the delivery of their compounds can delay or extend over a period depending on the shell’s ingredient substances.

Additionally, these capsules also have protective and inert ingredients which they use to neutralize stomach acid.

And eventually, this enables the canna caps to release the ingredients gradually.

What happens is that the cannabis capsules always contain two major types of plant compounds; hemp and cannabinoid-rich plants.

Both these compounds are fundamental in manufacturing canna caps.

And speaking of canna caps compounds, let’s find out some of the key ingredients of this particular health and nutritional product.

Key Ingredients of Cannabis Capsules

From a mere look of this product, it seems identical like any other type of edible capsules with slight variations if any.

In fact, you may easily consume it thinking you’re taking any other type of capsules, which shouldn’t be the case.

The truth, however, is that canna caps contain several ingredients which indeed set it apart from the other edible capsules.

Softgel Cannabis capsules

Softgel Cannabis capsules

Compare these to:

Hard gelatin cannabis capsules

Hard gelatin cannabis capsules

Of course, it’s these compounds that eventually get absorbed into your body and bloodstream.

And so, let’s have a look at some of the key ones;

1. Capsule shell

This refers to the outer casing which covers or holds the fill material of the capsules.

Most cannabis capsule shells are made from animal by-products and a mixture of different ingredients including gelatin, water, and an opacifying agent, etc.

You can, however, derive some shells from fungal fermentation and non-toxic plant derivatives.

It generally should be tender and somewhat tasty for comfortable and convenient consumption.

2. Distillate

This refers to a runny liquid which is more or less similar to crystalline often produced through the distillation process.

It has a purity level which runs about 85% to 95% albeit the re-introduction of cannabis terpenes occurs in the final product.

This substance is devoid of waxes and fats of a plant hence allowing you to obtain refined CBD or THC to ingest.

3. Nutraceutical oils

These refer to the compounds which you add to the cannabis capsules to customize their specific effects.

Most of these compounds are natural additives such as maca root, astragalus and gingko root among others.

These help in generating energy.

Some such as turmeric, spirulina and chlorella are vitalnutraceutical oils which add nutritional value whereas others deliver sedative effects.

4. Single cannabinoid

This refers to canna caps which contain only a unique variety of cannabinoid.

In most cases, you’ll find them labeled as THC or CBD.

What happens is that such ingredients do not contain terpenes or medically beneficial cannabinoids.

5. Multi Cannabinoid

This refers to canna caps which have a mixture of THC and CBD fundamental in improving medical effects and modulating psychoactive effects.

The essence is primarily to meet the individual needs of a patient.

It thus means that this type of capsules provides benefits such as reduced blood pressure and stress control among others.

Additionally, they enable you to mitigate the intoxicating effects of THC hence allowing the treatment plan to be more tolerable to users.

6. Decarboxylated flower

This refers to the type of compound which helps in facilitating oral ingestion of these products.

Fundamentally, marijuana flowers need decarboxylation to allow its THCA to become active.

This is what enables you as a patient to reap the benefits of canna caps exactingly in a non-combusting manner.

7. Crystalline

This refers to a powdered material visually suggestive of sugar or salt.

The conventional crystalline formulas for canna caps that do not contain intoxicating effects are THC-A and CBD-A.

This compound helps in precise ingestion of dosed amounts of the desired molecule without potentially the inessential extracts.

Softgel Cannabis Capsules Manufacturing Process

Interestingly, you can make your Softgel cannabis capsules at home as long as you have all the necessary ingredients.

But most importantly, you must have suitable equipment that will facilitate the manufacturing process of this substance.

Here’s the basic procedure that you might as well consider following;

Step 1: Decarboxylation

It’s about heating your ingredients at an appropriate temperature, usually about 220° F.

Prepare your fill materials accordingly and even if possible you may as well grind them as necessary.

Decarboxylation process can take up to 45 minutes though you can extend it longer if there’s need to do so.

Step 2: Infusion

Add your decarboxylated material and other ingredients to your slow cooker and turn it to low heat.

Let the substance to cook for about two hours to attain the desirable decarboxylation while you stir it continuously each hour.

Always ensure that you do not overcook the material because it will deplete its potency.

Step 3: Filling Caps

Well, at this stage, prepare the empty gelatin capsule and the capsule filling equipment.

Do this by following the instructions which are on the package.

The good thing with capsule filling machine enables you to fill the material relatively easy.

At this point, the method you’ll use to fill the caps is dependent on the particular formulation of the fill material.

Remember that you might as well choose to fill the caps using your hands if you don’t have the machine.

But It’s always recommended to obtain equipment to enhance the efficiency of this process.

Step 4: Dosing

This is the stage where you have to test the strength of your caps.

Ideally, dosing is dependent on decarboxylation, the potency of the fill material and oil ration of the starting material.

Remember, you can also make cannabis capsules with hard gelatin.

Here, you need a high quality capsule filling machine. Here is a good example of such machine:

Still, if you want to learn more about these machines, I have a comprehensive guide for you here:Automatic Capsule Filling Machine: The Most Ultimate Importing Guide.

It’s advisable nevertheless, to always take samples of your caps and test them in the lab for higher dosage precision.

SaintyCo Cannabis Capsules Making Machine

Well, like I’ve told you in the manufacturing process section, it’s always significant to have a canna caps making machine.

For starters, it can be challenging to acquire a suitable machine for manufacturing cannabis capsules.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue now that you’re reading this guide.

SaintyCo offers a wide range of canna caps making machines that suits your individual needs.

You can choose from various options available and be sure of getting a particular one that serves you better and produces quality products.

For that reason, never look far when you’re in need of a cannabis capsules making machine.

Contact SaintyCo, andyour cannabis making equipment needs will be addressed appropriately.


Hopefully, you’ve learned quite a lot of information regarding cannabis capsules in this guide.

And for that reason, you also realize why canna caps are sooner becoming the future of medical marijuana.

Additionally, you’ve also understood other aspects regarding the canna caps including its key ingredients, benefits, how it works and the manufacturing process.

But if you still have a question or concern regarding the same, feel free to contact us anytime, and we’ll provide necessary support.

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