Why Us?

Common problems with other pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing companies include:

  • High cost of equipment/machines such as those manufactured within the Eurozone.
  • Low quality machines/equipment such as those from Asia.
  • Incompatibility issues due to improper regulatory procedures.
  • Lack of technical support or delays in technical assistance.
  • Equipment/machine delivery, installation and commissioning take longer time than anticipated.
  • Lack of comprehensive quality inspection procedures.
  • Adopting non-standardized manufacturing process.
  • Lack of troubleshooting guide or complicated troubleshooting instructions.

Solutions SaintyCo guarantees:

SaintyCo offers the following key solutions to the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Machines are of high quality and cost competitive.
  • Standardized machines that fit any pharmaceutical and food processing industrial setup.
  • An all-inclusive technology that guarantees steady production capacities and performance.
  • Exemplary after sales services and technical assistance from experienced SaintyCo technical team.
  • Fast response technical support team to reduce downtime.
  • SaintyCo global technical support helps clients to increase productivity.
  • All machines come with simple to understand technical manual and troubleshooting guide.
  • High quality manufacturing process that conforms to WHO, cGMP, GMP, 21CFR part II and CE standards compliance.
  • A local-based after sales service for prompt technical support and maintenance.

SaintyCo Technical Service

Establish Project
    • Project proposal and budget analysis
    • Process consultation and support
Project Design
    • Marking appropriate layout for machines, HVAC, water supply, pipeline, etc.
URS Purchase Equipments
    • Selecting machine and equipment
    • Customize Engineering for Full Scope of Equipment
    • Quality control and FAT
    • Instalation & commissioning
    • SAT
    • Training
    • Process Validation (PV) Assistance.
    • GMP Validation Assistance
    • Guidance in production & maintenance
    • Spare parts

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